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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTS

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Intellect, 24:training, with the impartation of so-called facts, and with giving the student a little informationIntellect, 27:than just fitting a man to cope with external facts and with his arbitrary environment? HumanityIntellect, 30:should not aim at a passive awareness of dead facts but at an activity directed towards the worldIntellect, 31:method of cramming the memory with ill digested facts? If Herbart is right when he says that theIntellect, 43:mind is regarded as a storehouse for imparted facts and the training given every child is intendedIntellect, 43:knowledge, a certain stereotyped store of facts and a smattering of information. This means thatIntellect, 74:causes our beliefs to change into ascertained facts, and our theories into proven experience. TheIntellect, 129:and lectures and its appropriation of so-called facts has become insufficient? For them we mustIntellect, 137:the transcendental things are known to be facts in nature; union with Deity is realized asIntellect, 188:as long as we had to reckon with the actual facts of life, and that Nirvana in its ultimateIntellect, 205:the Three in One and the One in Three are proven facts in the natural evolution of the life of GodMagic, 57:of our subject to enumerate briefly the facts given in the commentary so as to demonstrate to theMagic, 78:bodies of the contacted population. These two facts, of time and of high vibration, result in thatMagic, 117:their truthfulness and the attempt to make them facts, without previously adjusting the environmentMagic, 131:manner in which these possibilities may become facts, but beyond that the Great Ones do not go. TheMagic, 176:They must accept nothing that contradicts facts imparted through the Lodge's great Messengers, andMagic, 176:over into their physical brain consciousness the facts they need to know and the teachings theyMagic, 190:Eye Next, let the student remember two important facts, which may be regarded as elementary andMagic, 191:practices used to vitalize the centers. The two facts of importance are: 1. The three centers belowMagic, 273:cycle. Thought-Form Building In Rule Ten two facts about the form are stated, which are true of allMagic, 273:are given in the following terms: The facts are: The form absorbs and uses the waters in which itMagic, 274:the desired form of expression. Let us take the facts and analogies as they stand and study themMagic, 311:as the astral elemental does to the human being. Facts about this life will be found in theMagic, 314:destructive among the rank and file of humanity. Facts about the coming Aquarian age can beMagic, 338:But they are all three of them correct in their facts though wrong in their deductions. They allMagic, 352:definition of truth in teaching crystallizes the facts learnt, and, in the play of other minds, theMagic, 364:we have a summation of technicalities, and of facts, which are (under the Law of Analogy) of purelyMagic, 377:the racial drama; and to comprehend this certain facts about that drama and the work of theMagic, 377:this will involve the recognition of certain facts that have never been adequately considered. ItMagic, 413:group has a specific mission, and some of the facts about it might be stated as follows: It isMagic, 431:broad generalizations, and to indicate certain facts of interest. The main reason that it profitsMagic, 485:the abstract conceptions and the scarcely sensed facts of the inner occult or mystic life that passMagic, 486:one that causes the most trouble. These are the facts of information, the detailed material, theMagic, 486:prevent your mind from transmitting to another facts such as these? These are facts that have theirMagic, 486:to another facts such as these? These are facts that have their origination in physical planeMagic, 486:and therein lies the difficulty. The inner facts of the occult life, and those that originate onMagic, 535:awakened and his mind illumined. Grasping these facts anent imprisonment how, to be practical, canMagic, 537:from an intuitive understanding of all the facts in the case, interpreted intelligently, andMagic, 550:human mind. I speak not in parable; I utter only facts in nature and one that is slowly coming intoMagic, 570:of our consideration and gives us the elementary facts upon which all our thoughts must be based.Magic, 622:prevent those concepts becoming physical plane facts. This is therefore the problem of theMeditation, 21:results, and he needs the basic foundation of facts before he can wisely and safely proceed muchMeditation, 34:on that plane at the helping of his kind. These facts are already half apprehended among studentsMeditation, 51:themselves are based on certain fundamental facts, and these facts (seven in number) are not as yetMeditation, 51:based on certain fundamental facts, and these facts (seven in number) are not as yet allMeditation, 52:own subtones. In the apprehension of these basic facts lies hid much light on the use of the WordMeditation, 71:at the expense of the uninitiated. Certain facts have been, and can be, imparted. They will lead toMeditation, 71:you another division, based on earlier imparted facts, those anent the solar system. These sevenMeditation, 90:see on causal levels, intuitively to recognize facts in the lives of others, to foresee events andMeditation, 91:then to assist definitely in making those plans facts in manifestation, can he be trusted with theMeditation, 94:threefold totality. In this way some specific facts may be imparted. I begin with the mental bodyMeditation, 109:the faculty of "mental apprehension of the basic facts of life." The object of that one incarnationMeditation, 109:capacity of the student; to teach him concrete facts and science and thus to enlarge the content ofMeditation, 112:instrument of the lower mind, the accumulator of facts. The difference in the entire "makeup" (asMeditation, 113:and when he can make those thoughts [113] facts on the physical plane. He uses his head more thanMeditation, 143:your highest theories and ideals demonstrable facts and it is that blending of the higher and theMeditation, 150:mental body and bring it to the store house of facts before he can proceed much further. Thirdly,Meditation, 172:comprehend and to make the archetypes and ideals facts in manifestation. He broods on the ideals asMeditation, 190:to the test, and are consequently known to be facts in nature, and only when mental concepts areMeditation, 202:the broad outlines of what will some day be facts in physical plane demonstration. The thoughtMeditation, 202:welcomed, even though his apprehension of these facts may be at fault and his capacity toMeditation, 215:When the intelligence grasps the scientific facts anent this subject, then comes the utilization ofMeditation, 215:subject, then comes the utilization of these facts for the advancement of vibration, and the wiseMeditation, 225:to the Personality, via the causal, then these facts will be ever more clearly demonstrated inMeditation, 231:and an ability to reserve opinion until further facts are demonstrated, and also an avoidance ofMeditation, 235:prophesy - occult students will be given certain facts anent the dominating [236] rays which willMeditation, 237:to the matter in hand. You will have noted two facts that stand out in these letters: That theMeditation, 242:undertakes this work the ascertaining of certain facts. Let us briefly enumerate them in order toMeditation, 273:appeals in the series. We have dealt with the facts as to the Masters and Who They are, and TheirMeditation, 280:of further information. What use is it to give facts of which the student cannot as yet make use?Meditation, 288:to bring through to the physical brain specific facts proving to them this nearness. Some effectMeditation, 301:for always there will be certain truths and facts of dangerous import to the uninitiated; but whatMeditation, 301:the mysteries will eventually be admitted as facts for universal recognition and for universal aimMeditation, 305:of the Master Hilarion. Ponder on these imparted facts, for the significance is of profoundMeditation, 305:deal with the future. Today I have but imparted facts in present manifestation. Meditation, 310:the mental vehicle and to store within it the facts upon which extended knowledge may be based. IfMeditation, 312:clear instructions, or a conglomerate of facts are never given, nor are the exoteric textbookMeditation, 316:as taught, for instance, in this book. Occult facts will be imparted to these pupils by them andMeditation, 319:probabilities and not ascertained and fixed facts: [320] The pupil must be free from obligatoryMeditation, 325:of learning, of hard study, of accumulation of facts and of concrete knowledge. He attendsMeditation, 326:of perfecting his comprehension of the facts earlier studied, of practicing that part of the occultMeditation, 346:to build in information, to supply knowledge and facts, to train it intellectually andPatanjali, 24:of mental training, the accumulation of acquired facts, the consequence of reading or of teaching,Patanjali, 33:so is he" (Prov., XXIII, 7.) is based on occult facts. Every form of any kind has a soul, and thatPatanjali, 55:ages. All that can be done is to collate certain facts about the AUM, and leave the student toPatanjali, 96:Raja Yoga have, however, to grasp the elementary facts concerning all forms and to familiarizePatanjali, 157:reality and are the sum total of the physical facts relating to every incarnated son of God.Patanjali, 158:connotation, they are the sum total of the facts demonstrating the reality of a cosmic incarnation.Patanjali, 270:of meditation takes one right back to the true facts anent divine manifestation and emphasizes theProblems, 14:and hatreds, fear and a refusal to recognize the facts produced disunity. Had all nations seenProblems, 37:through the impartation of uncorrelated facts - most of them unrelated to daily living. Our presentProblems, 43:expense frequently of other nations, in which facts are systematically garbled, in which theProblems, 44:every great nation without exception are facts and cannot be denied. Surely, however, the lessonsProblems, 45:always belonged to the world. It is upon these facts that the education to be given to the childrenProblems, 49:for the immediate need is not the impartation of facts but the dissipation of fear, theProblems, 53:It is, first of all, a process of acquiring facts - past and present - and of then learning toProblems, 53:the meaning which lies behind the outer imparted facts. It is the power to apply knowledge in suchProblems, 54:learning and thus avoids the bare impartation of facts and the crude process of memory trainingProblems, 55:will be taught and certain basic and important facts of living imparted, plus the inculcation ofProblems, 58:of the memory and the parrot like recording of facts and dates and uncorrelated and ill-digested
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