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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTORS

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Rays, 338:always by a certain ray, and this is one of the factors which disciples have to learn and graspRays, 342:for the initiate. This is one of the new factors in hierarchical methods and techniques which IRays, 342:prepared for initiation in which the following factors control - as far as the individual isRays, 350:in super-astronomical figures) the conditioning factors for the initiation of the time. CertainRays, 380:inherent "urge" and a dynamic "pull." These two factors rendered the mass of men (if one may callRays, 401:of the astral plane are due largely to three factors: The force of the constantly developing glamorRays, 401:Master working on the second Path. These three factors create great trouble; during the past crisisRays, 412:well demonstrated to the Hierarchy. All these factors have forced a reorganization in the Plans atRays, 414:planet is, in the immediate cycle, owing to the factors I have lately considered with you, rapidlyRays, 422:later be revealed; many of them are controlling factors on other spheres and in other planetaryRays, 426:that which utilizes the pairs of opposites as factors in the production of Light. Rays, 434:point and the physical brain; these are four factors which have received little or no attentionRays, 434:with the dual life of the disciple, the factors involved are the threefold personality (with anRays, 435:the construction of the antahkarana. All these factors, for one who has just been admitted to theRays, 452:of the nervous system. [452] These two energy factors, which are recognized by the human being asRays, 482:use of the creative imagination. When these two factors are brought together (consciously andRays, 505:eternally present which is aware of both these factors and yet preserves inviolate its ownRays, 514:to some measure achieved, and then these blended factors are held steady in the triadal light.Rays, 551:and is in close cooperation with the two above factors; it produces also the lessening of the powerRays, 551:to the human consciousness. There are other factors present in our planet today, but these are theRays, 564:fifth initiation and constitute one of the prime factors which are considered by him when he facesRays, 575:make his life creative in many ways. All these factors are embryonic in his nature, but he nowRays, 578:that potency become extremely effective. Two factors have enhanced this effect: The sixth Ray ofRays, 580:The Aspirant and the Major Initiations All these factors are responsible for the world situation atRays, 592:to these ideals, thus making them workable factors in human evolution, its cultures andRays, 611:imminent return of the Christ. There are other factors, but these will be adequate to demonstrateRays, 612:at this time, are the two most desirable factors for which all men of goodwill should work. TheRays, 612:human relations and a clearer perception of the factors involved; the new Principle of Sharing,Rays, 617:all nations and of all faiths. All these three factors are today present but have not yet theRays, 617:effective. This triple nucleus of determining factors is, however, already firmly established; inRays, 617:of Conflict is motivated strongly by these same factors. The over-shadowing of all disciples andRays, 633:will prove the agent in harmonizing many factors. Within the comity of nations, certain of themRays, 656:and of Shamballa, they constitute the major factors which make possible the initiatory process onRays, 677:the place of initiation? These are the factors of importance, and these are the aspects of the lifeRays, 683:of the combination in one's life of these three factors? Primarily two things: The solar plexusRays, 684:of intense suffering, of the penalty of applying factors of glamor and illusion, of pronouncedRays, 703:of the next initiation, you will find that three factors will emerge in a new light in yourRays, 703:a new light in your consciousness. That they are factors related to past experiences, and yet whichRays, 703:meet with your real understanding. These factors are: The factor of Blindness, leading toRays, 749:event is a real factor in our time. Many factors contribute to this awakening. In most countries,Reappearance, 15:which themselves are unique; there are factors present in the world today, and happenings haveReappearance, 16:if this coming is imminent, what are some of the factors which He and they must take intoReappearance, 73:return to visible Presence, as well as other factors (related to His reappearance), are dependentReappearance, 85:This inflow of Aquarian energy is one of the factors which will enable [86] the Christ to completeReappearance, 113:and the misery in human living today. These factors are bringing about a great and generalReappearance, 114:classes, expressing these two attitudes; these factors of submission, acquiescence and expectancyReappearance, 115:all find it helpful to reflect upon what are the factors recognized in submission and acquiescence.Reappearance, 120:which can now take place because of three factors: The growth of that Kingdom on Earth, and theReappearance, 147:the Law of Cause and Effect, are the underlying factors governing all human conduct and all humanReappearance, 154:established, this will be one of the important factors considered. The establishing of certainReappearance, 166:their stand. They must recognize the obstructing factors, but must also refuse to be frustrated byReappearance, 166:successful through the midst of all frustrating factors. There are two major factors whichReappearance, 166:of all frustrating factors. There are two major factors which condition the present opportunity;Reappearance, 181:reappearance must become important motivating factors in his consciousness. He looks around forSoul, 33:behavior and personality, there are three main factors. There is, first, the environment. This isSoul, 57:manifested world arises from energy (and the co-factors substance and consciousness). All that isSoul, 130:unprovable. But is this really so? Have not many factors now accepted as realities emerged from theSoul, 130:evidence, to give us a clearer perception of the factors which are at present so obscure to us? TheTelepathyenvironments and heredity. Besides these obvious factors which immediately attract attention, thereTelepathylong road which each has travelled and the many factors (emerging out of a dim and distant past)Telepathy, 14:theme, it is obvious that there are three major factors which must be considered: The initiatingTelepathy, 29:telepathic work is dependent upon the following factors: First, that there are no barriers existingTelepathy, 33:to the New Group of World Servers. The major factors which must be considered in all telepathicTelepathy, 47:for sin, for disease, and for all the various factors which make humanity today what it is. WhenTelepathy, 71:They are, when fully related and active, the factors which engineer divine purpose and step it downTelepathy, 77:to permeate human thinking, these conditioning factors will get increasingly [78] less attractive.Telepathy, 79:by humanity is modified and often negated by two factors: Human ignorance and selfishness, plusTelepathy, 80:stepped down and regulated to the receiving factors; all of it concerned to a greater or lessTelepathy, 83:profitless for us to do more than deal with two factors: [84] The Science of Impression in relationTelepathy, 85:himself sensitive to impression. One of the factors militating against personal telepathicTelepathy, 102:from his own soul or from the surrounding human factors, his fellowmen and the environment and theTelepathy, 106:phase. Interpretation is dependent upon many factors: the educational background, the point reachedTelepathy, 123:and the interdependence of many allied factors. This interdependence emerges acutely the higher oneTelepathy, 139:ready to admit its existence, but the dominant factors in their consciousness are the fact of theTelepathy, 153:"substanding" any form is dependent upon two factors: The kingdom of nature concerned. BasicallyTelepathy, 161:You can see, therefore, what conditioning factors the various energies become when appropriated andTelepathy, 167:We will now consider the centers as controlling factors in the life of the personality in the threeTelepathy, 188:with the tangible elements and with material factors. The "units" in the other Centers work withTelepathy, 192:all this the student is not asked to deal. The factors of importance which he should attempt to
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