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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAIL

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Fire, xiv:the seen and known, all solutions as yet fail and will continue to fail in their objective. ThatFire, xiv:all solutions as yet fail and will continue to fail in their objective. That all attempts toFire, 97:until at the lowest point we might almost fail to recognize it as divine life at all; but as itFire, 449:the seeker after Brahman shall, without fail, attain all perfection, whether he discharge any otherFire, 589:until at the lowest point we might almost fail to recognize it as divine life at all; but as itFire, 905:unit of life, however small and unimportant, may fail in opportunity. These agnichaitans of theFire, 927:conceived and desired. The reason so many people fail in materializing their concepts, and henceFire, 1002:race, that the majority of magical investigators fail in their work. They build a form in mentalFire, 1037:and only those of circumscribed vision will fail to recognize the unity of the many force impulsesGlamour, 83:to point out that many well-meaning aspirants fail at this point, due to two errors. They omit toGlamour, 103:In the fifth initiation - and here words fail to express the truth - he sees the Dweller on theGlamour, 119:levels so frequently evidences. Both groups fail to make a definite and decisive manifestation uponGlamour, 119:upon the physical plane, both groups fail to deal with the problems of physical plane living in aGlamour, 177:they regard this illusion as reality; they fail to grasp the significance of the veiled,Healing, 9:cause of disease, even if known to me, would fail to be comprehended by you. The cause lies back inHealing, 20:sense of illusion so potent and vital that we fail to see these basic laws in their trueHealing, 86:great interlocking directorates which control or fail to control the physical body. Where there isHealing, 278:cure, which they attribute to wrong methods and fail to allow for karmic limitations. The successHealing, 279:and its care, cure and preservation; they fail to profit from past wisdom, but prefer to set sailHealing, 368:us. They must carry their own responsibility and fail or succeed in arriving at the truth throughHealing, 435:universal soul. The ordinary rituals, however, fail to emphasize that it is that individualizedHealing, 444:the subsequent interval of active living, they fail to relate death and sleep. Death is, after all,Healing, 651:of the triangle (that of the soul) he might fail to see unless he were himself highly developed,Healing, 651:were himself highly developed, but he could not fail to see the signs of it in the inflowing energyHealing, 675:should have no effect upon the healer and should fail to deviate him from the intense concentrationHealing, 688:otherwise, they will misinterpret the call and fail to recognize the source of the outgoing sound.Hercules, 20:to stupidity and an undeveloped mentality, they fail to be as useful as they could be when coupledHercules, 55:Watch well. I fear, my son, that you will fail to recognize these points upon the Way. But timeHercules, 56:in my cot. With my own hands I strangled it. Why fail I now?" Wrestling again with all his might,Hercules, 134:courtesy, and cooperation; when these fail, he disdains harsher methods. He is naturally inclinedHercules, 181:great flock of cattle shall be yours; but if you fail, your life and fortune will be in my hands.Initiation, 52:premises which time and circumstance will fail to substantiate. They work most assuredly throughInitiation, 202:concentrating upon the centers, will inevitably fail in his endeavor to reach the portal, and willIntellect, 11:thinkers then evinced that man should not fail to learn his lesson and go forward. Read the wordsIntellect, 12:wrote these words, we know that mankind did not fail to go forward. The electrical age wasIntellect, 22:of the average citizen. It certainly seems to fail in its mission with the unusual child and withIntellect, 36:as merely a world of things is doubtless to fail of something that is significant. The experienceIntellect, 78:as self-control and active service) it will fail in its objective. Fanaticism is not required. ThisIntellect, 208:activities and pointless conversations that they fail to realize that the practice of concentrationMagic, 24:words his own state of consciousness; each will fail to interpret in terms of the more advancedMagic, 100:be grasped as a concept, though as yet it will fail of comprehension, in the realization that theMagic, 130:upon the inner Ruler. When all outward props fail and when all the apparent authorities differ inMagic, 158:of truth. Those who are not true aspirants will fail to recognize the hints and thus will beMagic, 160:an aspirant in his meditation work are lost and fail in their objective because of the chaotic andMagic, 160:good purpose and planned work for the Master fail to materialize because, as the thought-formMagic, 161:or dissatisfied by the results they achieve or fail to achieve; this achievement or lack ofMagic, 163:through [163] which the light of the soul must fail to penetrate, and through which the love ofMagic, 163:nature and of life in the three worlds equally fail to pierce. The man is smothered, is suffocatedMagic, 193:will over-estimate the non-essentials and fail to grasp the value of the spiritual realities.Magic, 268:created have a life cycle of their own and never fail to manifest and perform their work. TheMagic, 305:people along many lines. The fear that one may fail to make good, the fear that we may not gain theMagic, 305:us or look down upon us, the fear that one may fail to see and grasp opportunity, these are allMagic, 350:and sensitive bodies, struggle, work, fight, fail, continue and serve. Not one hour of service,Magic, 447:produce the desired physical plane effects, and fail in their intended purpose. As long however, asMagic, 448:by a concentrated mind, these desire forms fail to do the damage they otherwise might. Their effectMagic, 461:who are to produce the outer forms. If they fail to respond, there will be delay or incorrectMagic, 491:spiritual ideas that the old thought-forms will fail to arrest the attention; they will die ofMagic, 495:the subsequent interval of active living, they fail to relate death and sleep. Death, after all, isMagic, 512:mistakes are made and here that many workers fail to make good. This entire rule might be given inMagic, 543:live and move and have our being, and yet, they fail to see that which lies immediately beforeMagic, 567:has to proceed now with caution. Many good plans fail to materialize and the reason lies rightMagic, 567:sufficiently interested. Many fine ideas equally fail to materialize or have no persistent livingMagic, 586:illumination. It is here that so many aspirants fail. They do not do the very best they know; theyMagic, 586:They do not do the very best they know; they fail to act in detail as their inner voice tells them;Magic, 586:to do in their moments of meditation, and fail to speak the word which their spiritual mentor, theMagic, 586:it should not be and yet here again is where men fail. What after all is group service? Simply theMagic, 586:among aspirants to adeptship is cowardice. Men fail to make good where they are because they findMagic, 587:therefore why so few achieve and so many fail? Magic, 613:psychic powers and senses which recognize yet fail to interpret the astral plane. The veil ofMagic, 619:potentially useless, even if not dangerous. They fail to realize that the motivating impulse isMagic, 627:connotes the fear of the individual that he will fail of recognition and thus lose much that wouldMeditation, 97:lower vehicles will be neglected and useless and fail in their purposes, atrophying and dying fromMeditation, 125:Path, but who through some wilful shortcoming fail for some one incarnation and so lay themselvesMeditation, 178:man, even if he knows the mantram, will probably fail in calling a deva, for it involves somethingMeditation, 345:out of the Master's requests. He does not fail from physical disability. He sees that his lowerPatanjali, 101:the language of the occultist and mystic both fail, for language deals with objectivity and itsPatanjali, 176:processes have nothing to give and utterly fail to satisfy him. He reaches the stage which PaulPatanjali, 321:produces in us pleasure or pain, is because we fail to distinguish between the lower nature and thePatanjali, 408:other forms which is developed in ourselves. We fail to see aspects of life be cause as yet inPatanjali, 408:are undeveloped and latent. To illustrate: we fail to see the divine in our brother because as yetPatanjali, 408:become aware of the form of our brother, and fail to see his soul. The moment we contact our ownProblems, 7:peace. It is so simple and practical that people fail to appreciate its potency or its scientificProblems, 7:do not live up to what they already know; they fail to make practical their information; they shortProblems, 86:under which the racial minority labors. They fail to recognize that the minority itself is not freeProblems, 102:the non-Jewish nations for their miseries; they fail always to recognize any conditions on theirProblems, 128:It signifies progress, but, as yet, the churches fail to see in this the workings of divinity.Psychology1, 114:as yet. It is a test and a trial effort, and may fail. The members of these tiny outer groupsPsychology1, 172:were crystallized and sectarian as a whole would fail to respond, but in all of them, even the mostPsychology1, 186:intellectually constituted people of the race fail at this time to initiate the Plan, to wrest itPsychology1, 247:play in the producing of these factors, he will fail to discover the true secret of thePsychology1, 303:temporary and insufficient to the need. They may fail in their scope and prove inadequate, but theyPsychology1, 367:of those to whom the work is given will fail to react either correctly or at the right time. ThesePsychology2, 121:helping releases us from our misery, even if we fail to release or relieve the sufferers. ServicePsychology2, 121:is, therefore, lacking, and from the start they fail to do more than make certain gestures. ServicePsychology2, 128:about service and its expression that they fail to serve and also fail to comprehend withPsychology2, 128:its expression that they fail to serve and also fail to comprehend with understanding the period ofPsychology2, 249:is great and it is here that many artists fail. Their failure is based on various things - on aPsychology2, 355:into the worlds of form that power must some day fail to penetrate. This is the first step towardsPsychology2, 404:and its penalization of those who fail to accept such dicta has served to stultify the humanPsychology2, 425:you, as I have oft done before, that words fail to express and language handicaps rather than aids
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