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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTORS

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Fire, 1104:of energies of different kinds. These various factors, as they are brought to bear upon the mentalFire, 1104:or increased spiral action. This is one of the factors resulting in more rapid incarnation, andFire, 1105:of Venusian energy upon our Earth and many more factors too numerous to mention. All these energiesFire, 1106:and its increased radiation. It is one of the factors also which produces the gradual building inFire, 1114:of the outer tier itself. This is one of the factors which brings about the more rapid progressFire, 1123:of power. He has to align these various factors, or energy centers, and thus bring on to theFire, 1123:are, in connection with human evolution, certain factors which produce definite and importantFire, 1123:and therefore consciously functioning. These factors might be considered as follows, dividing themFire, 1128:itself felt through their medium. Added to these factors, must be mentioned the seven centers inFire, 1129:alignment just as soon as the following factors have been put in touch with each other, or as soonFire, 1130:is to teach His pupil how to reconcile all these factors, how to synthesize their various modes ofFire, 1138:system, and are no longer in any way controlling factors in logoic existence. The fourth group, theFire, 1139:three lower kingdoms) is, therefore, governed by factors hidden in the nature of that greatFire, 1139:as units in manifestation is controlled by three factors: The moon, for these are the many lunarFire, 1144:or of the phenomenon of human birth. Certain factors extraneous to any energy unit underFire, 1145:peculiar type. Let us briefly enumerate these factors and thus get some idea as to the complexityFire, 1148:Sattvic Rhythm. Seventh Chain - Perfection. The factors which we have considered as affecting theFire, 1149:hold sway which might here be touched upon. The factors governing the appearance in incarnation ofFire, 1151:their superficial worth. A realization of these factors will deter the wise student from hastyFire, 1175:schools are necessarily governed by certain factors of which the two most important are theFire, 1190:the strongest and is one of the basic factors which have settled the lines the human form has takenFire, 1192:a fitting instrument for spirit, the following factors must be borne in mind: That it is theFire, 1214:same laws govern the relationship of these three factors as govern the group interrelation of theFire, 1223:here be noted in conclusion that the following factors: 3 Atomic Relations 7 Laws 22 Methods ofFire, 1236:idea, whether logoic or human? All these three factors are yet in process of evolution; all are asFire, 1243:that which utilizes the pairs of opposites as factors in the production of LIGHT. They deal [1244]Fire, 1248:The karma of the fifth ray is one of the factors which produces this. These Monads work with fohat,Glamour, 33:to concern itself; it is also one of the first factors which a Master has to consider in connectionGlamour, 33:self-induced response to the determining factors which have produced glamor down the ages. WithGlamour, 33:have produced glamor down the ages. With these factors we will later deal. Maya is the result ofGlamour, 73:and an energy of great potency, owing to three factors: It is of such an ancient rhythm, beingGlamour, 87:upon physical disciplines, upon such controlling factors as total abstinence, celibacy, andGlamour, 105:based in the two above groups of conditioning factors. a. Planetary Causes. These causes are two inGlamour, 105:of divine existence constitute predisposing factors or initiating causes in this solar system andGlamour, 105:planetary life. These conditioning and inherited factors cannot be evaded. They determine theGlamour, 108:that glamor arose from the recognition of these factors in consciousness and was the result ofGlamour, 118:approximately ascertained, then the following factors will need consideration: The nature, qualityGlamour, 120:World Problem - The Causes of Glamor Many other factors will warrant careful attention. The problemGlamour, 132:and the curse of the world. It is one of the factors which has brought our modern world to itsGlamour, 145:you that humility is one of the most potent factors in releasing the illuminating power of theGlamour, 149:(if properly investigated) what factor or factors inspires the daily life. This is a statementGlamour, 173:has been dependent upon two major and related factors: The factor of the gradual development of theGlamour, 174:speak, and which are (in the last analysis) the factors which determine and condition the worldGlamour, 224:to do this and their success in so doing are factors which indicate their suitability for the task.Glamour, 225:race. The ability to [225] do this is one of the factors which enables the sixth ray aspirant toGlamour, 247:whatever forces and energies are the controlling factors in the subjective, conditioning the man.Glamour, 248:at a new understanding of the conditioning factors which work through his vital body and make him -Glamour, 249:The Ending of Glamor There are, therefore, seven factors which condition the quality of the forcesGlamour, 269:an "evocative response" from the Angel. The two factors involved (and forget not, my brother, thatGlamour, 269:radiance of the sun. There you have the three factors: The Virgin - material form - personality -Healing, 12:is a lack of alignment between these various factors, the soul and the form, the life and itsHealing, 22:predisposing temperaments, and prejudices. These factors again prevent a just appreciation of theseHealing, 30:and at a future time (dependent upon certain factors yet undeveloped) I may deal with them. In thisHealing, 34:energy which must be considered in studying the factors leading to physical plane actions. I wouldHealing, 34:call the vast unthinking public, the dominating factors are the stream of life and the stream ofHealing, 34:With the thinking public, the dominating factors are these two streams, plus a steady inflowing andHealing, 35:that eventually it constitutes one of the major factors in the release of the centers. Finally theHealing, 38:condition of the astral body must be potent factors in producing discomfort and disease. This isHealing, 65:habits are inevitably the result of one of two factors: Desire, dominating and controlling action,Healing, 106:or foundational aspect. These three governing factors or laws manifest themselves through the threeHealing, 111:and death must be recognized as liberating factors when they come as the result of right timing byHealing, 111:the causes thereof are to be found in many factors; they can be found in the surroundings, for aHealing, 112:energy and misapplied desire are paramount factors, yet with the bulk of humanity still in theHealing, 116:him through the medium of all the three above factors. All these streams of energy have a definiteHealing, 118:the man what he is today. These conditioning factors can usually be traced back to the subconsciousHealing, 136:[136] The new medicine will deal with factors which are dimly recognized at present and which areHealing, 149:two highest forms, and these are the dynamic factors lying behind all creation. It is the organ ofHealing, 162:and its upward unfolding is due to the following factors: The growing potency of the hierarchicalHealing, 162:by man as to the nature of love. There are other factors but these are the ones you will mostHealing, 191:body, produce what we call disease. To the above factors I would add another needed correlation. IHealing, 193:plus a refusal to recognize existent factors. They are not based on truth. In a later life, theHealing, 204:physical man. Therefore, the group of related factors with which we have been dealing must beHealing, 204:to heal. He must remember, consequently, three factors: The centers, their related glands, and theHealing, 213:their attention upon the reality and upon the factors of primary spiritual importance. When they doHealing, 218:of the centers - are the determining factors in the health of the body, and that where there isHealing, 218:and that they are the primary conditioning factors, working through the ductless glands which, inHealing, 223:of men everywhere is one of the paramount factors which will condition the new civilization, andHealing, 226:and [226] spiritually; it will require all the factors mentioned to lift humanity out of theHealing, 240:organism have been largely overlooked. Two factors in connection with the centers and the bloodHealing, 241:the body), and will demonstrate that these factors are responsible for the major diseases and theHealing, 247:action of other contributing and conditioning factors. There are three major stages in the lifeHealing, 248:in the case of man by major psychological factors which can hasten or prolong the "hour of theHealing, 248:of the planetary Life are the final determining factors, except in the cases of war, accident,Healing, 249:and there is less reaction to disease-conveying factors, the soul within the form will have fullerHealing, 249:that I am principally concerned with indicating factors which are the result of the past history ofHealing, 270:or to its deficiency. Here lie the two main factors in the production of disease. It is essentialHealing, 274:to the impact of deteriorating or epidemic factors, or failing to do so because of inherent ethericHealing, 275:and of ray types. That these conditioning factors make the etheric body what it is in any oneHealing, 275:body what it is in any one incarnation; these factors are, in their turn, the result of activitiesHealing, 276:based upon the recognition of these subjective factors, are not in reality the involved andHealing, 293:inadequate - stanzas concerning the conditioning factors in the equipment of those great BeingsHealing, 309:the meeting of the inner and the outer existing factors. Let me make the matter a little clearer,Healing, 310:which find their way out, as vital determining factors, on to the physical plane. There they comeHealing, 310:malpractice. Bring these two major determining factors together and - under the law - you willHealing, 310:heart trouble. It does not yet permit of those factors which trace back to an earlier life. In theHealing, 311:There must be, as you perceive, two existing factors, and these, when related and stimulated,Healing, 317:and often there are several predisposing factors, and often only indications of trouble which mayHealing, 317:fourth groupings and is a blend, usually, of the factors descriptive of both. It is inherited inHealing, 325:that constant dwelling upon the physical factors to be found in the personality equipment is notHealing, 326:On the Vital Body "What are the principal factors that can be complied with in order to build a
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