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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTORS

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Astrology, 27:astrologers to make due experiment with the factors and suggestions which I may indicate. With thisAstrology, 69:and interpretation will be based upon three factors: 1.The potency of the thought-forms which haveAstrology, 206:and reorientation. In Scorpio, two most occult factors emerge from the past and begin to engrossAstrology, 292:the natural response to the inner psychological factors and to the esoteric astrologicalAstrology, 296:little. These three aspects of the Sun are the factors which bring consciousness to the birth andAstrology, 306:produces the scientific at-one-ment of the two factors, higher and lower self, through theAstrology, 308:planets, the following rays are controlling factors in the chart of the Leo subject: The Sun - 2ndAstrology, 315:have never yet been given out. One of the factors which distinguished the Christ from all precedingAstrology, 326:the soul which is the product of the two related factors. The above statement is, in itself,Astrology, 327:the understanding of these reincarnating, saving factors lies in a coming intuitive ability toAstrology, 342:of conflict and form life are the contributing factors, leading the soul along the way ofAstrology, 352:and repulsion are therefore conditioning factors in our solar life, and this conditioning reachesAstrology, 361:pain," the energy producing these releasing factors being focused through Mercury and Venus uponAstrology, 365:of Pluto, producing the death of the hindering factors and of all that prevents synthesis. Pluto,Astrology, 378:this sign concerns the physical body among other factors, and the health or wholeness of the bodyAstrology, 384:Venus and Taurus are considered in unison. These factors of expression have ever been related toAstrology, 425:human units. This is the case even when other factors are present and active. Therefore, allAstrology, 482:as upon the planet itself and is also one of the factors producing the shift in the Earth's axis.Astrology, 486:triangles thus can be seen as vibrant living factors, producing world changes and giving aAstrology, 490:in the triangles are the controlling factors: Ray I - Aries: This constellation, as might beAstrology, 505:sense and dimly react to these underlying factors in the existent divine manifestation. Today, theAstrology, 505:brief, because we shall be dealing with factors which must remain incomprehensible. It isAstrology, 515:and used, and throw light upon the abstruse factors which condition the centers and thus make manAstrology, 516:some mode of adapting the life to these factors and some process of experimentation in order toAstrology, 519:and right action follows as a result. Three factors must also be borne in mind: The whole problemAstrology, 597:This is the will of conditioned purpose. The factors which are working out through its medium areAstrology, 627:have been due, necessarily, to many inherent factors but primarily to the sustaining will of theAtom, 19:face us will be, What lies back of all these factors? Is there, behind the objective form and itsAtom, 23:its environment through the rejection of certain factors and the acceptance of others. It showsAtom, 41:regard as in some form or other the ultimate factors in all physical or chemical processes, seemsAtom, 59:vegetable, animal and human - we have three factors again present, provided, of course, that theAtom, 71:if we realize that we are the energizing factors within our bodies, and that when we withdraw fromAtom, 106:who may so often irritate us. What are the two factors whereby we evolve in and out of the atomicAutobiography, 2:of the Christ, living men, and ever present factors in human affairs. Those are the things whichAutobiography, 4:In everyone's life there are certain convincing factors which make living possible. Nothing canAutobiography, 11:They constitute the great conditioning factors of life. They indicate the divine. Why is it thatAutobiography, 102:asset to the nation that possesses it. All these factors have a right and sound usefulness but allAutobiography, 154:possible that it is this law which is one of the factors inclining humanity towards meat eating. IAutobiography, 224:with him constitute one of the outstanding happy factors in our lives. He was at one time a leadingAutobiography, 230:and understanding are contributory to the factors in a great spiritual enterprise which theAutobiography, 231:to free themselves from the possible determining factors. Autobiography, 295:teaching rests. There are necessarily subsidiary factors and other presented teachings which theAutobiography, 296:These, therefore, are the seven governing factors in the work of the Arcane School. Students areAutobiography, 298:key to all the work that she did. There are many factors involved, some of which we can speak ofAutobiography, 301:need. The above suggests only some of the useful factors in the project as she originally conceivedBethlehem, 41:and attention should be called to certain factors which are frequently overlooked. It might beBethlehem, 50:themselves are of real significance. There are factors which are germane to all of them. The WayBethlehem, 112:dominant concepts, both of them passing out as factors in the consciousness of the young, andBethlehem, 140:transcending the human, and becoming divine? Two factors will at that time control. He will haveBethlehem, 156:scene was the meeting-ground of significant factors, and since that moment the life of humanity hasBethlehem, 166:achieved the earthly goal are far more difficult factors to face. These Christ did face, and HeBethlehem, 183:through her center, and this is one of the factors determining the doctrine of the Virgin birth.Bethlehem, 196:lower human nature. We have seen that one of the factors responsible for the sin-complex of theDestiny, 27:infancy and which is based on so many uncertain factors that it is difficult for a student toDestiny, 28:to be to some of you, it will be based upon two factors: First of all, the logical indications toDestiny, 31:in nature, are always dependent upon three factors: Those outer physical events which areDestiny, 38:the sixth and the second rays were controlling factors, with the first ray reaching fullDestiny, 40:but they do not regard them as conditioning factors, determining man's salvation or not. They knowDestiny, 41:the little minds are some of the most dangerous factors today in world affairs. It will also beDestiny, 63:to predictive astrology. Past conditioning factors are basic and essential to the expression of theDestiny, 71:or of a race. Boundaries are not determining factors nor is history itself, as now given, anDestiny, 74:solar and cosmic energies, are the conditioning factors of France in incarnation at the presentDestiny, 88:Countries We will just look at the controlling factors in one other country, the United States ofDestiny, 112:and intellectual attention which are the main factors in the unfoldment of divine awareness. ThisDiscipleship1in other lives, were also conditioning factors and that some had earned the right to inclusion,Discipleship1, 38:and will concern itself with political factors in every nation. They will work in the world ofDiscipleship1, 42:governed by ten laws, embodying the controlling factors in group work. A law is an expression orDiscipleship1, 72:intended to be Seed groups of the New Age, two factors in connection with them should beDiscipleship1, 84:and not in his relation to a Master. These factors of importance to a disciple are: The wholeDiscipleship1, 121:of your soul and thus draw away from you the two factors which have blocked the free intercourseDiscipleship1, 121:correct type of obedience. What are these two factors? A life activity which, though somewhatDiscipleship1, 126:- three, five and six - are your controlling factors. This gives you devotion and mental controlDiscipleship1, 127:0. November 1937 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: Many factors are responsible for bringing peopleDiscipleship1, 128:who are upon the Path of Discipleship. All these factors influenced my decision to ask you, aDiscipleship1, 164:workers to hold yourselves sensitive to the new factors and to the people whose task it is -Discipleship1, 164:forward through right organization of the outer factors of time and physical strength is essential.Discipleship1, 219:ray with the soul ray. There are two major factors of paramount interest to all aspirants and - inDiscipleship1, 242:this is not the case. This was one of the main factors in your humiliation last year. Such anDiscipleship1, 272:in the world. By the transmutation of these factors and the expression of their higherDiscipleship1, 340:function and thus the gap between the two major factors in your life (the higher intuitive mind andDiscipleship1, 350:body is on the sixth ray and this is one of the factors which links you so closely to several ofDiscipleship1, 353:perceptions have to become instinctual creative factors by the time a man is permitted to takeDiscipleship1, 388:service through the wise elimination of those factors which produce a useless dissipation of yourDiscipleship1, 409:lower mental, that it upsets certain balancing factors in the physical body. Thus the task of anyDiscipleship1, 413:the glandular system? The answer lies in three factors, which I will put frankly before you,Discipleship1, 420:conditions. This involves two subsidiary factors: firstly, freedom from criticism of those withDiscipleship1, 451:to and governing the use of force which are the factors of momentous import. Though no person orDiscipleship1, 471:men are souls, and that "points of crisis" are factors which are of proven usefulness in calling inDiscipleship1, 485:your astrological sign has been one of the major factors in constituting your life problem. HoweverDiscipleship1, 501:have released you in some measure from the factors with which he has still to contend. [502] Discipleship1, 531:by your inhibiting personality. These two factors: your old relation with myself, and the beauty ofDiscipleship1, 588:and round out your nature, for the dominating factors will then be: The soul, working through theDiscipleship1, 684:of every disciple must be conditioned by three factors: By its power. This is dependent upon rightDiscipleship1, 698:done, then comes the unison of the three factors: mental illumination, soul impulse and intuitiveDiscipleship1, 699:appetites and the five senses are dominating factors. All this is due to the activity of prana asDiscipleship1, 703:a common center and involving two magnetic factors: A united urge towards group formation upon theDiscipleship1, 705:the outer plane immediately involves certain factors: A deep unerring love which "sees" in theDiscipleship1, 712:because they are dependent upon two important factors: The first factor is that directed,Discipleship1, 712:leading to spiritual sensitivity. When these two factors are established - even if unknown to theDiscipleship1, 723:- they are persistent and constitute one of the factors which produce: Hierarchical integrity.
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