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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTOR

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Meditation, 230:of the ever-growing inner flame. 4. The factor of the ray, or rays, that are manifested passing outMeditation, 294:- through his own effort and through the third factor, the doorkeeper - en rapport with the Master.Meditation, 314:to tread. Tomorrow we will take the important factor of the personnel and faculty of the school andPatanjali, 34:or purpose of the All which is the motivating factor in the form's activity. Thus through the part,Patanjali, 40:or right mindfulness. This is an interesting factor in the process as it involves rightPatanjali, 68:This is a faculty of the mental body and the factor which produces the seeing of colors, ofPatanjali, 77:occultly to be a "living soul," and utilizes the factor of the breath. Through this he becomesPatanjali, 105:still and the man being polarized in that factor which is not the mind nor any of the sheaths, canPatanjali, 137:spirit and matter; it is the governing factor in logoic, manifestation and this is the reason whyPatanjali, 144:Lower manas, or concrete mind is the basic factor in the production of the etheric body. [145]Patanjali, 145:etheric body. [145] Kama, or desire is the prime factor in calling the dense physical vehicle intoPatanjali, 148:of man's evolution in time and space and the factor which carries all life through all forms to thePatanjali, 152:the aspirant at this stage) he is the highest factor in the well-known triplicities: The PerceiverPatanjali, 179:be truly seen at initiation. He discerns a new factor and a new world and seeks to make them hisPatanjali, 197:of words used, The wise use of silence as a factor of service, The constant study of the causesPatanjali, 226:of rhythmic response to the inner motivating factor (in this case, the ego or spiritual man on hisPatanjali, 234:12. When mind control and the controlling factor are equally balanced, then comes the condition ofPatanjali, 248:and of meditation, the mind is the important factor and is the producer in the brain. A great HinduPatanjali, 263:12. When mind control and the controlling factor are equally balanced, then comes the condition ofPatanjali, 266:life veiled by the form but testified to by the factor of consciousness, he becomes aware of thePatanjali, 306:contact with the anima mundi was the dominant factor. As time elapsed, the soul became morePatanjali, 306:as the mind aspect (the great dividing factor) dominated. At the close of this race, the three mainPatanjali, 332:"udana" or upward life becomes the controlling factor and the downward life no longer dominates. Patanjali, 333:believer holds that sound was the originating factor in the creative process and both teach thatPatanjali, 353:levels of the mental plane, is the dominating factor now, and the result of this domination isPatanjali, 415:the mind and to regard it as the one important factor. Eastern science comes to our rescue and saysProblems, 24:when seen in true perspective. The only factor that truly matters at this time is humanity itself,Problems, 28:and others working on behalf of them. The only factor which can eventually and in due time bringProblems, 29:life of the spirit of man. The important factor to bear in mind is that it is one spirit and theProblems, 39:this reason, it is being changed. The cultural factor in any civilization is its preservation andProblems, 42:In this chapter we are considering the factor of education which has in the past so greatly failedProblems, 58:happenings, and the present as the determining factor for the future will increasingly beProblems, 59:hypothesis of the soul in man as the interior factor which produces the good, the true and theProblems, 83:of man. All this will take time. The time factor must govern as never before the activities of theProblems, 99:of the Racial Minorities Perhaps the major factor which has made the Jew separative and which hasProblems, 100:nature to the Gentile. This irritating factor is something which the Jew seldom if ever recognizes.Problems, 118:upon a practical expression of goodwill as a factor in every type of human relation and as a modeProblems, 118:and religions. The expression of true love as a factor in the life of our planet may lie very farProblems, 120:solution; when goodwill is a true and active factor in human affairs, we shall then pass on to aProblems, 131:a new opportunity. It does not yet constitute a factor in world affairs but there is hope thatProblems, 133:and that spiritual Hierarchy is to them the factor of major importance and not the increase ofProblems, 156:and response from all men everywhere. The only factor in reality which militates against theProblems, 161:and worship there is undoubtedly an energy factor, proceeding from this to that and producing inProblems, 163:life, not death; Good Friday will no longer be a factor in the life of the churches. Easter will beProblems, 167:it is obvious that there is a trouble-breeding factor there and that something must be done.Problems, 170:distinctions between man and man, and the factor of racial and national discriminations; theyProblems, 174:in the world to force the issue. This is the factor of importance. There are also scientists,Psychology1, xvii:with the most speed? - for speed is an essential factor, if the present day unfoldment is to bePsychology1, xxiv:of the monadic ray brings in still another factor in many cases, but this can only be implied andPsychology1, 11:an era wherein the mind is becoming a potent factor; many are learning to hold the mind steady inPsychology1, 17:first unity, and the Son therefore is the second factor. This Son, Who is divine Life incarnate inPsychology1, 18:as to be regarded eventually as the main factor and as constituting all that is. This truth as toPsychology1, 34:and - in time and space - the determining factor in human existence. That the endless diversity ofPsychology1, 39:the reality, and the soul is now the dominant factor; consciousness is now identified with itselfPsychology1, 52:quality or principle which is the coordinating factor unifying the inner quality and the outerPsychology1, 85:and spiritual counterpart of the psychological factor which is called "a mental test." That testPsychology1, 90:That has been the emphasis and the important factor to the scientific mind, which is so differentPsychology1, 101:obliteration of earlier types is due to a major factor among many. The quality of the light whichPsychology1, 104:prevision, it will begin to be seen that some factor exists in man which is not bound by space-timePsychology1, 130:disciple of the higher stages. The soul is that factor in matter (or rather that which emerges outPsychology1, 169:secondary or individual ray constitutes the main factor in the earlier stages of evolution, i.e.,Psychology1, 169:that planet. This personal ray is an important factor in the character of a man during the onePsychology1, 198:third kingdom in nature. Man is the initiating factor here, and to man is committed the task ofPsychology1, 223:Objective agency: Fire. Fire is the initiating factor in this kingdom. Subjective agency: Sound.Psychology1, 257:will, in the last analysis, be the controlling factor, and through its means the three subhumanPsychology1, 268:instincts, and is consequently the dominating factor in the animal side of man's nature; it isPsychology1, 269:illicit relations. There is also a psychological factor to be found, of real importance. This factPsychology1, 281:men will be merged in a true unity. The third factor under consideration, the coming of the ChristPsychology1, 294:and useful to his group. This is the factor of importance. Synthesis, physical purity,Psychology1, 309:into contact with that evolutionary result a new factor, that of an individual self-sustaining,Psychology1, 309:self-knowing aspect. It is the presence of this factor and of this aspect which differentiates manPsychology1, 326:emphasis upon consciousness as the predisposing factor, and on the developed sense of awarenessPsychology1, 338:to call attention to this great determining factor, the third ray, which is the personality ray ofPsychology1, 338:of our planetary Logos. This ray brings in the factor of discrimination through mental activity,Psychology1, 367:of the prophecy is inevitable, yet the time factor may not work out as indicated. This will bePsychology1, 382:is dominant and potent and the main controlling factor at this time, and by a soul ray which isPsychology1, 391:planet. It eventually becomes the controlling factor of the personality or form life. The emotionalPsychology1, 395:Earth's unfoldment in consciousness) may be a factor of prime importance and of determining valuePsychology1, 395:in the drama of life, and around which central factor the happenings, trivial or important, pursuePsychology1, 401:a constant racial intermarriage. Of this latter factor, only the Hebrew today has preserved anyPsychology1, 403:the soul ray or influence becomes the dominating factor, and the rays of the lower bodies becomePsychology1, 423:Objective Agency: Fire. Fire is the initiating factor in this kingdom. Subjective Agency: Sound.Psychology2, 9:whereas the reverse condition is the determining factor. Disciples have the problem of expressingPsychology2, 17:continues to rage, he becomes a more active factor, and drops the attitude of the detached andPsychology2, 31:separate identity that that particular factor has faded entirely out, and only the macrocosmic lifePsychology2, 92:larger cycle - this ray is a major controlling factor in our earth evolution and in the evolutionPsychology2, 96:expressions of this sacrificial instinct. This factor, though not unrecognized by modernPsychology2, 96:Rebirth. It is the expression of a still greater factor in the creative process. It is the majorPsychology2, 108:hindered by criticism than by any other major factor. Relinquish or sacrifice the sense ofPsychology2, 111:out of form. The basis of egoic recognition. The factor which produces reorientation in the threePsychology2, 118:of this science, for it is the major releasing factor in the disciple's life. Secondly, this Law ofPsychology2, 134:inflowing force of the soul, which is the major factor leading to demonstrated service, is toPsychology2, 155:of man's fundamental bias or controlling factor that lies behind the teaching given by the Buddha,Psychology2, 174:and the Goat Progressive Energy Seventh Ray Factor of Evolution This law begins to function and toPsychology2, 195:unity. In this case, however, the determining factor is not of a physical connotation nor havePsychology2, 214:a precipitation of an inner reality as an unseen factor, such as a germ, working within a humanPsychology2, 217:energy that humanity - as a whole - can be a factor in the solar system, bringing about changes andPsychology2, 219:there is present in men and upon our planet a factor and a quality which can enable all these factsPsychology2, 223:Ray - Rules for Inducing Soul Control 5. The factor of analysis. This factor may surprise those whoPsychology2, 223:Soul Control 5. The factor of analysis. This factor may surprise those who suffer from the misuse
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