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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTOR

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Rays, 477:thread, the sutratma per se, was the dominant factor in the life expression; the physical body, theRays, 477:the animal form nature, and the dense outer factor was the focus of life exuberant, productive andRays, 477:being. The astral vehicle was a controlling factor. The mind was relatively quiescent, except whereRays, 480:with its physical implications, is the dominant factor. Many, very many, people are at theRays, 482:together (consciously and deliberately) - the factor of energy substance and the factor of plannedRays, 482:- the factor of energy substance and the factor of planned impulse - you have started a creativeRays, 483:but not functioning itself as a middle factor. When this has been achieved, the true nature ofRays, 502:use of the visual imagination is an essential factor in the building process and one of the majorRays, 508:a tenuous structure), he becomes aware of the factor of the greater circle which encloses the otherRays, 515:Spirit - is a fact. The will of the Monad is the factor to be evoked. The knowing, purposeful OneRays, 536:teaching was upon character as the determining factor in deciding whether a man could "takeRays, 537:a dual activity; the lower mind becomes a potent factor in directing the service activities of theRays, 560:of Love-Wisdom is slowly becoming the dominating factor; men are rapidly finding their way on toRays, 562:body - the energy of the latter phenomenal factor being focused in the physical [563] brain. All ofRays, 570:in the growth and the development of this new factor in the human consciousness and expression, andRays, 574:basis for the new culture and as a conditioning factor in the new civilization. To reorganize worldRays, 581:invocative of mental energy; it is a controlling factor, which has plunged humanity into aRays, 588:illumined mind as the fusing and synthesizing factor. These things [589] accomplished, he can -Rays, 593:the instrument, the vehicle or the implementing factor for the second. The Universal Mind, as itRays, 593:is the creative agent and the form-building factor which makes the revelation of love possible.Rays, 599:Plan, and therefore to work as an illuminating factor in the world of men. He knows clearly whatRays, 600:(which the fifth ray governs) is the dominating factor in his time sense; he now differentiatesRays, 602:This fifth ray energy is the important factor in making possible the first major initiation, theRays, 604:result of the activity of this Principle. The factor of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom as itRays, 608:Decision. The Principle of Conflict is the prime factor lying behind the evolution of form as theRays, 608:three subhuman. It is based on the intellectual factor of discrimination which is inherent in theRays, 609:This Principle of Decision, as a controlling factor, is put to the test at the sixth initiation,Rays, 610:discouraged, though somewhat concerned that the factor of timing may not prove correct. ThisRays, 613:consideration and will some day be the governing factor in the economic life of the world,Rays, 614:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations The Factor of the Ray of Love-Wisdom as it controlsRays, 617:locality may prove appropriate. The determining factor in all cases, and that which will indicateRays, 622:some day be recognized as the true heroes. The factor that must and will relate the Principle ofRays, 627:predominantly masculine. Today the balancing factor of feminine interpretation and the feminineRays, 634:but little. World citizenship will be the only factor of importance. Rays, 639:Ray of Harmony through Conflict is a controlling factor in human affairs at all times, andRays, 647:to be the distributing Agent and the directing Factor, with the concentrated assistance of theRays, 648:that the thinking principle, the reasoning factor within humanity, will reach new heights. ThusRays, 657:But that synthesis exists and is the relating factor between our Earth and the Sun, between theRays, 660:progress is purely relative and incidental. The factor of supreme importance is the ability of theRays, 665:initiations, technically understood. This is the factor of importance. This, therefore, is ourRays, 676:mind is the desired ruler or controlling factor. All, therefore, remains within the area ofRays, 676:solar plexus center is consequently the dominant factor, because - even in the case of theRays, 679:battle in which humanity itself is the decisive factor, and for this reason the Black Lodge isRays, 682:though seldom yet by the nations involved. The factor which leads to the dissipation of glamor isRays, 683:becomes not only a clearing house but the main factor in lifting both physical and emotional activeRays, 684:are brought under control, and necessarily the factor of the mind assumes an increasingly rightRays, 697:equally true that (to the soul) there is no such factor in consciousness as time but only theRays, 703:your real understanding. These factors are: The factor of Blindness, leading to revelation. TheRays, 703:factor of Blindness, leading to revelation. The factor of the Will, producing synthesis. The factorRays, 703:The factor of the Will, producing synthesis. The factor of the Purpose, externalizing itselfRays, 703:further, for revelation is always a constant factor in human experience. The whole of life isRays, 713:what He intends to do, He next realizes that the factor of the will must now be employed if He andRays, 726:also fulfil the need of acting as a protecting factor. This protection is needed because at thisRays, 727:(when such a group is required), but the major factor is the developed sensitivity of the initiateRays, 744:yet truly attained) is - because of that freedom factor - sponsored today by the Hierarchy.Rays, 747:is fostered, because the emerging spiritual factor (under the evolutionary law) is ever present,Rays, 748:which will be in tune with the hidden, spiritual factor in all religions. Men are not, in reality,Rays, 749:that this second spiritual event is a real factor in our time. Many factors contribute to thisRays, 750:into the freedom of shared opportunity, and the factor which will bring about this resurrection isRays, 755:Little attention has been paid to the factor of invocation as expressed by the people of the world;Reappearance, 12:the Self in the heart of individual man became a factor in human consciousness. It was a relativelyReappearance, 19:- for this He too must prepare. Another unique factor which will distinguish His coming will be notReappearance, 23:seem widely divergent in nature; the important factor is the general human interest and thoughtReappearance, 54:to which no reference is ever made. It is the factor of what this coming out again among men, thisReappearance, 73:any point of tension - no matter what the time factor may be - energy is being generated, held forReappearance, 76:can, because of this, stimulate the responsive factor in the hearts of men, enabling them toReappearance, 103:followed has been to decide what is the major factor lacking in man's perception of reality (at anyReappearance, 105:proof; the fact of the survival of some factor has already been proved, though what has beenReappearance, 113:impeded this divine expression, except the time factor, and that time factor is determined byReappearance, 113:except the time factor, and that time factor is determined by humanity and is an expression ofReappearance, 118:has done more harm than good. Only one factor remains of value: the existence of a Law of RebirthReappearance, 188:better one. It is here that time is a paramount factor. If we can delay the crystallization of theSoul, 34:concern here is naturally with the second main factor, the response apparatus. In that apparatus,Soul, 51:misuse it, but the apparatus is the determining factor. Free-will is eliminated and immortalitySoul, 58:of the recognition of a fourth and higher factor, the Soul, the Self, and will next awaken to thatSoul, 58:is negative. The etheric body is the cohesive factor, and maintains the physical body in life andSoul, 93:are recognizing increasingly the energy factor in connection with man. The electrical nature of theSoul, 95:as Maya. The ultimate and simplest physical factor from which the universe has arisen is motion ofTelepathy, 19:as the creative formulator of thought, and the factor which embodies the sensed or intuited idea.Telepathy, 41:of the personality, the impression is the factor of importance; Their consciousness is impressed,Telepathy, 69:initiates - is well-nigh impossible. This factor has to be accepted theoretically, even if not yetTelepathy, 80:- Results of Contact and Receptivity The main factor preventing a completely unimpeded sequence ofTelepathy, 80:kingdom, via all the other kingdoms, is the factor of free will, resulting in karmicTelepathy, 85:invocatives made the mind a positive acting factor and tuned out all tendency to negativity. ThisTelepathy, 89:making this transition, owing to the pronounced factor of glamor; first and second ray people areTelepathy, 90:in which he (stage by stage) becomes an integral factor. This integration into his environment, hisTelepathy, 97:aura, which is usually by far the most dominant factor, extensive and controlling. The mental aura,Telepathy, 98:the aura which a Master watches, and this is a factor of major importance in the life of theTelepathy, 102:which has not hitherto been a controlling factor. From that achieved point he begins to registerTelepathy, 108:medium of his aligning channel becomes a potent factor in invoking a fresh flood of higherTelepathy, 109:the second aspect, that of love-wisdom, is the factor which makes the higher impression possible,Telepathy, 111:This, in its highest form, becomes the factor which later makes intuitive awareness and intuitiveTelepathy, 111:in the substance of the mental plane. It is the factor which makes possible the activity which weTelepathy, 122:recipient and also as an agent, as a responsive factor and also as an [123] originating andTelepathy, 123:and also as an [123] originating and impressing factor. This might be regarded as the scientificTelepathy, 125:coming millennia will reveal. The contributing factor, therefore, within and upon our planet isTelepathy, 127:the Science of Impression because it is the factor that makes relationship and contact possible andTelepathy, 130:in the human soul which is the constituent factor in the fifth kingdom in nature, the Kingdom ofTelepathy, 140:of men today is physical-astral, and the factor of conditioning energies is ignored, overlooked,Telepathy, 140:in its recognition of energy as a dominant factor in all form expression. Theosophists and others
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