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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTORS

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Magic, 357:has produced outstanding results. The use of two factors differentiates man from the animal,Magic, 357:consciously reap benefit from them. One of these factors is pain, and the other is the faculty ofMagic, 378:which way They brought in the new and necessary factors by transmission to their children. By theMagic, 399:office and externalities were the prominent factors; they veiled the truth and we have thereforeMagic, 434:future date, but the time is not yet. Certain factors which astrologers should bear in mind, andMagic, 458:It is well to bear in mind that the following factors govern the emergence of the idea out of theMagic, 464:and unattainable, so with pure cause. These factors antedate our solar system and thereforeMagic, 512:perform the magical work with many of the [512] factors present which will tend to produceMagic, 534:These three Principles together constitute the factors underlying the Law of Evolution as men callMagic, 552:truth and its mental verification - all these factors have one objective, and this is to produceMagic, 558:Power is dependent for expression upon two factors: Singleness of purpose. Lack of impediments.Magic, 580:used is dependent upon these three previous factors. Speed in this sense has no essential relationMagic, 595:to be applied are dependent upon too many factors for a general rule and instruction to be given.Magic, 620:that time great individuals were the prominent factors, and that history is concerned largely withMagic, 630:and fear of failure? These are two potent factors in the life of service, and hinder many. ThoseMagic, 636:it with our second point as to conduct and the factors which must be eliminated. It only remainsMagic, 637:a disciple finds that his group lacks those factors and those people who would have rounded it out,Meditation, 14:In formulating methods of meditation certain factors must be taken into consideration. TheseMeditation, 14:factors must be taken into consideration. These factors I will now enumerate. I seek not to giveMeditation, 14:experience, courage and perseverance. The factors that must be considered by a teacher whenMeditation, 22:and saw how in wise consideration of the two factors a method could wisely be apportioned. Now weMeditation, 22:of evolution. What have I specified? Three factors for your consideration: [23] The point inMeditation, 23:This increase is coincident with the three factors above named. Let us take them in order. Meditation, 29:correspond and are similarly composed, three factors entering in. [30] The causal body is aMeditation, 35:the causal body. This, as you see, entails five factors concerning themselves with the aiding ofMeditation, 37:Certain developments also, incidental to the factors of time and space (as understood in the threeMeditation, 63:as a protection. It drives away discordant factors in the near environment. Meditation, 75:their particular order is dependent on several factors, such as: The Ray of the Spirit or Monad.Meditation, 92:student of meditation are dependent upon many factors, and it will not be possible to do more thanMeditation, 110:science of meditation is more comprehended, two factors will be wisely weighed and consideredMeditation, 110:considered before assigning a meditation. These factors are: The man's subrace characteristics. HisMeditation, 122:of making it firmly positive to environing factors and to all lower contacts, and instead of onlyMeditation, 135:found on these two planes are manipulated by two factors. The inherent forces of evolution thatMeditation, 230:in the microcosm is subject to the following factors: 1. The factor of the ray of the Ego. 2. TheMeditation, 231:will be quite noticeable. All these factors cause the blending and merging and mixing that isPatanjali, 13:as its versatility and activity are controlling factors. He must not lose sight of the fact that wePatanjali, 23:latent; it deals with certain congeries of known factors, and these might be enumerated as follows:Patanjali, 52:This condition became possible through certain factors: The identity of each individual soul withPatanjali, 59:this condition have to [59] utilize the potent factors of the imagination, visualization andPatanjali, 59:sounding forth of the Word we have the following factors: The soul who sends, or breathes it forth,Patanjali, 71:the mental body) have been largely contributory factors. The [72] great contribution of educationPatanjali, 90:at mastery, for realization entails certain factors which might be enumerated as follows:Patanjali, 105:translation emphasizes this idea and the three factors are hinted at. The idea, The word, ThePatanjali, 124:of the kingly science. Devotion involves certain factors which it is valuable for the devotee toPatanjali, 129:into the laws of spiritual unfoldment, that two factors must be taken into account which are basedPatanjali, 129:which form-taking necessitates. The above two factors must be recognized as true of the solarPatanjali, 130:The contacts, brought about by desire, are the factors whereby ignorance works out into knowledge,Patanjali, 132:book can supply the needed information. Three factors must be borne in mind in connection with thePatanjali, 142:with one; meditation which brings in the three factors of the thinker, the mind and the physicalPatanjali, 149:pairs of opposites, spirit and matter. Both the factors are "at peace" essentially until broughtPatanjali, 153:he must investigate the nature of the following factors in the polar opposite to spirit which wePatanjali, 154:and "liberation" express the sum total of the factors concerned in the growth of man. These fivePatanjali, 187:where fate has put one. Certain governing factors in conduct must be observed and no latitude isPatanjali, 188:have [188] been established as controlling factors in the daily life of the disciple. ThePatanjali, 216:is thrown into objectivity by two producing factors, and the astral body of a man is responsive toPatanjali, 225:veiling form and through the form itself. These factors make up the sum total of the expression ofPatanjali, 234:the chitta (mind stuff) responds to both these factors. Finally these pass away, and the perceivingPatanjali, 258:the chitta (mind stuff) responds to both these factors. Finally these pass away, and the perceivingPatanjali, 259:the man in his physical brain is aware of three factors as he attempts to meditate: 1. He is awarePatanjali, 354:and the "Eye of Shiva." The hands are potent factors in all magical work of healing and utilizationPatanjali, 356:to withstand the will of the yogi. These three factors explain how it is that the adept can createPatanjali, 397:the teaching given here. We learn that four factors contribute to the existence of mind-images, orPatanjali, 397:of the dense physical vehicle. These four factors can be well divided into [398] two groups orPatanjali, 400:present. It must be borne in mind that all these factors which are summed up under the generalProblemsbe recognized and absorbed and the irrelevant factors ignored. The spiritual principles to beProblems, 39:It concerns the refining influence of these factors upon a nation and upon those individuals in aProblems, 55:sound intellectual foundation. These three factors - instinct, intellect and intuition - provideProblems, 69:international jealousies will not be controlling factors. [70] To bring about these happierProblems, 85:and trouble-making agencies. Still other factors conditioning the racial problem are the economicProblems, 85:signs of degeneration. These and many other factors are everywhere present, conditioning humanProblems, 87:the British inherited. To all these contributing factors in the problem of the minorities must beProblems, 98:has been compulsory for them to preserve these factors in their ancient forms as far as possible,Problems, 100:applied to purity in food. All these and other factors of less importance set the Jew apart, andProblems, 100:they are or inconvenient to others. These factors demonstrate the complexity of the problem fromProblems, 103:of consideration and of justice, and these are factors which must condition all parties. The JewProblems, 123:man's progress and enlightenment and eliminate factors which are controversial and unimportant; itProblems, 125:Who is to give it to them? There are two major factors which are responsible for the failure of theProblems, 153:be demonstrated by the recognition of certain factors which are oft overlooked. A profound andProblems, 157:world of non-tangible life and values; all these factors necessitate and "substand" the demand forProblems, 168:to the truth of the world situation. All these factors produce the present disorders and conditionProblems, 170:idealism constitutes the problem today; other factors - though important, individually orPsychology1, xviii:individual reaction to opportunity is one of the factors which indicate soul growth. For this, thePsychology1, 22:themselves with these four conditioning factors - life-quality-appearance - and their result orPsychology1, 57:known it. It is the realization of these three factors and their integration into the technique ofPsychology1, 107:things that is happening, and one of the factors which will serve eventually in the work ofPsychology1, 113:growth is undertaken; correction of the hidden factors producing emotional conditions may bePsychology1, 115:its integration and growth. [115] Only those factors in the life of the individual are noted andPsychology1, 157:aspect, we are dealing with those predetermining factors which produce the myriad differentiationsPsychology1, 167:which constitute the dominant and the modifying factors in the character of every human being, asPsychology1, 170:there must ever be the subordination of certain factors to other factors, and never more so than inPsychology1, 170:be the subordination of certain factors to other factors, and never more so than in the workingPsychology1, 199:and thus attract the attention of the initiating factors which wait to lead him to [200]Psychology1, 200:wait to lead him to [200] liberation. These factors are the fire and the members of the fifthPsychology1, 221:under the occult microscopic vision. Two factors determine the structures found in the mineralPsychology1, 223:and the first ray of power are the dominant factors. Results: The evolutionary results arePsychology1, 231:undue attachment to externals and forms. These factors prevent that clear-seeing which leads toPsychology1, 247:and the part they play in the producing of these factors, he will fail to discover the true secretPsychology1, 248:of man's special problems, and it is these two factors which involve him in the long struggle whichPsychology1, 249:the informing entity. Let me reiterate: The two factors which are of major importance, duringPsychology1, 252:blending, in the animal, of the psychological factors which lead to the process of
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