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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTOR

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Intellect, 74:Christ life is evoked and becomes the dominating factor in daily life. We speak of ourselves asIntellect, 105:with, the mind. Then there comes in the third factor, that which is thought. Students would do wellIntellect, 108:This implies only a difference in the time factor and would seem to make of both stages anIntellect, 112:so as to produce the desired result. The fifth factor reminds us that a certain stage ofIntellect, 123:emanating from that steadily manifesting Factor which we call (for lack of a better term) the MindIntellect, 126:life and circumstance upon him as the important factor. Second: As man grows in knowledge and inIntellect, 178:there can be found an immanent and potent factor which is responsible for the coherence of the formIntellect, 179:penetrates deeper until he arrives at a third factor, the mind. At this point of investigation manIntellect, 180:Man is omnipresent, and the mind is the main factor in the bringing about of this apparent miracle.Intellect, 204:the unifying with the trinity of man of another factor, - the factor of the soul. This has alwaysIntellect, 204:with the trinity of man of another factor, - the factor of the soul. This has always been present,Intellect, 212:of being. [212] When the mind is the dominant factor, then the thought apparatus, in the higherIntellect, 214:sixth sense, the mind. This is the coordinating factor. Later it is realized that the soul has anIntellect, 261:illumined by the soul, should be the controlling factor, and when we think straight, live straight,Magic, 8:manifesting through matter, produces a third factor which is consciousness. This consciousness,Magic, 15:only the appreciation by the mind of some factor in creation, some law of manifestation and someMagic, 23:existence or microcosm is the vital inspiring factor which we call the life of man; this isMagic, 30:essential of Being, and this mysterious elusive factor is the correspondence in man of that whichMagic, 33:soul of matter, the anima mundi, is the sentient factor in substance itself. It is theMagic, 35:the form-building aspect, and is that attractive factor in every form in the universe, in theMagic, 36:of consciousness. The soul is the conscious factor in all forms, the source of that awareness whichMagic, 40:for only the soul has [40] it as the dynamic factor. The spirit, or monad is primarily theMagic, 86:the mind will be regarded as the positive factor and the other two aspects of the form nature willMagic, 121:microcosmic, but the mind is the main creative factor and the utilizer of the energies of theMagic, 146:the sound, of the triple AUM, the synthesizing factor in manifestation appears only to the one whoMagic, 152:soul magic and as the manipulator and dominating factor of, and through, the medium of the form. InMagic, 180:instrument, he is not himself the controlling factor; he is controlled. Frequently also theMagic, 187:Five - The Soul and its Thought-Forms Another factor that an adept has to consider is whether thereMagic, 188:when his admission may count the most. The third factor, that of service, for which the MasterMagic, 190:clear vision, imaginative assumption is a potent factor in bringing about the activity of theMagic, 192:in the head center, the ultimate governing factor, and by an act of the will of the indwellingMagic, 195:plexus center. This then becomes the dominant factor in the energy life of the man, and the forceMagic, 202:that the soul becomes the positive controlling factor and the soul forces supersede those of [203]Magic, 213:up the world of radiance. It is the controlling factor of the magical work. All white magical workMagic, 215:in the spiritual eye, which is the dominant factor in magical work, is the correspondence to theMagic, 227:and wherein the intellect is a dominating factor. Though thrown into activity by the factorsMagic, 228:dawns on him slowly and surely that the deciding factor in the struggle is his divine will, inMagic, 237:life holds the critical stage), be the dominant factor and the personality from henceforth be theMagic, 259:been the motive, and self-interest the dominant factor. Part of the work of the Christ when He cameMagic, 260:tendency to selfish interest is the most potent factor in the world at this time, and hence theMagic, 268:you and then the form will be the dominant factor and not the purpose of its existence. When theMagic, 303:will not be offset and overcome by any lesser factor than the soul itself. b. The flashes ofMagic, 308:is no need to dwell on this. If there is one factor aspirants recognize it is the need of freeingMagic, 309:and cannot be dealt with by the use of another factor such as courage. They must be met by theMagic, 314:of all signs produce over-development of the factor on which they most potently work. At presentMagic, 323:order, should likewise use that most necessary factor of common sense in all that he does. ThisMagic, 333:and seeks to demonstrate the fact of the soul-factor lying back of its structure or body ofMagic, 336:of psychology. It will be the emergence of a new factor from the standpoint of the modernMagic, 342:sense the ultimate achievement of that great factor, Time. A third cause lies in more occultMagic, 347:carefully in mind. There may demonstrate such a factor as a crime wave, but there will alsoMagic, 376:and bring into active use a still higher factor, - that of the intuition. In himself, the aspirantMagic, 383:it is the illumined mind which is the dominant factor, and not the pure intuitive perception, orMagic, 390:Fire" refers primarily to Agni, the controlling factor in this age. The devas of the fire will playMagic, 392:state of awareness which has its conditioning factor in the mind stuff, but this can be transcendedMagic, 448:environing associates. The moment that the mind factor enters in and becomes dominant, that momentMagic, 451:essential of being and this mysterious elusive factor is the correspondence in man of that which weMagic, 462:the energy of matter is primarily the governing factor. In the human kingdom, the working of thisMagic, 465:in a previous solar system - is the dominant factor. Later, we know, spirit mounts on the shoulderMagic, 476:Study the method of talk which is now the main factor employed to "launch an idea." Note how allMagic, 479:in potency until it will be the dominating factor. To this latter sound, the word of the Soul mustMagic, 514:the cyclic interludes, becomes the dominating factor. The man gradually becomes subjective in hisMagic, 534:of Limitation. Death is only recognized as a factor to be dealt with by self-conscious lives and isMagic, 537:fails to fulfil its mission adequately. When the factor of spiritual illumination enters into thatMagic, 551:the Thinker. A thinker, then, is the essential factor, and it will become apparent to you,Magic, 560:personalities. Because criticism is a potent factor in swinging mental and emotional substance intoMagic, 577:When this work is done consciously a most potent factor is added to the equipment of any chela. InMagic, 578:and in the hands of an initiate is a most potent factor. The Old Commentary to which reference hasMagic, 579:we are studying, for it involves in itself the factor of true persistence, and we have earlier seenMagic, 586:unspoken word or unfulfiled action may prove the factor which is holding a man from initiation. 4.Meditation, 19:5, 1920 We have somewhat dealt with the first factor, the egoic ray, in determining the method ofMeditation, 20:synchronizing it at the same time with the first factor, involving the ray of the Ego. Meditation, 22:Now we take up more specifically the factor of time. Karma and time are more synonymous terms thanMeditation, 32:of the Causal Body June 16, 1920 The fourth factor underlying the choice of a method [33] ofMeditation, 37:material and to the fact that resistance is a factor in the three worlds but not elsewhere. Hence,Meditation, 38:Egos Certain things need to be remembered: The factor of periodicity. Egos that are in incarnation,Meditation, 38:and the non-incarnating egos more negative. The factor of activity. This is largely a matter ofMeditation, 39:June 17, 1920 Today we will consider factor five in deciding, methods of Meditation, and will dealMeditation, 40:is profound. We have taken up briefly the [40] factor of the egoic ray, as it is considered by aMeditation, 40:of the personality ray. Then we took up the factor of time as shown in the causal body, its pointMeditation, 40:approximate the need and also be safe. Another factor enters now, - a factor that varies somewhatMeditation, 40:and also be safe. Another factor enters now, - a factor that varies somewhat according to the needMeditation, 43:you enough to engender thought on this fifth factor. This is all I seek to do. To the guiding lightMeditation, 44:is of practical interest. It deals with the factor of a man's groups. The relationship to a MasterMeditation, 48:work to his associates - a very important occult factor - will be carefully weighed before aMeditation, 49:reflection, the Personality. You have also the factor of karma, the need of the time and of the manMeditation, 54:the necessary forms. Sound formed the allying factor, the propelling impulse, and the attractiveMeditation, 54:is the creating intermediary, the linking third factor in the process of manifestation. It is theMeditation, 57:of color and of rhythm. This leads to the second factor we are considering, the destructive factor.Meditation, 57:factor we are considering, the destructive factor. In emancipation comes the breaking of theMeditation, 81:so; thus what we are to consider today is the factor of time, in its relationship to the centers,Meditation, 102:of an undesirable character, or be a vivifying factor, acting as a [103] stimulating and awakeningMeditation, 108:there is a certain danger incident to this very factor. If, for instance, in the acquirement of theMeditation, 112:is to the body, - the directing organizing factor, the instrument of the lower mind, theMeditation, 118:purpose of balancing that quality with another factor, that of wise discrimination and mentalMeditation, 137:and through that gap evil force may enter. The factor of entrance is the fear of the man himself,Meditation, 156:quality of discrimination, and made it a working factor in his life, then these forms will beMeditation, 219:form in which it evolves by means of that third factor, the intelligence. These three divisionsMeditation, 230:is subject to the following factors: 1. The factor of the ray of the Ego. 2. The factor of the rayMeditation, 230:1. The factor of the ray of the Ego. 2. The factor of the ray of the Personality. 3. The factor ofMeditation, 230:The factor of the ray of the Personality. 3. The factor of the point in evolution. One hint may
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