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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTOR

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Healing, 192:today control all forms; they ignore the time factor, and overlook the evolutionary process andHealing, 194:all the time in latency, but it is not a dynamic factor producing monadic stimulation until the endHealing, 204:are, par excellence, the major determining factor in connection with the general health of anHealing, 205:of thought) have not yet got back to the basic factor, in spite of all their talk anent love beingHealing, 217:of the emotional life (the major predisposing factor in ill health) floods the lower nature withHealing, 219:will be regarded, above everything else, as a factor of major importance; the mind will be seen asHealing, 220:of disease to the major physical conditioning factor, the ductless glands. We can now brieflyHealing, 223:country; racial transmigration is a universal factor, both from the angle of military necessity andHealing, 248:worlds and the other kingdoms in nature is the factor of free will. In the matter of death, thisHealing, 249:greater scientific knowledge - the epidemic factor may be kept surprisingly within bounds. This,Healing, 249:leading to longevity and increased vitality. The factor of resistance or the process whereby a formHealing, 262:a theory - is now a proven fact and a recognized factor in human thinking. The question "Why?" soHealing, 262:"Why?" so frequently asked brings in the factor of cause and effect with constant inevitability.Healing, 269:God. In dealing with the subject of karma as a factor - decisive and lasting in both disease andHealing, 270:and Effect is accepted as a major conditioning factor in the human consciousness, not only on aHealing, 282:concept of the mind as a permanently existent factor; its over-emphasis upon the mind, itsHealing, 283:energy into the center which is the determining factor in that area of the physical body where theHealing, 290:of spiritual purpose involves him, and another factor is added to the previous categories of karmicHealing, 296:to the enrichment of soul experience. The factor that is of importance is the causes, initiated byHealing, 309:Second, the subjective is a causative factor when in collaboration with the inherited tendencies ofHealing, 309:an outer condition alone cannot be a causative factor. If I am right in my major premises (and thisHealing, 309:to be readjusted to the facts. The causative factor exists in the meeting of the inner and theHealing, 310:is the initiating cause. Some psychological factor, leading to a wrong use of energy, sets inHealing, 310:brought into a relation which produces a third factor: the manifestation of some form of disease.Healing, 311:out into manifestation of an inner undesirable factor, and when the inner and the outer causes areHealing, 315:is liable to it. Fear is the great predisposing factor. Inertia and emotionalism are, likewise. Healing, 318:are aware that there is involved also the humane factor, in cases where no surcease can be given toHealing, 332:the blood is the life. This life activity is the factor which gathers together and holds in formHealing, 336:on the theory that the eye is the declarative factor in the human body and the rule or the key toHealing, 339:known, but they are too rare to be considered a factor. Sometimes a person tunes in on a state ofHealing, 349:point. Ponder upon it. Karma is a determining factor, but unless a healer is an advanced initiateHealing, 351:the brain, which is the only time-conscious factor in man, is no longer the dominant attribute; theHealing, 369:and using the analytical mind as a bridging factor between the world of human science and theHealing, 370:are themselves affected by a greater controlling factor which keeps them so moving. In dealing withHealing, 377:on this side of the veil that they neglect the factor of what must be contributed from the otherHealing, 390:of earthly existence as the most important factor in their lives. During the next cycle, theseHealing, 390:effort) seek to understand something about the factor of death to which is given the appellation ofHealing, 397:of dying and to consider a little more fully the factor of death - the most familiar experienceHealing, 398:demonstrated the presence of an inexplicable factor; the laboratories of the scientific researchHealing, 404:The recognition of a pronounced time factor, and the constant emphasis laid upon timing, areHealing, 404:no sense of time. The initiate uses the time factor in his relations and his dealings with thoseHealing, 413:Law of Sacrifice and Death is the controlling factor on the physical plane. The destruction of theHealing, 416:and the etheric web will be recognized as a factor in the case." - Page 429. A Treatise on theHealing, 431:to do with the Law of Cause and Effect as a factor in the soul career of any individual. It is notHealing, 432:nevertheless, all the time a controlling factor is present, even though unrealized by man. BecauseHealing, 440:The death of the physical form is a negligible factor in relation to these and is easily rightedHealing, 441:of Limitation. Death is only recognized as a factor to be dealt with by self-conscious lives and isHealing, 443:and cannot be dealt with by the use of another factor such as courage. They must be met by theHealing, 449:spirit on its own plane becomes the dominating factor. Some faint dim light on the significance ofHealing, 449:from our planetary life altogether. Only one factor could prevent this, and that might be hisHealing, 456:being. This is the first and most important factor to remember, and it will easily be seen how theHealing, 459:its habitation. - Page 505. If there is one factor aspirants recognize, it is the need of freeingHealing, 463:physical elemental is largely the determining factor. The soul is then focused in the etheric body,Healing, 464:physical elemental and the soul is a distinctive factor; it is occultly called a "LemurianHealing, 489:astral body is now practically non-existent as a factor of expression. This he does by calling inHealing, 513:becomes dominant, the soul introduces a new factor into the life of its reflection, the incarnatingHealing, 540:first of all, that the etheric body is the factor of major importance and the main vehicle withHealing, 545:alone. A right handling of ill health is a major factor in breaking down separateness and a senseHealing, 559:but consciousness is ever the directing factor in every expression of the indwelling life, forHealing, 570:and the "eyes of the personality" are a potent factor in sustaining the disease. In this sentenceHealing, 617:directed by the seven etheric centers. This is a factor naturally overlooked by the orthodoxHealing, 631:case. The healing may have been hastened by the factor of faith, and faith is simply the focusingHealing, 633:It involves also the consideration of the factor of the Will in producing disease as the directHealing, 633:itself during the cycle of incarnation. The factor of time, the factor of the interplay between theHealing, 633:cycle of incarnation. The factor of time, the factor of the interplay between the point of willHealing, 635:spirit of the earth is solely responsible: The factor of the Karma of the life of the elemental ofHealing, 636:of all forms composed of atomic substance. The factor of limitation. Apart from the karma,Healing, 638:created manifestation. It is here that the Will factor makes its appearance and the relationHealing, 640:can, however, be a highly organized and potent factor, producing what is called a high gradeHealing, 641:permeates the entire body as an integrating factor. Speaking symbolically, therefore, there areHealing, 664:that time three factors have been present: The factor of tremendous progress in raising theHealing, 664:plane and of the air bear testimony. The factor of worldwide distress, of economic disaster, ofHealing, 665:and there is no distinction shown. [665] The factor of the growth of knowledge anent the HierarchyHealing, 668:the will-to-good) is a dominant all-controlling factor in their lives; these men are today workingHealing, 675:these requirements I would like to add another factor: that of the doctor, physician or surgeon whoHealing, 675:aid of the trained medical man; this is a factor which causes bewilderment, at present, to theHealing, 692:"substantial" (in the esoteric sense) and a new factor in time and space. The remaining words ofHealing, 699:the healer [699] and his patient constitutes a factor of importance: many conditioning factors willHercules, 49:soul cannot fulfil the part of the dominating factor and all things be done truly to the glory ofHercules, 50:the woman is regarded as the dominant factor, and in others the man. Down the ages sex perverts,Hercules, 52:energy, the soul will act as the controlling factor and the whole body will be full of light.Hercules, 53:These divine aspects constitute the controlling factor and once they have gained possession of theHercules, 83:reality which is the high prerogative and potent factor in the life of a liberated son of God. Hercules, 135:it is a governing sign and a major determining factor where law, sex and money are concerned. TheHercules, 148:glow dimly as long as power is the determining factor in society. When transmuted, however, theInitiation, 7:think we see it from our present standpoint. The factor of time leads us astray for one thing; weInitiation, 80:Then the otherwise destructive force becomes a factor for good and a helpful stimulation, and canInitiation, 140:the initiate consciously to utilize time as a factor on the planes of evolution. A gradual grasp ofInitiation, 151:own substance. Third. They act as a stabilizing factor, and as long as the force of the soundInitiation, 178:explainer and transmitter, and not a hindering factor as now. He must likewise develop groupInitiation, 180:Heavenly Man of a solar system. A further factor may also be found in certain periods ofInitiation, 197:that all applicants have for common sense; this factor is very often lacking, and students do wellInitiation, 205:will of the divine inner God is the main factor, and there will be a unity of effort shown on allIntellect, 3:methods of memory training, and prove a potent factor in modern educational procedure. It is aIntellect, 5:conditioned, and geographically limited, factor, representative of only one part of humanity. TheIntellect, 43:makes him a social asset and a contributing factor in the body economic. His mind is regarded as aIntellect, 54:or being and consciousness. It is the vital factor, that integrating coherent something which makesIntellect, 54:aspiring entity. The intellect in man is that factor or quality of soul-awareness which enables himIntellect, 58:a conscious contact with, his soul - the unseen factor which he senses, but of which he remainsIntellect, 66:demanding what is wanted, and the anticipation factor enters in; also something is eventually
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