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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTORS

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Healing, 326:have little resistance to fatigue. The principal factors in re-establishing or making a betterHealing, 385:is dependent upon [385] certain vital and basic factors into which faith enters not at all. TheHealing, 440:the higher spiritual values. These are the vital factors in the life of humanity. The death of theHealing, 443:them indicate sentient reaction to psychological factors and cannot be dealt with by the use ofHealing, 464:Healing - Chapter V - The Process of Restitution Factors Confronting the Withdrawing Soul InHealing, 464:withdrawing soul has to deal with the following factors: The physical elemental, the integrated andHealing, 478:and is responsive now to only three predisposing factors: The quality of his astral-emotionalHealing, 491:three which were the three major conditioning factors in the life which has gone and which alsoHealing, 494:of men) are no longer present. These are the two factors which have led students to believe thatHealing, 509:passed. Study and meditation combined are the factors which all aspirants should employ if theyHealing, 514:and he then proceeds anti-clockwise. All these factors produce violent conflict upon theHealing, 530:will emerge, based upon two paramount recognized factors: A cumulative mass of knowledge andHealing, 538:of that body, conditioned as it will be by many factors. These energies, directed via the ethericHealing, 593:in reality constitute the major conditioning factors for the mass of human beings for long aeons orHealing, 608:of the form nature are therefore the controlling factors, there will be ill health. The builders ofHealing, 614:ill health disappears. One of the interesting factors which students should note is the doctrine ofHealing, 629:is somewhat misleading, as there are other factors and relationships and other energies which mustHealing, 635:must be noted, are imbued or conditioned by two factors for which the spirit of the earth is solelyHealing, 638:form and incarnation is to be found. One of the factors governing incarnation is the presence ofHealing, 657:art of healing will be one of the demonstrating factors in proving the unity of all souls. Healing, 664:hard way was to be tried. Since that time three factors have been present: The factor of tremendousHealing, 674:has removed all impediments and those emotional factors which have hitherto blocked the channel,Healing, 684:the standpoint of humanity - that means those factors which emphasize and assume importance whereHealing, 687:ceaselessly the lower center; one of the factors governing the whole creative process is dependentHealing, 699:a factor of importance: many conditioning factors will be presented; there will also be present aHercules, 20:mentally, he was developed and to these three factors is added a fourth, a soul in consciousHercules, 220:It can also be shown that these astrological factors have set their mark upon our ChristianInitiation, 36:evolution. This evolution comprises among other factors, the builders of the objective planet andInitiation, 111:During the initiation ceremony the important factors are: The Initiator. The triangle of forceInitiation, 152:effect upon the animal kingdom. It is one of the factors which produces animal forms, both forInitiation, 180:for occult students, owing to certain mysterious factors about which they can naturally knowInitiation, 180:to them, as yet, utterly incomprehensible. These factors are founded in the individuality of theInitiation, 187:The karma of the fifth ray is one of the factors which produces this. These monads work with Fohat,Initiation, 198:of some kind, being energized by two predominant factors, powerful will, scientifically applied,Intellect, 5:can be, is not confined to either group; and the factors with which each has had to work have beenIntellect, 21:individual." - H.A. Overstreet One of the many factors which have brought humanity to its presentIntellect, 33:heredity, our physical condition and many other factors. The consequent standard of values willIntellect, 37:move about our world and to manipulate the life-factors with some success... It is possible,Intellect, 66:for circumstances and for those conditioning factors which will make their lives easier, or releaseIntellect, 84:as a consequence of all the preceding factors, the powers of the soul are unfolded. Each vehicleIntellect, 97:he shall know..." (John 7, 17.) These three factors - obedience, a search for truth in every form,Intellect, 110:is stated that in all action the five following factors are involved: The material instrument - theIntellect, 110:kind and it will be found that all these five factors are involved. The material instrument whichIntellect, 125:will, and we have pointed out a way in which the factors which have hitherto engrossed itsIntellect, 128:to that Being enter in as dominating factors in the life. Secondly, the mind [129] begins toIntellect, 151:possible when the interplay between the three factors of soul, mind and brain is complete.Intellect, 182:The Grams of Interior Prayer, page 80. All other factors below the spiritual reality are but waysIntellect, 184:and the interplay between the races. These two factors are steadily breaking down the old barriers,Intellect, 224:imagination and will are three very potent factors in all creative processes. They are theMagic, 6:psychic conditions and the energy-producing factors which give rise to the manifestation ofMagic, 14:cannot be proved, and the isolation of those factors which will bear investigation and are inMagic, 19:its turn, is motivated by and controlled by two factors: The sum total of the energy which is theMagic, 33:When the above realization is coupled to such factors as the different points in evolution, varyingMagic, 64:effects. Looked at from another angle we get two factors, the breath and the form which the breathMagic, 68:group responsibility rapidly eliminates other factors, and is easy to the man who shoulders hisMagic, 68:the distinction between the expedient, involving factors of physical plane relations of businessMagic, 74:many lives this will take depends upon various factors, which are too numerous to be mentioned hereMagic, 74:find it useful to consider. Let him list the factors which he feels he needs to take into accountMagic, 84:which fresh air and sunlight are not paramount factors. I am here generalizing, and speaking forMagic, 119:marks unity for the human hierarchy. All these factors and many others produce differences amongMagic, 129:another. As seen on the inner side, the emerging factors are simpler. The contest leads primarilyMagic, 137:toward the ideal. This entails the following factors: A recognition of that ideal throughMagic, 137:the workers learn to discriminate between the factors which make for personal liberty and thoseMagic, 157:into being. This fifth rule touches upon three factors which engage the attention of the creatingMagic, 158:these three and then we will consider the three factors which the disciple needs to relate if heMagic, 158:experience. Let us therefore take up the three factors which engage our attention, and let usMagic, 170:by the Master of the group. 3. Certain factors, governing the Master's relation to the disciple,Magic, 174:Thought-Forms I would like to point out certain factors and methods [175] which should be borne inMagic, 183:that all aspirants should grasp these three factors and so save themselves much distress of mindMagic, 185:Soul and its Thought-Forms There are three main factors to be considered separately and in theirMagic, 188:themselves for service. There are other karmic factors to be considered by a Master but these areMagic, 198:lack of vital force is in its turn due to many factors, but primarily to a long heredity, producingMagic, 212:to the abstruseness of the subject. So many factors govern this awakening, and each aspirant has toMagic, 227:factor. Though thrown into activity by the factors enumerated above, it is responsive also to theMagic, 231:disciples, who battle all the above enumerated factors, plus the black forces arrayed against theMagic, 240:than the term of destruction, for all these factors function under their own cycles and have theirMagic, 274:mind and love and will. It brings into play factors [275] for which we have no terms and tendenciesMagic, 281:from higher centers of energy. Some of the factors that the disciple has to learn to recognize asMagic, 281:outer Builders, and which are the predominant factors right up to the stage of the ProbationaryMagic, 282:always sees the correlation [282] between the factors in himself and the corresponding factors inMagic, 282:the factors in himself and the corresponding factors in his surroundings. We live in a world ofMagic, 283:bodies, and the racial types. These three factors guide the Manu of the race as He builds a newMagic, 285:spine Adrenals. [285] You will notice that eight factors are here enumerated, and it is here thatMagic, 296:the astral and sentient body, and deals with the factors that most nearly concern the aspirant asMagic, 299:animals and of men are subconsciously aware of factors such as: The vastness and therefore theMagic, 299:and of consequent inadequacy. In these factors, growing out of the manifested process itself andMagic, 307:and depressing results has its roots in various factors which we have only the time to brieflyMagic, 307:only the time to briefly indicate: Astrological factors, either affecting the planetary chart andMagic, 307:individuals, or primarily racial. These two factors are oft overlooked. The path of the sun in theMagic, 307:know, affects the meditation work. Psychological factors and mass inhibitions due undoubtedly toMagic, 309:them indicate sentient reaction to psychological factors and cannot be dealt with by the use ofMagic, 309:an occult hint. I shall not deal with the other factors listed, such as desire for happiness, forMagic, 311:Man is an individual. He is the result of other factors and the combination of these factorsMagic, 311:of other factors and the combination of these factors constitutes his protection from completeMagic, 313:of it, as the energies coming from these two factors must be borne in mind. Magic, 315:the academic schools will recognize these four factors. It is with this type of sentient responseMagic, 315:situation, and without any comprehension of the factors with which they are dealing; they workMagic, 322:I touch on it here as it is one of [322] the factors to be considered. Only those, however, whoseMagic, 324:planned conditions must be provided. Certain factors must be present. If they do not exist, thenMagic, 338:therefore, in embryo, custodians of these three factors. Under the present system of quarrel and
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