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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAILURE

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Discipleship2, 27:a careful analysis each month of your success or failure to carry out this discipline, and noteDiscipleship2, 43:at times refuses cooperation for fear of failure or from undue consciousness of himself; excusesDiscipleship2, 75:My next reason for disbanding the group is the failure in occult obedience of many of you.Discipleship2, 90:the surface - appears to be such an outstanding failure? It may perhaps interest you to have someDiscipleship2, 91:Among those chosen there has been much failure, but because consecration and devotion to either theDiscipleship2, 93:you certain reasons for what may look to you as failure. I am greatly pleased with the work beingDiscipleship2, 173:at that time have appeared to be an apparent failure and that his mission was not accomplished. ForDiscipleship2, 216:to the point where there is recognition of failure, and in proving that religion and scienceDiscipleship2, 243:the vision and their service suffer from their failure to develop that divine indifference which isDiscipleship2, 394:he must learn the meaning of both success and failure, and the knowledge which can be gainedDiscipleship2, 461:any fluctuation of your spiritual aspiration or failure to progress undeviatingly towards yourDiscipleship2, 470:you can relinquish the task... with no sense of failure. This work can be undertaken only by peopleDiscipleship2, 487:after death is one of semi-consciousness, of a failure to recognize location, and of emotional andDiscipleship2, 535:had its roots in an unrecognized fear of [535] failure should responsibility (through love forDiscipleship2, 544:you have made during the past few years. Failure has not deterred you and appreciation will notDiscipleship2, 570:achievement but is more a fierce resentment over failure. You add your own criticism of yourself toDiscipleship2, 581:my disciples [581] wrought around it, by their failure to grasp its basic importance, and by muchDiscipleship2, 584:the disbanding of the group, and a sense of failure which it naturally engenders. I cannot tooDiscipleship2, 599:constitutes your life problem and your present failure to do so that keeps you where you are. IfDiscipleship2, 600:frustration." In your case and in the constant failure to achieve the fullest expression of yourDiscipleship2, 601:constantly aware of lack of achievement and of failure to do what your soul has made quiteDiscipleship2, 601:as it is (in your case) by a constant sense of failure? Go forward therefore, my beloved brother,Discipleship2, 613:might, however, land you in another "field of failure." Your place in relation to my work in theDiscipleship2, 615:Again I reiterate, this is largely due to your failure to refine the physical body. You are anDiscipleship2, 621:and which is found out through pain, failure, suffering and hurt pride which will bring you toDiscipleship2, 684:advisable once and for all to make clear that my failure (should I call it that, my brother?) toDiscipleship2, 684:indicating weaknesses in character and areas of failure in performance must not be and should notDiscipleship2, 684:should not be interpreted by you as harshness, failure to understand or a detachment so cold thatDiscipleship2, 696:the ray of your astral body is the first; the failure, weakness or sin of the astral body isDiscipleship2, 707:- you have to shoulder all the blame for any failure, even when not personally responsible; youDiscipleship2, 730:You are, however, aware of weaknesses and of failure. So be it. But the fact remains that the majorDiscipleship2, 732:largely negated by your supine acceptance of failure, by your profound and lasting "conviction ofDiscipleship2, 732:fail, my brother. But why stay overwhelmed by failure for year after year and remain with your eyesDiscipleship2, 732:- from the hierarchical angle - that connotes failure. But the failure is scarce recognized; theDiscipleship2, 732:angle - that connotes failure. But the failure is scarce recognized; the effort is made to registerDiscipleship2, 732:the effort is made to register what caused the failure and the inability to stand before the OneDiscipleship2, 732:graded failures, until you meet the well-known failure of the Buddha to attain his goal. I haveEducation, 14:much of our problem, and much of the present failure to meet the demands [15] of the race, and toEducation, 77:true sense of wrong (which is the recognition of failure to preserve right relations with theEducation, 77:word "naughty," and based largely on parental failure to understand and occupy the child, are of noEducation, 78:which are the result of his environment and the failure of his home circle and existing educationalExternalisation, 151:owing to the activity of the mind and their failure as yet to blend perfectly both soul andExternalisation, 194:so-called "racial purity" is foredoomed to failure. The only solution of this problem is the basicExternalisation, 194:all the children of the one Father and that our failure to recognize this fact is simply anExternalisation, 196:on some national or group selfishness and on the failure to work out some wise impartial scheme forExternalisation, 224:attitude, this mental uncertainty and this failure to link up the spiritual and the physical worldsExternalisation, 239:idealism, or a separative spirit, plus the failure to grasp the acuteness of the world crisis andExternalisation, 305:potency, or will it be too feeble because of the failure of the world disciples and aspirants toExternalisation, 313:a deep, inner depression, to a sense of human failure and to an introspectiveness which is naturalExternalisation, 325:the effort which resulted, though not a complete failure, was not adequately strong enough toExternalisation, 362:humanity itself may not use), but the success or failure of the test, in the last analysis, will beExternalisation, 367:full force through Germany. The second was the failure of the neutral nations, in the early stagesExternalisation, 378:world structure can already be dimly seen; the failure - complete, obvious and irremediable - ofExternalisation, 394:point out that the reasons for a measure of failure in 1936 can be traced to two sources. The workExternalisation, 462:of important world groups are admitting the failure of their church, or their legislative bodies,Externalisation, 483:responsible for the misery, the suffering, the failure and the evil which have characterized theExternalisation, 543:simple Son of God have been largely ignored; the failure of Christianity can be traced to itsExternalisation, 544:still persists and is symbolized for us in the failure to recognize the Messiah when He came toExternalisation, 544:emphasis, its hatred of the Gentiles and its failure to recognize the Christ. In saying this I doExternalisation, 549:first of them remains a hope. The factors of the failure of the religious and political groups andExternalisation, 571:understanding and a true impartiality; his failure to be impressed or attentive to old rites andExternalisation, 578:need. The churches, being today headed towards failure and lacking vision, will eventually andExternalisation, 590:in nature; much evil has eventuated by the failure to lay the emphasis upon God Immanent. Later on,Externalisation, 597:prophecies and expectancies have been doomed to failure. He has not come. Such people have beenExternalisation, 623:which can arrest that return, and that is the failure of mankind to prepare the stage for thatExternalisation, 629:purchasing, or the desire to give presents, or failure to realize that many small sums mount upExternalisation, 651:is still quite ineffective, largely owing to the failure of the religions of the world to give aExternalisation, 661:to bring about results which are doomed to failure; presented thus, they would be bound to fail,Externalisation, 662:the point of sensitivity of humanity makes [662] failure inevitable - if success is expected alongFire, 90:mercy, and in this lack of protection, and man's failure to understand the laws of magneticFire, 133:cycle. The mystery of the moon is the mystery of failure. This leads, when comprehended, to a lifeFire, 238:the form, and cannot find Him as yet. This failure to find Him is due to the limitations of theFire, 413:It might here be stated that the relative failure that was the fate of the Moon chain in our schemeFire, 413:employ drastic measures in order to offset that failure. Herein lies another clue to the worldFire, 416:The Moon chain was a chain wherein a systemic failure was to be seen. It is connected with theFire, 416:of this planet finds its origin in the moon failure. The progress of evolution on the moon wasFire, 452:the intuition by means of aspiration, endeavor, failure, and renewed effort ending in success is ofFire, 540:in many lives of turmoil, of endeavor and of failure as a man strives to turn his attention to theFire, 673:including the "sin of the mindless," the failure in Atlantean days, and even that mysteriousFire, 673:in Atlantean days, and even that mysterious "failure" of the Buddha (which has a planetaryFire, 675:apparent. - S. D., II, 195, 201, 721, 728. The Failure of the Buddha. See S. D., III, 376-588. TheFire, 766:fundamental law of the divine Self. It is the failure to realize this which has resulted in theFire, 778:in the minds of our students on account of their failure to realize that (as H. P. B. has pointedFire, 781:affairs was brought about through the planetary failure coincident with the moon chain; this is theFire, 975:condition of the human family at this time. Failure in thought creation is due also to the factFire, 1002:exert the will faculty constructively, and his failure to understand the laws of thought-formFire, 1021:the worker in magic is in critical danger of failure should he not be cognizant of the forms andFire, 1024:axiom [1024] of real moment, and much of the failure undergone by would-be workers in magic is toFire, 1064:distinction must here be made. It is the failure to recognize this that has led so many alchemicalFire, 1147:nurtured by the Lords of Flame, nearly proving a failure. By the time, however, that the lastFire, 1210:failures of the system preceding this, and their failure is so complete (from the standpoint ofGlamour, 79:succumbs to the blackest despair and sense of failure. All this is, however, astral in nature andGlamour, 119:bodies, and that lack of interest and that failure to handle physical plane living which theGlamour, 169:humanity itself may not use), but the success or failure of the test was, in the last analysis,Glamour, 173:personal lower self. Illusion is, therefore, the failure of the mind correctly to register, toGlamour, 175:upon the mental plane and - owing to failure rightly to apprehend and interpret it or to apply itGlamour, 223:to register their responsiveness as a sin and failure and thus delay their liberation from it by aGlamour, 250:a trial and error, [250] a success and failure, campaign which will call for all the strength,Healing, 26:physical means for its benefiting. Much of the failure of the healing methods at present employedHealing, 44:Heart diseases, but not what is called heart failure. The nervous diseases so prevalent at this
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