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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACTS

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Soul, 33:is much more than a mere present fact, or set of facts, or a mere passive stage upon which theSoul, 42:eye, and the eye of the Cyclops. Beyond these facts or conjectures, investigators frankly say theySoul, 60:argued from the above that Newton recognized the facts of the etheric body, underlying all forms,Soul, 62:nature as a whole, for he was convinced that the facts of science showed nature to be no more aSoul, 90:a structure of knowledge, based on natural facts, which has offset the errors and deductions of theSoul, 130:The West comes forward as we have seen with its facts concerning the structure. Man's mechanism isSoul, 133:understanding and application of the basic facts of modern psychology and a sane psychoanalysis,Telepathy, 55:can grasp certain broad and relatively simple facts and recognize that you possess the key or theTelepathy, 66:expands in content and the earlier all-inclusive facts are seen to be minor aspects of stillTelepathy, 66:are seen to be minor aspects of still greater facts. You can see, therefore, the significance andTelepathy, 80:in time and space. I realize that where these facts apply to the subhuman kingdoms in nature youTelepathy, 126:magnitude of a human being; and until two other facts are sequentially revealed to us, it will notTelepathy, 134:have no terminology that could convey the exact facts and nature. All that I am attempting to doTelepathy, 150:many types of energy. They forget the following facts: [151] That the etheric body is itself
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