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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTS

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Externalisation, 246:in a misinterpreted idealism. He will face the facts of the present situation in the light whichExternalisation, 254:Prejudice, the misinterpretation of presented facts, false and over-emphasized idealism, racial andExternalisation, 288:Here, my brothers, is a simple statement of the facts which must be grasped by all of you who seekExternalisation, 290:way. It may be the recognition of new laws and facts in nature, scientifically grasped and used; itExternalisation, 291:to a fact. This new fact, when added to the facts established by other and earlier Avatars,Externalisation, 352:and materially, and this is one of the important facts I want at this time to bring to yourExternalisation, 362:of the few, the relatively very few, to whom the facts and the information have been partiallyExternalisation, 370:This is almost inevitable, being based on the facts of Nazi activity. The task of the UnitedExternalisation, 375:(who has no nationalistic bias) knows well the facts and is deeply concerned today with theExternalisation, 389:of the planet and particularly of man. Certain facts must be assumed, such as the acceptance in theExternalisation, 391:He knew Him for His beloved Son. To these basic facts of the historical record, we must add theExternalisation, 404:Revelation and the Divine Approaches. These four facts are basic realities and truths which haveExternalisation, 404:Nations fights. Two more great and foundational facts are also part of the human state ofExternalisation, 405:participation and understanding. These are the facts which the World Teachers have brought to us,Externalisation, 449:but they are far more handicapped by the facts of human selfishness and national greed and by theExternalisation, 459:thinking and their planning are today based on facts; they are also beginning to recognize thoseExternalisation, 470:symbolical or mystical terms. I am dealing with facts - facts as real and as imminent as the comingExternalisation, 470:or mystical terms. I am dealing with facts - facts as real and as imminent as the coming Cycle ofExternalisation, 470:imminent as the coming Cycle of Conferences, and facts for which the past two hundred years haveExternalisation, 471:expression of the spirit of resurrection. These facts (so near to manifestation) are physicalExternalisation, 471:facts (so near to manifestation) are physical facts; they will demonstrate as such if the disciplesExternalisation, 477:and forever true. It is one of the unalterable facts of existence itself. God loves - withoutExternalisation, 596:today these three conditions are proven facts. Externalisation, 601:the Kingdom of God on earth. No denial of these facts is possible, [602] in view of theExternalisation, 606:and the Christ in the human heart are planetary facts. There is one aspect of this return of theExternalisation, 611:all men whom you can contact with the following facts: That the return of Christ is imminent. ThatExternalisation, 613:the clearer will be his understanding of the facts. Looking away from the detail of the foreground,Externalisation, 618:these desirable objectives must be accomplished facts on earth before Christ comes. I do say thatExternalisation, 618:the face of the pre-war conditions. Upon these facts the new group of world servers must today takeExternalisation, 650:people, and by withholding the truth or the facts and ignoring the realities, they contrive toExternalisation, 653:It is exceedingly important that the following facts should be realized: the thinking of those whoFire, 41:not fanciful, but are founded upon astronomical facts, has been demonstrated by Mr. Davis, in anFire, 51:itself. Let us now briefly recognize certain facts regarding fire in matter and let us take them inFire, 65:system in its threefold manifestation. Certain facts are known in connection with the fire spiritsFire, 89:to give simply, and in a condensed form, a few facts which may hasten the day of recognition, andFire, 100:truths stand out from the aggregate of facts so slightly dealt with here: [101] First. The fourthFire, 101:it to all parts of its system. We have dwelt on facts which might stimulate interest and emphasizeFire, 101:the utility of this pranic vehicle. Certain facts need emphasis and consideration as we study thisFire, 113:correspondence is found in the following facts that are even now in process of development: TheFire, 116:the matter of the solar system. Some of the facts stated are already well known, others areFire, 128:the Etheric Body It is not our purpose to give facts for verification by science, or even to pointFire, 173:stated is given simply as basic or foundation facts, upon which may be erected a structure ofFire, 176:of members into the great White Lodge. These facts have been but little realized. We might hereFire, 185:be necessary first of all to point out certain facts of interest in connection with those senses,79Fire, 187:each of these senses, point out some interesting facts in connection with them, and suggest theirFire, 202:of the immediate generation. The following facts must also be borne in mind when considering theFire, 223:outlined, it might be of profit if certain facts are here pointed out, and one or two pointsFire, 238:to recognize the possibility of two occult facts: That the entire solar system embodies theFire, 238:Oversoul. When scientists recognize these two facts then their explanations will take a differentFire, 247:or responsiveness. Having predicated the above facts of the atom, we can extend the idea now toFire, 254:system altogether. We might note the following facts: Magnetic stimulation of the physical atomFire, 269:of Flame. It is desirable now to make certain facts clear which must form the basis of any thoughtFire, 285:information is achieved, whole ranges of facts will remain outside the scope of the consciousnessFire, 286:with densest objectivity, the sumtotal of facts connected with the five lower subplanes of theFire, 296:I would here point out very briefly certain facts, not pausing to elaborate or to elucidate, butFire, 326:them may be deduced from the already apprehended facts which relate to the four solar physicalFire, 326:certain things. I might enumerate a few of these facts with exceeding brevity, as follows: It isFire, 337:urge the student to bear in mind certain basic facts which will serve to keep his mind clear, andFire, 339:being developed. A man, for instance, acquires facts, and application, and sets up vibrations whichFire, 358:consequence of this divine attention. When these facts are borne in mind it will be seen that theFire, 362:a still further alignment. Add to the above facts the accepted knowledge that this is the fourthFire, 362:to the human Hierarchy. These very important facts merit close attention, and the consideration ofFire, 378:of cosmic and systemic manas, down to certain facts concerning our chain, and have (with the utmostFire, 386:Kingdom and the Hierarchy of the Planet Certain facts have already been grasped and realized by theFire, 386:interpretations, and ascertain one or two new facts. We might tabulate these as follows: First, itFire, 402:But in connection with the Heavenly Men certain facts are possible of theoretical comprehension,Fire, 406:and the mental recognition of the following facts in nature. The fifth spirilla within the atom ofFire, 408:concepts, and the impartation of fundamental facts (to the exclusion of detail) are in any wayFire, 457:understood. The most important of the occult facts concerning this [458] third kingdom as theyFire, 458:This is a very occult truth, and though the facts have been recognized and taught anent the fourthFire, 463:of the greater, should be studied. The following facts should be realized: The powerful vibrationFire, 480:matters under consideration, that only certain facts can be imparted, whilst the detailed workFire, 490:through color and sound. [490] When these facts are remembered and considered, some comprehensionFire, 495:to form will occupy his attention. The following facts might also be pointed out: First. That everyFire, 512:If the student will ponder with care these five facts, he will get a clue to the problems ofFire, 516:nor is it desirable at this time; the true facts of the case are one of the guarded secrets ofFire, 526:of seven. This is brought about by the very facts of evolution itself, for the mental unit is theFire, 530:however, it might be well to sum up some of the facts anent the spirillae and the atom, and then weFire, 546:the student should bear in mind the following facts: First, that according to the Ray of the Monad,Fire, 559:and the form decays. As these fundamental facts are grasped, and man begins to appreciate hisFire, 591:In relation to this fourth round the following facts may be gathered about its working: It is theFire, 600:found illuminating if we remember that they are facts for the present. Let me again illustrate: weFire, 611:voicing an occult truth when he enunciated the facts concerning the birth of the Christ within theFire, 612:and therefore must remember the following facts: a. Introductory Remarks The Mystery ofFire, 620:of the Devas Having predicated certain basic facts about the devas, viewing them as the sum totalFire, 628:and possible to give at this time are certain facts, names and outlines which can only beFire, 641:can more easily impose itself on the lower, the facts concerning these Lives and Builders, theirFire, 729:endeavoring to express profound and significant facts, concerning existence and manifestation, inFire, 770:is eventually superseded by group will. If these facts are pondered upon it will be apparent thatFire, 788:correspondences which can be seen embodied in facts dealt with at the first three Initiations. FromFire, 803:is necessarily dual. Both these concepts involve facts long antedating the solar system, and hiddenFire, 809:even cursorily, the following briefly stated facts, the trend of popular education, the object ofFire, 809:will take a new and better direction. These facts might be summed up in the following postulates:Fire, 811:developed to the human stage. When these three facts are understood, then and only then will weFire, 824:dealt with the general average, gathering our facts from the records to which we have access andFire, 848:intent is not to give the student uncorrelated facts of no apparent use to him. Without the premiseFire, 856:keep a minute account of the following facts concerning each unit: The lunar record. This dealsFire, 857:should carefully bear in mind the two following facts: First, the etheric body is vitalized, as weFire, 860:five at this stage owing to the following facts, which must be studied if a man desires to awakenFire, 868:hint dropped is the "seed" for meditation. That facts, ill-assorted and uncorrelated, are menaces
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