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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAILURE

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Healing, 84:of achievement, the lack of development, the failure to register, the life work of awakening andHealing, 86:Where there is lack of control it is due to the failure to establish right relations within theHealing, 89:of no thought at all, or are caused by the failure to follow those fundamental laws which governHealing, 89:Mind of God. One interesting instance of this failure is the fact that man does not follow theHealing, 89:and man is a part of nature. It is to this failure to work with the Law of Periodicity that we canHealing, 89:including naturally the male impulse also. This failure to live by the Law of Periodicity and toHealing, 90:are. There are two reasons for this statistical failure: The fact that very few, relativelyHealing, 92:Those difficulties which are caused by the failure of the physical apparatus to measure up to theHealing, 94:therefore the result in the physical body of the failure to bring in these higher energies andHealing, 94:in evolution. It is the dim sensing of this failure and the realization of these facts that hasHealing, 94:can cure diseases to which man is prone. It is failure to think and to register [95] and expressHealing, 95:kind, such as worry over non-accomplishment, the failure to materialize the plans, etc. The lifeHealing, 96:there may be trouble of another kind, due to a failure to "carry through" the thought intoHealing, 96:effective action upon the physical plane. This failure produces not only the cleavage in theHealing, 111:supervene. This is not mental error, or failure to recognize divinity, or succumbing to evil. ItHealing, 131:heir. These are lack of love, lack of life, failure to sound forth correctly the note of the soulHealing, 131:the note of the soul and of the ray, and failure to transmit. The secret of constituting a pureHealing, 162:in other cases brings about danger; it is the failure of the physical mechanism to measure up toHealing, 208:or infection or of accidents, are caused by the failure, the limitation, the deficiency or theHealing, 304:He had no lasting success and saw naught but failure as He traveled on the outer path of life. HeHealing, 338:wish-life, or a recognition of a basic life failure. A sense of dramatics, and a desire to figureHealing, 358:and limitations and the gained ability of failure rightly met. So let true love, silent,Healing, 422:cycle. The mystery of the moon is the mystery of failure. This leads, when comprehended, to a lifeHealing, 424:man's consciousness through the act of dying; failure to survive is the basic fear; and yet it isHealing, 479:experimentation, trial and error, success and failure have given to modern man a wide andHealing, 482:latter, in its turn, has limited itself by its failure to recognize what is good and right in theHealing, 566:an inferiority complex, and the sense of failure." This particular source of disease, "the Good,"Healing, 569:center, and friction is brought about by the failure of the solar plexus Center to respond. AHealing, 569:of centralization in the throat Center; the failure of the personality to respond, and itsHealing, 569:was laid upon the personality, because its failure to respond produced the friction and consequentHealing, 636:thinking, as oft I have told you, or by any failure to affirm divinity. It is inherent in the formHercules, 24:in his steady accomplishment, no matter by what failure and difficulty he might be faced, and inHercules, 30:the magnitude of his task, and unprepared for failure. The delightful part of the story of HerculesHercules, 31:first labor, therefore, starts with a partial failure, as is so often the case with theHercules, 33:and exaggerated efforts; often a sign of failure, but always of ultimate success. In its oppositeHercules, 38:Oh, great presiding One, and ponders on his failure, and mourns for Abderis, and seeks for helpHercules, 38:help within himself." "It is well. The gifts of failure guarantee success, when rightly understood.Hercules, 41:of the Labor In spite of all initial partial failure, Hercules has made his start. In line with theHercules, 55:search." With confidence, because success nor failure held for him a claim, Hercules went forthHercules, 55:with sadness to the Teacher, Nereus spoke of failure. "The first of the five lesser tests isHercules, 55:tests is passed," replied the Teacher, and failure marks this stage. Let Hercules proceed." FindingHercules, 56:without thought upon the third great test and failure met him and for long delayed his steps. ForHercules, 63:had lain. Again we find discouragement, delay, failure and deceit characterizing this part of theHercules, 63:rides unhindered to the goal. no deviations, no failure! There is only a steady going forward. [64]Hercules, 113:the mother of the sacred Child? Again, we mark a failure. Again you have not understood. RedeemHercules, 117:the mother of the sacred Child? Again we mark a failure. Again you have not understood. Redeem thisHercules, 147:when haunted by the harrowing fears of ridicule, failure, the unknown, old age, chance and death.Hercules, 158:to capture the man-eating mares, and met with failure because he dealt with them in a personalityHercules, 178:fear along every possible line; the fear of failure which holds so many back from activity andHercules, 199:a greater extent, Christ did. We hear about the failure of Christianity. I do not see failureHercules, 199:about the failure of Christianity. I do not see failure anywhere in the Great Plan. PerhapsHercules, 227:on the probationary path started with a partial failure, in Aries, and the first labor on the PathHercules, 227:to drop back from the Path of Attainment. His failure is, however, only temporary. FreshInitiation, 25:having itself been produced by ages of endeavor, failure, and renewed endeavor, and having in theInitiation, 67:that in the Hierarchy nothing is lost through failure to recognize the law of economy. EveryIntellect, 23:facts to a great number. But there is a pitiable failure in the main business of education whichIntellect, 45:Our greatest need in the West lies in our failure to recognize the Soul and the faculty of theIntellect, 119:the existence of this instrument through primary failure in control, and then, throughIntellect, 156:of the Western mystic is notable, and his failure to use the intellect most remarkable. We mustIntellect, 223:he classes himself as a research experimenter. Failure to conform to the necessary preliminaryIntellect, 233:inasmuch as they breed a constant sense of failure. A little consistent and faithful work doneIntellect, 246:of a possibility. Hence they crash through their failure to see the personality as it is. Yet, inMagic, 54:out into disappointment and a weighty sense of failure. It is the tortoise and not the hare thatMagic, 132:the plan and the vision are much handicapped by failure on the part of these instruments. Magic, 133:but the only one available on account of the failure of the first one approached. It mightMagic, 134:of the evolutionary process and not of its failure but, because much yet remains to be done, theMagic, 135:in the work. They must above all watch against failure to keep in touch with the higher self andMagic, 136:I here seek to sound a word of warning: In the failure to respond, in the failure to adjust,Magic, 136:of warning: In the failure to respond, in the failure to adjust, construct and refine, in theMagic, 136:failure to adjust, construct and refine, in the failure to turn the inner ear to those voices onMagic, 136:intelligence and sincerity, it consists in the failure to sacrifice the personality at all times inMagic, 159:work. In the disciple's work, there is often failure owing to his inability to understand both theMagic, 159:to the potency of the work comes through the failure of the disciple to carry on these [160]Magic, 160:activities simultaneously. The second cause of failure lies in his neglecting to consider theMagic, 172:an interview with the Master as demonstrating failure on their part, and producing, therefore,Magic, 279:is achieved, or when impotency of will produces failure of functioning in the cycle of performance.Magic, 298:to the final fears of the aspirant - the fear of failure, the fear which has its roots in doubt,Magic, 305:- Rule Ten - Astral Energy and Fear 4. Fear of Failure. This affects many people along many lines.Magic, 309:- fear of death, of the future, of suffering, of failure, and the many lesser fears to whichMagic, 355:more truly apparent; the chaos and misery and failure of the world groups stand revealed; the filthMagic, 402:two problems: They had to deal with the failure on the part of even the most advanced disciples toMagic, 402:to preserve continuity of consciousness, a failure even now manifested by even initiates. [403] TheMagic, 403:sign, but love of psychic phenomena and failure to differentiate between the vibrations of theMagic, 411:remembered also that there has not been a single failure, though again and again the individual hasMagic, 426:not grow out of an inability to see error, or failure to measure up to an idea; falsity, impurityMagic, 507:work, and it is just here that he encounters failure and finds that his inner grasp of reality doesMagic, 559:have only one word to say and that is, persist. Failure never prevents success. DifficultiesMagic, 559:true magical work comes to naught because of the failure of the worker and builder in matter toMagic, 593:of a fivefold kind, and only after repeated failure, does the [594] vivifying life course throughMagic, 618:their lack of spiritual achievement or their failure to achieve a sphere of service. Thus theyMagic, 630:What of the fear of public opinion, and fear of failure? These are two potent factors in the lifeMagic, 634:great test of the sensitive disciple is fear of failure. This is based on past experience (for allMagic, 634:Never before has there been a time when fear of failure has more widely haunted the human family.Magic, 634:waste of time for a disciple to ponder upon a failure or to fear failing. There is no such thing asMagic, 634:or to fear failing. There is no such thing as failure; there can only be loss of time. That inMagic, 634:failures. I need not point out that we learn by failure, for that is a well known truth, and isMagic, 635:goes truly [635] forward and a lesson learnt by failure acts as a safeguard for the future. Thus itMagic, 635:at all. For the world perhaps, a temporary failure may connote delay in expected help, but thatMagic, 636:refusal to pay attention to public opinion or to failure. This is done by the application of strictMeditation, 60:lasting value. Only as the disciple - through failure, through success, through hardly won
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