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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FADES

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Astrology, 207:done. Eventually, the light of the personal self fades out and wanes in the blaze of glory whichAstrology, 225:for in Scorpio the Moon falls and its influence fades out. Extremes ever meet in the disciple whoAstrology, 537:on, that potency will greatly lessen until it fades out. The period of this interplay of threeBethlehem, 17:forth in the human kingdom. Personality then fades out, dimmed by the glory of the soul, which,Discipleship1, 92:"veils of earth" close over his head; the vision fades and he reverts into the life of an ordinaryDiscipleship1, 124:we come to the words, "that which is distant fades from view and the immediate present looms." OneDiscipleship1, 689:feel about it and your adherence to it seemingly fades out. You become absorbed in the vision andDiscipleship2, 389:follows and almost despair when the revelation fades and the disciple finds that he must walk againDiscipleship2, 400:then - at the close of the initiatory process - fades out, leaving however a permanent, new,Discipleship2, 550:eventually comes to the point where he himself fades out of his own picture and from the center ofExternalisation, 412:in the life of the individual. Personality fades out in the glory of the soul, which (like theFire, 735:"scattered to the elements." Objective man fades out, and is no more seen by the physical eye,Fire, 976:of the man in that particular thought form fades out and it dies. Similarly with a crime - theGlamour, 66:hold over him, and the astral body itself fades out. You will remember that I hinted to you in AGlamour, 66:glamor have both been overcome, the astral body fades out in the human consciousness. There is noGlamour, 171:dissipates glamor. When light pours in, glamor fades out. Illumination dominates and the visionGlamour, 236:on to the mental plane and the beam of light fades out. Brief Form of the Individual Formula TheHealing, 301:Where this is present, resistance to disease fades out and practically all forms of ill health andHealing, 414:"scattered to the elements." Objective man fades out and is no more seen by the physical eye,Healing, 471:Speech! At the time of death, speech fades out as the Word sounds forth and restitution isHercules, 146:beguiling sense of comfort, the spirit wilts and fades. The prisoner of comfort sinks back inIntellect, 71:out that: "...the symbol vanishes, imagery fades, space disappears, multiplicity is reduced,Magic, 75:new; it pours its love upon the Real, and Maya fades away. Kama and heart are close allied; loveMagic, 388:causal body [388] disintegrates; the personality fades out, and illusion is ended. This is theMagic, 397:light of the Whole, the light of the little self fades out, just as the light that is inherent inPatanjali, 13:the rapidly changing forms of thought and desire fades away, and the realm of the soul, the truePatanjali, 411:and the vibratory activity of the lower man fades and dies out. Psychology1, 353:itself as the generations pass away, and then fades out again as do all the races. By this processPsychology2, 19:that even the consciousness of the group fades out (except when deliberately recovered in the workPsychology2, 32:archives of the Masters. "The quality of life fades out. It flickers and is gone. Yet the BlessedPsychology2, 248:is gone and the fervor departs and the beauty fades out. The man is left with a sense ofRays, 44:refuse to accept isolation; separateness then fades out entirely. The isolated unity achieved isRays, 63:marking the attainment of at-one-ment, and this fades out at the fourth initiation. At that timeRays, 106:of the soul is accomplished and the soul body fades out of the picture, only the quality which itRays, 174:point of such intense brilliance that everything fades out and at the place of tension, and at thatRays, 481:When buddhi reigns, the lower psychic nature fades out. When the antahkarana is built, and theRays, 505:by the soul. Paradoxically, we say that the soul fades or drops out, yet in the last analysis itRays, 506:Then the soul life - as hitherto understood - fades out and the causal body disappears. The sumRays, 582:emotional reaction to the Hierarchy of Masters fades out, and the disciple can now work withoutTelepathy, 176:three [176] when it takes control and the soul fades out." This, I may not further elucidate. I
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