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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FACULTIES

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Psychology2, 558:two sets of powers are: The ancient powers and faculties which humanity developed and possessed inPsychology2, 558:and a personality. The higher powers and faculties which are the prerogative of the conscious soul.Psychology2, 559:that all the psychic powers are the powers, faculties and capacities of the One Soul but that, inPsychology2, 569:are born with these clairvoyant and clairaudient faculties. I am only pointing out that thePsychology2, 579:In the earlier animal or savage stage, these faculties are frequently normal and there is no mentalPsychology2, 581:is in this latter stage that the higher psychic faculties come into play and the lower powers canPsychology2, 581:desirable. The initiate has full control of all faculties and powers, and knows both when and howPsychology2, 582:into the ajna center and to develop mental faculties. This has an integrating effect andPsychology2, 590:functioning normally when displaying the psychic faculties, though along an arc of retrogression,Psychology2, 593:good health and the full and free use of all the faculties (higher and lower) but direct contactPsychology2, 598:evolution proceeds, the human and animal psychic faculties become available to the disciple.Psychology2, 598:the door to a new understanding of the psychic faculties. Psychology and medicine would be therebyPsychology2, 746:technique and methods (which are spiritual faculties; not dedicated, as yet, on a large scale toRays, 10:of the soul is the clue to the work. These faculties rightly used impose upon these lesser livesRays, 34:to you, therefore, that these higher spiritual faculties can only be brought into play when theRays, 488:be done, by drawing upon the imagination and its faculties as they are to be found upon the highestRays, 488:has purified and refined his imaginative faculties so that they are now responsive to theRays, 535:to become a creative agent, using the creative faculties of the mind and conforming increasinglyRays, 576:that his emotional nature, his lower psychic faculties, his astral development and the potency ofRays, 670:to its rightful place as one of the usual faculties or appetites with which man is endowed; it isRays, 674:a good agent for the deceptive thought-forming faculties of the unregenerate man. It reacts toRays, 724:however, and "appropriates the fact and the faculties" (as one Master has expressed it) of completeReappearance, 182:of the Christ in Whom all these three faculties of divinity will be embodied. Soul, 75:turn, held that the soul (with all the mental faculties) was separable from the body, whilst theSoul, 77:distinguished nutritive, sensitive, and rational faculties, corresponding to the body, soul andSoul, 86:the Arabs adopted this localization, placed the faculties in certain cells, meaning cavities orSoul, 88:Vol. I, p. 132. Willis ascribed the various faculties of the soul, such as mentality, vitality,Soul, 115:in the head have a direct relation to the faculties of mind and motion. The sahasrara center (headSoul, 137:and of telepathic communication, clairaudient faculties and the peculiar power to psychometrise areSoul, 137:sensitiveness usually disappears as the mental faculties are developed. Later on, when theSoul, 141:is responsible for the imaginative emotional faculties, and the power to visualize. In man, withSoul, 144:ideas requiring the utmost stretch of our faculties and perpetually to find that such ideas must beSoul, 153:rays should meet [153] Convergent in the faculties of man... When all the race is perfected alikeTelepathy, 110:however, prove incontrovertibly the existence of faculties which make the higher spiritual andTelepathy, 127:far behind but who are endowed with all the faculties and all the knowledges wrought out into human
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