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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAILURE

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Meditation, 311:attempt, and incapacity to learn the lesson that failure teaches. When failures are regarded asMeditation, 343:and helps much in the endeavor. Where failure follows in such a case, all that is needed isMeditation, 343:a case, all that is needed is readjustment. In failure where the beginning has been at fault (anMeditation, 343:the beginning has been at fault (an inevitable failure), the need is for the renewal of the innerPatanjaliperception, inability to achieve concentration, failure to hold the meditative attitude whenPatanjali, 62:perception, inability to achieve concentration, failure to hold the meditative attitude whenPatanjali, 64:insufficient momentum will be found coupled with failure to appreciate the magnitude of thePatanjali, 70:not be further touched upon here. Obstacle IX - Failure to hold the Meditative Attitude It will bePatanjali, 71:is wrongly polarized. Pain is the outcome of failure to balance correctly the pairs of opposites.Patanjali, 71:yet overcome him; he is ceaselessly conscious of failure, and this engenders in him a condition ofPatanjali, 150:fear of evil in suffering, but also the fear of failure in the spiritual body in service. ThesePatanjali, 188:of practical yoga, but not till then. It is the failure to recognize this that leads to so much ofPatanjali, 198:sin against the physical body. It involves the failure to recognize the importance of thePatanjali, 199:and a loss of self control. The results of this failure are apparent throughout the human family atPatanjali, 423:involves patience, the capacity to go on after failure, to persevere when success seems far away.Problems, 14:of individual guilt and of innate psychological failure. It is hard to admit that none of theProblems, 33:us. This has raised the question whether the failure of our educational systems or the ineptitudeProblems, 48:A correct sense of wrong action, based upon failure to preserve right group relations, is notProblems, 50:this complete world breakdown and the recognized failure of the educational systems to avert it?Problems, 69:for boundaries and material gains, and by a failure to offer full cooperation with humanity as aProblems, 88:people's interests to one's own and a basic failure to admit that "God hath made all men equal".Problems, 123:on a note of hope, of purpose and of vision. The Failure of the Churches. Would you, in allProblems, 124:- Chapter V - The Problem of the Churches I. The Failure of the Churches Let us remember: ChristProblems, 125:two major factors which are responsible for the failure of the churches: Narrow theologicalPsychology1, 157:[157] given to their efforts, we would have less failure, more courage, a greater and steadierPsychology1, 160:and - owing to the lack of knowledge, and to the failure, as yet, of the intuitive faculty - thePsychology1, 186:indicate. But we shall anticipate no such failure and no such setback to the carefully laid plansPsychology1, 206:and plans, easily overwhelmed by sorrow or failure, but as quickly recovering from all reverses andPsychology1, 241:force and truth to this injunction. It is the failure to conform to this wise rule which hasPsychology1, 250:which brings with it a sense of loss and of failure. The sufferings of God Himself (to which thePsychology1, 252:but simply a great experiment, of the success or failure of which it is not yet possible to judge?Psychology1, 275:are overwhelmed by complete bewilderment and the failure to find an answer to their questions. TheyPsychology1, 283:led to a general questioning, and also to the failure of the legal machine to safeguard the familyPsychology1, 284:to a divine standard of brotherhood or a failure to achieve that standard. Standards are shiftingPsychology1, 368:for them the line of least resistance. Failure, therefore, will rest upon the shoulders of thePsychology1, 427:but simply a great experiment, of the success or failure of which it is not yet possible to judge?Psychology2, 114:in the world can be made. The success or failure lies largely in the hands of those scattered butPsychology2, 171:many sounds. Achievement lacks. Naught but my failure can be seen. And yet I know there is aPsychology2, 206:struggling people, who long for release from failure and from existence in the world today. TheirPsychology2, 249:and it is here that many artists fail. Their failure is based on various things - on a fear thatPsychology2, 250:attention of artists. Another factor upon which failure is often based is the supreme conceit andPsychology2, 323:everywhere prevalent. There is a widespread failure to recognize the underlying cause which isPsychology2, 352:selfish, separative achievement, and then comes failure to be satisfied. A higher achievement thenPsychology2, 396:this apparent simplicity may be due to your failure to comprehend the significance and meaning ofPsychology2, 403:of Psychology are based upon the fact of their failure to relate the many points of view to eachPsychology2, 403:There is to be found a lack of synthesis, a failure to correlate results, and a tendency toPsychology2, 403:negates his efforts to aid the patient. The failure of education today to take into considerationPsychology2, 418:is a low vitality, a lack of desire impulses, a failure to register adequate dynamic incentives,Psychology2, 424:those steps and activities which are doomed to failure. Later, when the above is somewhat grasped,Psychology2, 427:and that it does not indicate disaster and failure. It must be realized by the patient (can I usePsychology2, 437:The difficulty here lies in a definite break or failure of continuity between the mind nature,Psychology2, 441:already attained leaves him with a sense of failure and of impotence. The reason for this is thatPsychology2, 453:may work out either in the form of disastrous failure or in the form significant development. ToPsychology2, 466:and the [466] sense of vision) bewilderment, a failure to comprehend what is happening, unduePsychology2, 497:constitute a fruitful source of the frequent failure to bring relief. First, the patient as hePsychology2, 545:disease are indicative of individual error, of failure and of so-called sin. They can of course bePsychology2, 601:of emotion (masquerading as devotion) and the failure of the mystic either to enter into the realmPsychology2, 615:or available at this time. This accounts for the failure of the group, as a rule, either toPsychology2, 624:are to be found today but their success or their failure is an unstable matter and both soPsychology2, 641:release humanity. It might be stated that the failure is due primarily to two things: The effortPsychology2, 699:in the world can be made. The success or failure lies largely in the hands of the New Group ofRays, 127:or to their capacity to conform or their failure to accept the discipline, that the spiritualRays, 208:have proved failures. When I use the word "failure" I mean failure from [209] the angle of theRays, 208:failures. When I use the word "failure" I mean failure from [209] the angle of the plannedRays, 209:disciple there has not necessarily been failure; from the angle of the unwitting, general public,Rays, 293:presents its own problems, such as a sense of failure or an undue registration of success, or itRays, 307:soul, the decision to vacate the form and the failure of the basic desire to perpetuate, which isRays, 385:was still only occasionally in control; constant failure in the three worlds was still possible,Rays, 413:of Evil to gain control, and their resultant failure. Rays, 439:consequent limitations and moments of sensed failure and lack of achievement. The Master has leftRays, 500:spirit is expressively present, [500] and the failure to recognize this fact has been largely dueRays, 678:as they are and an agonizing realization of failure. It is at this point that the disciple beginsRays, 678:that the disciple begins to learn the uses of failure and to know certain fundamental distinctionsRays, 680:true spiritual potency, and both are doomed to failure even though they may succeed from the angleRays, 746:This attitude of the United States and their failure to live up to the Constitution where NegroesRays, 750:to list the cleavages which represent men's failure to establish and hold good and decentReappearance, 43:prophecies and expectancies have been doomed to failure. He has not come. Such people have beenReappearance, 120:and all our problems are caused by our failure to recognize this fundamental Law, with itsReappearance, 141:activity have brought about; it rests upon the failure of the religious organizations throughoutReappearance, 170:can arrest His reappearance and that is the failure of mankind to prepare the world stage for thatReappearance, 178:purchasing, or the desire to give presents, or failure to realize that many small sums mount upSoul, 36:that the absence of one chemical can result in a failure of development of the mind and body of anSoul, 156:expansive desires - as a power of vital control. Failure to exercise this control is the spiritualTelepathy, 10:success in telepathic work, and the fear of failure, are the surest ways to offset fruitful effort.Telepathy, 10:In this thought lies hid the cause of: The failure on the part of the broadcasting or transmittingTelepathy, 10:thought back again to the transmitter. The failure on the part of the receiving agent whose ownTelepathy, 21:system. It is [21] really brought about by a failure to handle conditions as a soul. Telepathic
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