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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAILS

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Astrology, 31:response is in the subtler bodies and the brain fails to register them, but after the thirdAstrology, 322:Neptune is veiled by the Moon and that the form fails to register or step down many of the impactsAstrology, 444:moves but slowly; the life then within the form fails to experience the needed, forceful awakening;Atom, 13:method of solution, but for some of us it fails in that it does not go far enough. In refusing toAutobiography, 2:development when one ceases to learn, when one fails to extract the meaning out of events, schoolsAutobiography, 10:stands the test [10] and indicates a way out, or fails and we go down, temporarily at least. It isBethlehem, 8:whilst the meaning has remained obscured and fails sufficiently to affect our lives. In our myopicBethlehem, 241:the true significance of the inevitable future fails to arrest their attention. Others face it withDiscipleship1, 35:later when the Plan is further perfected, fails naturally to meet with full comprehension in theDiscipleship1, 73:to work as a group with power. 2. If the group fails to integrate and to take advantage of groupDiscipleship1, 75:power is definitely curtailed when one member fails to measure up to, opportunity or recedes into,Discipleship1, 119:as follows: "The magnet swings, and swinging, fails to touch the pleading hands, held forth forDiscipleship1, 326:knowledge which you know at times and which fails of right [327] expression in words, finds itsDiscipleship1, 358:from the lower to the higher mind, but often fails to touch the intermediate point, that of theDiscipleship1, 571:in the Ashram. She still is an aspirant and fails to take that decisive step which transforms anDiscipleship1, 660:voice of the soul, bringing radiance and rest, fails to make an impact upon your life. So rest, myDiscipleship1, 675:"My Star." Stage III. The way of red desire fails. It loses its allure. The playground of the sonsDiscipleship1, 681:no wrong is involved and where a fellow worker fails to see the point. Disciples need to see to itDiscipleship1, 725:or aspirant who has glaring faults and who fails to make the required changes himself creates aDiscipleship1, 759:goal of the occultist is to work with forces. He fails, however, to recognize that this may not beDiscipleship2, 358:with his group"; this is a fact, even if he fails to comprehend the full implications of thatDiscipleship2, 395:realize that a hint is not a hint as long as it fails to give you direction and the power to moveExternalisation, 69:of view does not tend to true understanding. It fails, for one thing, to indicate the particularExternalisation, 145:created thought-form upon the mental plane; he fails to make its presence felt upon the physicalExternalisation, 259:of free will and understanding. If humanity fails to unite under the banner of the Forces of LightExternalisation, 268:he loses all sense of fear, and adoration fails to engross his attention. All these attitudes areExternalisation, 412:immune from the appeal of the senses and desire fails to deter the soul from its rightful task.Externalisation, 695:insulates himself from warm group contacts and fails to seek (in the name of service) the love ofExternalisation, 695:the love of the group, and as long as he fails to recognize error and his own part in any currentFire, 1106:quality) and the expulsion of that which fails to suffice as a medium for intelligent expression.Glamour, 21:is submerged in the illusion and the soul that fails to see with clarity until such time as it hasGlamour, 75:set his feet upon the Path of Probation and who fails to attempt the expression of that which heGlamour, 79:the object of his devotion or aspiration, or fails to do so and therefore succumbs to the blackestGlamour, 139:blaze, serves only to intensify the problem and fails to penetrate into the mists and the fog. ItGlamour, 139:is in man, self-induced and self-generated, fails ever to penetrate into or to dissipate the gloomGlamour, 192:are apt to be misunderstood if the student fails to remember that between them lie no real lines ofGlamour, 254:unchanging compliance with the requirements and fails to render that application which would be theGlamour, 257:some idea. It is here that the average aspirant fails so often. He is usually so intenselyHealing, 41:of man's mechanism is deplorable, and he fails to realize two things: First, that disease isHealing, 42:of the question. This the average mental healer fails to realize. They make a horror out of death,Healing, 442:in a spirit of love upon the physical plane, it fails to fulfil its mission adequately. - Page 537.Healing, 454:the medium of the blood stream and the heart fails to function, just as the brain fails to record,Healing, 454:the heart fails to function, just as the brain fails to record, and thus silence settles down. TheHealing, 711:subtler levels is like the spiritual worker who fails so constantly to precipitate the neededInitiation, 53:to pour his blessing upon the attempt. If he fails, or his successors turn from the originalIntellect, 121:Evolutionary Naturalism, page 300. But this idea fails to satisfy the majority of thinkers and mostIntellect, 147:parallel breaks down. Education in the Occident fails to carry its exponents on into the realm ofIntellect, 168:who have utterly renounced themselves, God never fails in these raptures to communicate highIntellect, 215:hypothesis is not necessarily false because it fails to prove itself in the time we deem proper.Magic, 61:fogs and miasmas of the planes of illusion, and fails to be interested. If he looks forward he seesMagic, 147:All seems arid and undesirable, and all fails to satisfy the ardent and aspiring soul. TheMagic, 200:some old truth - so old and so familiar that it fails to call forth a registering response - heMagic, 240:Types of Astral Force The first ray aspirant who fails to overcome his Dweller may become aMagic, 240:own ebb and flow. The third ray person who also fails to shatter his [241] "Dweller" becomes whatMagic, 324:(if I may so express it) deflected, and contact fails of accomplishment. If occupation with mundaneMagic, 324:body is in need of rest, then likewise the inner fails to be recorded. It is the centers in theMagic, 324:vibratory contact is lowered and the center fails to register vibration and response. When againMagic, 461:find its way in some direction, often (when man fails in his duty) with catastrophic results. TheMagic, 468:a radiant sun. Stage III The way of red desire fails. It loses its allure. The playground of theMagic, 496:the medium of the blood stream and the heart fails to function [497] just as the brain fails toMagic, 497:heart fails to function [497] just as the brain fails to record, and thus silence settles down. TheMagic, 537:in a spirit of love upon the physical plane, it fails to fulfil its mission adequately. When theMeditation, 149:the other along the line of will. The mystic fails in the purpose of his being - that of loveMeditation, 149:to become the occultist. The occultist similarly fails and becomes only a selfish exponent of powerMeditation, 258:student of meditation; as he struggles, as he fails, as he perseveres, and as he laboriouslyPatanjali, 169:this ignorance and its consequences, the soul fails to find what it is seeking, there comes thePatanjali, 216:nature, expressing itself through desire fails to be influenced by the pull of any attractivePatanjali, 351:which produce the condition of sight, but fails to respond to those impacts which cause scent orPatanjali, 402:that which lies behind the veil. The water fails to quench the point of fire; thus fire meets fireProblems, 13:indicate also the childishness of the race which fails to grasp the extent of the whole of whichProblems, 97:living and thinking which, again, the occidental fails to recognize and for which he makes noProblems, 97:the more organized Westerner (a cave-dweller) fails to recognize. They are also the product ofPsychology1, 36:religions. It is necessarily inadequate, for it fails to emphasize the truth that what can bePsychology1, 91:disease and racial weaknesses, and that fails somewhere, in some portion of the mechanism, to meetPsychology1, 109:from the brain into words and sentences often fails in adequacy is sadly true, and that there isPsychology1, 115:the group is enriched and grows thereby. If he fails, he drops out and others take his place untilPsychology1, 229:it is the objective condensation. Again language fails to find the needed terms. They are as yetPsychology1, 302:group integration, and group unity? Action which fails to measure up to the group requirements willPsychology1, 398:of Moses today rules most of the world, and yet fails to bring into life justice and true legality.Psychology2, 32:color pure remains. The nature of life in form fails to appear. It flashes forth a little while,Psychology2, 317:(or should one say "rampant"?) and even the soul fails to assume vital control? It was for thisPsychology2, 355:One at the center (Who is his true self) also fails. It is not yet a familiar "call." The aspirantPsychology2, 360:in some dim and distant future, and he fails ever to achieve the immediate objective. He is oftenPsychology2, 422:or mentally. 2. Cleavage comes also when the man fails to use his God-given intellect and so isPsychology2, 464:suffers consequences of a difficult nature if it fails to do so. The necessary adjustments must bePsychology2, 472:is submerged in the illusion, and the soul that fails to see with clarity until such time as it hasPsychology2, 482:inclined person voices his submission, but fails to recognize that the voice is his own. He regardsPsychology2, 601:overcome by the glamor of the spiritual life; he fails to distinguish between the vision and theRays, 210:but he ceases to give it any recognition; he fails to provide it with the needed stimulation ofRays, 212:the disciple seeks no recognition, until he fails to think in terms of results and is unaware ofRays, 293:or an undue registration of success, or it fails to develop a sense of proportion. When, however,Rays, 680:Any group of men or any form of government which fails to recognize this inherent right runsRays, 751:Russia, and of breaking treaties, when Russia fails on all points to keep her word or to cooperateReappearance, 138:the past to satisfy the enquirer, but which now fails to do so. Sincere but unenlightened religiousSoul, 138:which the normal and more intelligent person fails to register. This faculty is, however,
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