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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTOR

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Discipleship2, 619:all the time you yourself are the most real factor in the situation and yet - as you would yourselfDiscipleship2, 656:your intellect not prove to be the dominating factor. Let spontaneous love and not a cultivatedDiscipleship2, 663:and gripped your mind (a major determining factor in all processes connected with reincarnation),Discipleship2, 665:me or by the will of the Ashram or by any other factor save your soul. The use of the pen inDiscipleship2, 673:to glamor, and to regard the present as the only factor of importance. The new seed group isDiscipleship2, 674:points: the Christ, the need for the balancing factor of love, and outgoing service. I give you noDiscipleship2, 685:in relation to the personality - the mind as the factor dominating [686] the human expression. ItDiscipleship2, 710:strength and potency to the inflow of the love factor, and they should enable you to isolate theDiscipleship2, 733:upon the physical plane will be to you the factor of major importance. Your spiritual focus willDiscipleship2, 763:opens wide the door into the Ashram. This is the factor you need the most to cultivate at thisEducation, viii:researches. The re-entry of the spiritual factor in life and education is something more than aEducation, 7:will be to make the mind nature the dominating factor, and the astral body then becomes that whichEducation, 12:and knowledge and so take his place as a factor in the group life, and to promote group welfare byEducation, 12:expansions of consciousness finally bring a new factor into the field of experience. Response toEducation, 36:endocrine glands. The brain as the coordinating factor in the dense body, and its capacity toEducation, 41:life of the citizen of every nation the dominant factor in the national thought, with the mindEducation, 54:energy of intelligence became a powerful, ruling factor. Now the task of vitalizing man with theEducation, 70:sequentially, with due attention to the time factor, and also to that period wherein plannedEducation, 71:Modern ordinary astrology, with its prevision factor, its emphasis upon the non-essential pointsEducation, 71:process. This will serve as a determining factor in the racial life and will bring much light intoEducation, 71:III - The Present Transition Period The time factor (from the angle of present attainment andEducation, 76:small and most necessary inquiries, and the time factor therefore becomes a menace to rightEducation, 77:with some form of group relation) is a potent factor in determining a child's character and futureEducation, 85:happenings and the present as the determining factor for the future, will increasingly beEducation, 86:hypothesis of the soul in man as the interior factor which produces the good, the true and theEducation, 103:which he is an infinitesimal part, is the sole factor that matters. This is a definite step forwardEducation, 106:that the man in the street is becoming a factor in world affairs. He is reached on all sides by theEducation, 130:group. The grip of the past upon families is a factor which is largely responsible for the revoltEducation, 138:promiscuity, which is perhaps the outstanding factor, esoterically speaking and from the standpointExternalisationat this time is not the result of simply one factor, but of several - all of them being activeExternalisation, 4:of a note of warning and of caution. A third factor is as follows. It has been known for a longExternalisation, 14:who is always the directing, controlling factor. There will have to be careful analysis of the typeExternalisation, 15:in the position [15] of the positive controlling factor. His clairvoyant and clairaudient powersExternalisation, 18:fires of separativeness more than any other one factor. Externalisation, 47:is today widely recognized as the major molding factor, next to economic pressure and circumstance,Externalisation, 58:recognizing the fact of the soul as a creative factor, will disappear. This discovery will be partExternalisation, 82:achievement, and remember that the most powerful factor in the control of speech is a loving heart.Externalisation, 95:of the mind is a vital and essential factor. There are, therefore, three points to consider: theExternalisation, 96:and to spiritual unfoldment as a determining factor in world affairs. Small groups which correspondExternalisation, 96:and acting as a cohesive element and a fusing factor between humanity and the Hierarchy. They areExternalisation, 96:- you temporarily failed. This same critical factor (if I might call it so) acts also in the worldExternalisation, 102:and it is this latent, yet actively present, factor which leads unerringly and inevitably to theExternalisation, 119:into the solar plexus and a recognition of the factor of desire for that which was material and aExternalisation, 125:be subjected and which is today the controlling factor was whether - given mental development andExternalisation, 126:displayed, and this constitutes an entirely new factor and a most satisfactory development. But IExternalisation, 136:the material values as the dominating factor in life experience) and the soul of humanityExternalisation, 136:the spiritual values as the dominating factor in human affairs) is identical with the conflictExternalisation, 137:place, matter will no longer be a controlling factor but simply a medium of expression. The battleExternalisation, 138:the future. It is here, however, that the time factor must be considered, for a prolonged war mayExternalisation, 149:becoming aware of the soul as a controlling factor in consciousness, who respond to world affairsExternalisation, 186:man's progress through the ages lies this major factor - an ancient persistent fight between man'sExternalisation, 209:upon past historical boundaries as a determining factor is ever dangerous. Wise and slow actionExternalisation, 223:thought-form, duly informed, becomes a mediating factor, constructed by humanity but animated byExternalisation, 232:the death of the physical form is a negligible factor in relation to these, and one easily rightedExternalisation, 300:the Self in the heart of individual man became a factor in human consciousness. It was a relativelyExternalisation, 339:of race, color or creed. This is the factor of importance. The underlying purposes of God areExternalisation, 342:for the appalling Axis successes. The only factor which can successfully oppose desire is Will,Externalisation, 365:of right against might which remains as yet the factor of uncertainty, and this is owing to theExternalisation, 370:the will of free peoples must be the determining factor and not the will of technical, politicalExternalisation, 373:the democratic nations had been the determining factor. That in itself gives rise to questions. WhyExternalisation, 373:of that nation. In the future, the contributory factor in life must be emphasized and developed,Externalisation, 382:human relations. It is the major and potent factor which can enable the otherwise futile individualExternalisation, 400:a person of goodwill you can act as a mediating factor between humanity and the Hierarchy, bridgingExternalisation, 410:brought into relationship. Religion became a factor in the development of the human spirit and GodExternalisation, 495:physical deterioration, and this has been a real factor in their defeat, though one that may beExternalisation, 496:the action of the Lords of Liberation. Another factor was the constant, invocative demand and theExternalisation, 511:ideas. The [511] church as a teaching factor should take the great basic doctrines and (shatteringExternalisation, 536:energy down into the third center; this was the factor which called "evil from its hidden place"Externalisation, 546:and the Goodwill movement, which has in it a factor of major importance in that this movementExternalisation, 558:of the Hierarchy on the physical plane) is the factor of the developments and the adjustments goingExternalisation, 563:centers. In the last analysis (and this is the factor of supreme importance) this development -Externalisation, 565:in such a manner that it is in fact a creative factor and one which, in the last analysis, not onlyExternalisation, 568:of years; it has been a basic conditioning factor. The Masters, however, Who will make the moveExternalisation, 606:would like here to speak of it. It is the factor of what this coming out again among men, thisExternalisation, 617:ensure the success of His advent. [617] Another factor militating against His being recognized, andExternalisation, 638:States proves itself to be the controlling factor, after wiping out Russia, which she can well doExternalisation, 639:the angle of the Hierarchy. Fear is the major factor producing this treaty, but it has in itExternalisation, 639:mutual aid and economic cooperation. The wrong factor comes in when they stand united against anyExternalisation, 677:extent, and the attempt to make him an active factor in our modern civilization is not too harmfulExternalisation, 680:towards the Christ, the major and most important factor in the implementation of the hierarchicalExternalisation, 695:love of the Christ is a basic and fundamental factor. The ordinary devoted person, who constantlyExternalisation, 696:who is nevertheless staunchly convinced of the factor of the unseen worlds, is the man for whomFire, xviii:B. Manas as a cosmic, systemic and human factor Division C. The Egoic Ray and solar fire DivisionFire, 46:as yet imperfectly, as the vitalizing factor in the thought forms fabricated by the thinker. As yetFire, 47:form an esoteric quaternary which with the fifth factor, the divine spark of intelligent will, makeFire, 48:the two merge by means of this active energizing factor, that which is termed consciousnessFire, 53:function. Human radiatory, or active fire, is a factor as yet but little comprehended; it relatesFire, 71:A tiny center of force which forms the central factor and the attractive agency around which theFire, 73:demonstrating through the agency of some one factor. The Primordial Ray is the quality of motion,Fire, 76:[76] involved for average comprehension but a factor of real importance which should not beFire, 111:carefully in mind. Therefore, one paramount factor will be found in all groups and formations, andFire, 142:Economy might be considered as the controlling factor in the life of the third Logos. Therefore:Fire, 151:upon the sheaths of which it is the animating factor, and upon the centers which come primarilyFire, 190:effects of sound, regarding it as a creating factor. Pre-eminently the physical plane is the planeFire, 209:the initiate consciously to utilize time as a factor in the plans of evolution. Fourth. A gradualFire, 258:By His unfoldment of Consciousness, the time factor [259] being controlled by the measure of theFire, 261:the union of the three and the four, and another factor, making eight. The ultimate seven will beFire, 261:sphere. I would suggest that in this linking factor of intelligent mind, we have a clue to theFire, 273:repeat the measure or sound when an animating factor is brought to bear upon them. When theFire, 276:the great cycle of evolution - when the third factor of Mind comes in, and when the point of
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