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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAILINGS

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Autobiography, 145:we are all alike. We have the same faults and failings, the same urges and aspirations, the sameBethlehem, 196:sins of the unevolved man, and the faults and failings of the average "nice" citizen of modernDiscipleship1, 33:personality lives, about their mistakes and failings, and have demanded it more loudly than theDiscipleship1, 425:facts. As an instance of this - read the list of failings which you give. My brother, even if thereDiscipleship1, 511:and his reaction to it. This is not one of your failings. Your sane humility is a great asset,Discipleship2, 333:Aspiring disciples are far more conscious of the failings and the personality attributes of othersDiscipleship2, 333:disciple may be - and is - well aware of the failings, failures and undesirable qualities of othersDiscipleship2, 335:people were and are ready for training. Their failings and faults will disappear more rapidly thanDiscipleship2, 526:faults and failures [526] and their little human failings loom large in your consciousness. You areExternalisation, 63:groups. They are not immune from the prevalent failings and many of them have sought to apportionExternalisation, 64:a feeling of smug superiority, certain physical failings and personal ambitions of a superficialHercules, 132:its sporadic achievements and its multifarious failings. What is the result of such reflections?Hercules, 174:as they truly are with their faults, their failings, their achievements, everything that goes to
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