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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTS

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Astrology, 7:ideas. I will endeavor to give you certain facts as the Hierarchy recognizes them; I will indicate,Astrology, 9:I decided on brevity, the concise statement of facts (facts to those of us who are working on theAstrology, 9:on brevity, the concise statement of facts (facts to those of us who are working on the inner sideAstrology, 131:In pointing out the significance of the above facts, I am not considering the orthodox astrologicalAstrology, 146:is with these that we are concerned. One of the facts which will emerge in our consciousness as weAstrology, 146:to the subjective realities of which the outer facts are but the illusory symbols. Ponder upon thisAstrology, 176:today is not based upon the objective outer facts of life upon the physical plane but upon someAstrology, 202:prototype, Ursa Major, the Great Bear. These facts contain a great mystery connected with theAstrology, 224:this sign, whilst the Moon falls. What do these facts symbolically portray? Let me see if I canAstrology, 242:recognition. This omission is based on two facts: First, that there was a time, as you have heard,Astrology, 257:this and to point out to you that astronomical facts are only relative as regards the true andAstrology, 262:which I have presented. Ponder on these facts connected with the Christ life; they are familiar toAstrology, 278:against this control. It is because of facts such as these that astrology is bound to become one ofAstrology, 343:before, because I have already pointed out many facts and points when dealing with their polarAstrology, 344:more than detailed and more easily ascertained facts. In this world cycle, Gemini, Taurus and AriesAstrology, 345:We might, therefore, recognize the following facts anent the Mutable Cross: Gemini - This is theAstrology, 352:illusion. I am talking here in terms of ancient facts and not in terms of reflection, as is now theAstrology, 361:clarifications will be human liberation. These facts are being slowly realized in London, ahead ofAstrology, 361:All this activity is intensified by two facts: one is that the Earth is the hierarchical ruler ofAstrology, 451:energies from Pisces and Uranus. [451] The above facts will demonstrate the nature and quality ofAstrology, 453:to survival and the vitalization of forms. These facts will give you an idea of our planetaryAstrology, 468:to demonstrate fully a state of awareness. These facts will become apparent if the four esotericAstrology, 489:statement and thus indicate to you some vital facts anent this world of interweaving energies. TheAstrology, 489:- Aries - Cancer - Capricorn Certain interesting facts emerge if this tabulation is carefullyAstrology, 492:Let me recall to your attention the following facts in this connection: Sagittarius The Approach ofAstrology, 497:of man. I have presented to you some esoteric facts which must for a while at least remainAstrology, 499:all that is possible for man is to grasp certain facts and vaguely sense certain intuitiveAstrology, 519:of all call your attention to the following facts which will bear repetition: Our Earth, being aAstrology, 680:Kingdom and the Hierarchy of the Planet "Certain facts have already been grasped and realized byAstrology, 680:interpretations, and ascertain one or two new facts. We might tabulate these as follows: First, itAtom, 6:with which we are faced, as we study the known facts of life and existence, are susceptible ofAtom, 13:beyond the tangible. He should be satisfied with facts as he knows them, or as science tells himAtom, 14:are recognizing the accuracy of [14] the facts of the realistic school, and of material science,Atom, 46:others. Perhaps, then, we may deduce from these facts, that the method of evolution for every atomAtom, 119:us is to start from the solid basis of acquired facts and knowledge, then put them all together,Atom, 120:upon forty years ago, are no longer regarded as facts, and are not used or promulgated asAtom, 133:of religion. We shall have the great central facts emphasized and utilized, and the small and pettyAtom, 157:us, not because the accumulation of ascertained facts is of value, but because of what it enablesAtom, 158:eventually that the apparently stupendous facts which we fought and died for down the ages, andAtom, 158:so important, we shall find how erroneous facts were as we then apprehended them. Facts, after all,Atom, 158:facts were as we then apprehended them. Facts, after all, do not matter; the facts of the lastAtom, 158:them. Facts, after all, do not matter; the facts of the last century are not facts now, and in theAtom, 158:matter; the facts of the last century are not facts now, and in the next century scientists mayAutobiography, 7:much. As a means, however, of proving certain facts which I know to be essential to the futureAutobiography, 43:a most profound and complete ignorance of the facts of life. I had been told absolutely nothingAutobiography, 72:and visionary dreams. They are slowly emerging facts. They will emerge more rapidly when the rightAutobiography, 86:committed to Christ; I was questioning all the facts about which I had been persuaded. The onlyAutobiography, 131:seen her before and not knowing any of the facts of the case, I did what I could. Curiously enough,Autobiography, 178:reason why I am writing this autobiography. The facts are here. In these early days of which IAutobiography, 201:and clergy in the diocese because they knew the facts, but I cannot attend communion - I, who haveAutobiography, 202:come when educators and parents talk out the facts of life and the regulation of the sexes openlyAutobiography, 202:gets them into difficulties. If they know the facts - the brutal, unadorned facts - they will knowAutobiography, 202:If they know the facts - the brutal, unadorned facts - they will know what to do. All this sillyAutobiography, 202:to an understanding physician and told the bald facts. I would like to have engendered in theAutobiography, 203:confronting the boys and girls today. Given the facts and given a clear picture, as a general ruleAutobiography, 264:the true schools which will later appear. These facts might be summarized as follows: Autobiography, 265:present so-called esoteric schools must face the facts - hard as they [266] may be. If they areAutobiography, 296:which he feels have no sane opposition or as facts which he accepts owing to his point inBethlehem, 9:theme of this book, dealing as it does with the facts of the Gospel story, that fivefold sequentialBethlehem, 11:II, 21.) Is it not possible that these great facts in the experience of Christ, these fiveBethlehem, 13:of earlier messengers from God. These proved facts should surely evoke from us the recognition thatBethlehem, 19:in process of transiting. These are astronomical facts, for I am not here speaking of astrologicalBethlehem, 50:"there is a road from every natural group of facts to every spiritual reality in the universe; andBethlehem, 63:which conceals divinity. These are astronomical facts. The interpretation of the symbolism attachedBethlehem, 116:Matt., IV, 2, 3, 4.) There are two interesting facts connected with all these temptations. Each ofBethlehem, 178:Creeds, by Edward Carpenter, pp. 20, 21. These facts can be checked by anyone who cares to do soBethlehem, 179:death to the average human being today? Are the facts of His life historically true; and was thereBethlehem, 184:Day is always decided astronomically. These facts warrant the most careful consideration. ThisBethlehem, 188:in fear, and instead, courageously faces the facts and the responsibilities which are inherent inBethlehem, 193:us, His followers, as the "little fishes." These facts are well known, as the following extractBethlehem, 215:ask God's pardon for the sin committed. The two facts which come to the fore in this word are theBethlehem, 216:beings. Justice can be forgiveness when the facts of the case are rightly understood, and in thisBethlehem, 226:prevents us from being truthful and from facing facts. It is essential that today we face theBethlehem, 260:ideals, but are slowly in process of becoming facts. Christ therefore achieved through His work theDestiny, 10:to which he belongs. The recognition of these facts would lead to two results if correctly applied:Destiny, 37:of the Rays Today Let me illustrate these facts for you by means of the two rays which are ourDestiny, 46:the world for many centuries. In spite of these facts, the higher and more living energy of theDestiny, 64:the future science of ascertaining those past facts which produce present occurrences. You willDestiny, 78:and leading to a pull between idealism and facts, between France and Germany, and between theDestiny, 144:and a sense of spiritual proportion. Planetary facts and solar facts (under which heading the aboveDestiny, 144:spiritual proportion. Planetary facts and solar facts (under which heading the above item ofDiscipleship1, 29:which we, with our prevision, regard as already facts in manifestation. Nothing can stop theDiscipleship1, 77:or so but because you are willing to face up to facts and are ready for unexpected discoveriesDiscipleship1, 115:for initiation. I am reminding you of these two facts for the following reason: You must enter uponDiscipleship1, 115:clear vision and unswerving attention to facts. You have ended one cycle of effort last month atDiscipleship1, 122:your own surprise at times. The recognition of facts - spiritual and subjective facts - is part ofDiscipleship1, 122:recognition of facts - spiritual and subjective facts - is part of the needed training of allDiscipleship1, 257:astral body. A little reflection upon these two facts will make clear to you wherein your lifeDiscipleship1, 271:direct appeal and a straight presentation of the facts is warranted. This fear is being overcome;Discipleship1, 274:real and the illusion. Face both, for both are facts - the one in time and space and the other inDiscipleship1, 327:things as they intrinsically are and to portray facts as they really exist, has militated againstDiscipleship1, 335:of my influence upon the side of essential facts or am I fostering the non-essential and,Discipleship1, 347:the knowledge which you have to emphasize the facts of which you are sure. Take your stand upon theDiscipleship1, 353:is permitted to take initiation. The esoteric facts learned and the mental awareness achieved, willDiscipleship1, 353:or the reaction of the mind to the array of facts, presented by the use of the five senses, liesDiscipleship1, 370:Perhaps both. Dwell much in thought upon these facts in the months which lie ahead. Discipleship1, 404:would have you, however, ponder on the following facts. Soul energy is, for you, focused in theDiscipleship1, 425:which is not warranted, being not based on facts. As an instance of this - read the list ofDiscipleship1, 467:ray brain. If you will think out these imparted facts with care, you will see that the bringingDiscipleship1, 520:you so clearly that you will accept the stated facts and live by them? In no way, except by giving
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