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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTORY

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Autobiography, 13:in many great houses; yet I have worked as a factory hand to support the children. It was a sardineAutobiography, 126:the children [126] starve I decided to become a factory hand and. work in a sardine cannery. IAutobiography, 128:surroundings and the long walks to the factory and back to the cottage affected me so much that theAutobiography, 129:and this I did. It was a much rougher group of factory hands - rather tough women, Mexicans and theAutobiography, 129:of them used to collect near the gate of the factory and when I hove in sight they'd start singing,Autobiography, 130:three weeks' time I was the show packer in the factory. I handled an average of ten thousandAutobiography, 130:day and packed hundreds of cans. Visitors to the factory were brought to watch me and then I paidAutobiography, 130:such as, "What's a woman like this doing in a factory?" and "She looks too good for her job, but isAutobiography, 130:literally. I remember once the foreman of the factory was standing by listening to a group talkingAutobiography, 131:did not like the truth. This work in the factory went on for several months. Walter Evans, in theAutobiography, 133:the difficult time in which I worked as a factory hand that I contacted Theosophy. I do not likeAutobiography, 135:to the woman next door and then go down to the factory where I packed those darned sardines. AtEducation, 10:range of opportunity as that of the mechanical factory worker and the trained skill of theFire, 66:the fires of the hearth and the home, and of the factory. They are of the same group as the fireProblems, 110:to look upon the Negro as a field laborer, a factory hand, a beast of burden, or one only [111]Psychology2, 265:making a man either a good foreman in a factory or a dictator, according to his circumstances, his
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