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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAILURES

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Autobiography, 30:in which, every evening, the record of the day's failures was entered and somewhat morbidly (fromDestiny, 119:has been definitely successful in spite of all failures, mistakes, and delays; of these latterDiscipleship1, X:of the disciple can then take the successes and failures he encounters in his training and learnDiscipleship1, 45:teaching, through their successes and their failures, those whom they gathered to them could beDiscipleship1, 187:[187] bring into the open the successes, the failures and the weaknesses and look at them togetherDiscipleship1, 240:Again I say: Be not discouraged. By our failures and our reactions to glamor, we learn to treadDiscipleship1, 366:and dwell not with such constancy upon your failures to achieve. Recognize failure - if it is thereDiscipleship1, 367:Having in the past pointed out to you your failures and having frequently had the need to analyzeDiscipleship1, 408:and strengths, their aspirations and their failures, their devotions and their customs) and toDiscipleship1, 471:passed onward and forward in spite of apparent failures and the destruction of past civilizations;Discipleship1, 587:also identification with the successes, the failures, the difficulties and the problems. This isDiscipleship1, 620:have been forced to watch and foster, the failures they have had to note and the stupidities ofDiscipleship1, 641:glorified your way; learn also to look for your failures where the outside world may see onlyDiscipleship1, 690:attitude of deep concern over demonstrated past failures and a consciousness of very realDiscipleship1, 735:power and love; if you are preoccupied with the failures of other people or with their ideas aboutDiscipleship1, 738:and rare contacts with his disciples) upon their failures and limitations. He does not only giveDiscipleship2, 5:spirit which is not occupied with the faults and failures of others can prevent the injection of anDiscipleship2, 110:of devotion and a strengthening of conviction. Failures, where they may be found, need not persist,Discipleship2, 138:qualifications or capacities, your failures or your successes, but entirely from the angle ofDiscipleship2, 283:a safer road, with fewer disappointments and failures. Discipleship2, 333:may be - and is - well aware of the failings, failures and undesirable qualities of others withDiscipleship2, 334:for you to understand. The experience, the failures and the achievements of the disciples in myDiscipleship2, 335:of an Ashram. If you consider the many apparent failures in my experiment in forming an externalDiscipleship2, 335:make myself aware of their thinking, faults and failures. I will tell you. From a survey of oneDiscipleship2, 456:the Master neither sees nor notices the small failures, the moments of distress or disturbance orDiscipleship2, 456:lives, know their petty faults and silly little failures and are fully aware of all they think andDiscipleship2, 525:a superior position - so that their faults and failures [526] and their little human failings loomDiscipleship2, 594:and less critical of accomplishment. With true failures you are ever kind and understanding andDiscipleship2, 613:it, in the work of my Ashram. There have been failures, and of these I have not hesitated to tellDiscipleship2, 732:and then on and up through many graded failures, until you meet the well-known failure of theDiscipleship2, 756:that I am not preoccupied with your mistakes or failures. These are inevitable and are relativelyExternalisation, 6:or to endeavor to lay the blame for the sad failures, the occult wrecks, for the half-dementedExternalisation, 172:joyful service, forgetting past weaknesses and failures in the urgency of that which I ask all toExternalisation, 218:past national mistakes and historical sins and failures is an unwarranted alibi; the shirking ofExternalisation, 238:than others, have our lesson to learn from past failures and disappointments." I would have youFire, 133:evolution will proceed with certainty, and the failures be less numerous. [134] Fire, 255:and untiring devotion - S. D., II, 92. The failures of the last system - S.D., II, 243. The polarFire, 423:be made (some to prove successful and some failures), before manas, or purposeful, ordered,Fire, 578:not as many as the Monads of love. They are the failures of System I. There is a direct channel, asFire, 673:the above mentioned "sin," and also the early "failures" in building suitable vehicles for SpiritsFire, 675:of Volume II of the Secret Doctrine make these failures apparent. - S. D., II, 195, 201, 721, 728.Fire, 705:or underdeveloped will be considered as failures and will [706] have to wait for a more suitableFire, 927:their concepts, and hence come to be reckoned as failures, is owing to the fact of their inabilityFire, 992:few who do not do so in this manvantara are the "failures" who have to continue the struggle at aFire, 992:solar system has its being. In the case of the "failures" the Ego severed itself from theFire, 1096:of the lives which were classed as the failures of a previous solar system, and which were doomedFire, 1131:and through experience, experiment, frequent failures, occasional success, mature reflection andFire, 1210:the densest concretion of Spirit; they are the failures of the system preceding this, and theirGlamour, 80:have upon the thought of the world; study the failures of disciples through pride, the world saviorGlamour, 199:to leave behind the errors, the glamors and the failures of the past. It is this technique whichHealing, 256:need also to keep a record of their numerous failures, as well as the successes which they loudlyHealing, 256:the clinics of our hospitals which - in spite of failures and often gross stupidity - greatlyHealing, 278:adherents of new and untried schools upon the failures to cure, which they attribute to wrongHealing, 358:to recognize that [358] the achievements or failures of the individual group members are entirelyHealing, 366:time over feeling inferior or over mistakes and failures. Therefore, by wisely placing the peopleHealing, 422:evolution will proceed with certainty, and the failures be less numerous. - Pages 128-133.Hercules, 4:to ourselves of the tests and trials, the failures and achievements of this heroic Figure, whoHercules, 63:deviations due to glamor and illusion. Despite failures and the length of time it has taken him toHercules, 142:monster (all the accumulated evils, mistakes, failures of his long past) into the air of theHercules, 208:to ourselves of the tests and trials, the failures and achievements of this heroic figure, whoInitiation, 86:and here is one of the explanations as to the failures and mistakes of initiates. Their mastery ofInitiation, 96:"saved," whilst the remainder will be held to be failures, and will be held over for furtherMagic, 561:The pettiness of the human frictions, the failures to understand each other, the little faultsMagic, 586:of these unaccomplished details that the big failures are seen. There are no trifles in the life ofMagic, 586:quality which produces the greatest number of failures among aspirants to adeptship is cowardice.Magic, 632:the ABC of public work may, with all his failures and dense stupidities, be doing as well as anMagic, 634:some day make good and retrieve his past failures. I need not point out that we learn by failure,Magic, 634:as souls. Nor need the disciple sorrow over the failures, apparent or real, of his fellowMeditation, 311:to learn the lesson that failure teaches. When failures are regarded as valuable lessons, when aProblems, 137:for which the churches have stood and the failures of their representatives to teach the peopleProblems, 141:restore the churches and obliterate all the failures of the past. In these three attitudes therePsychology1, 114:the other members of their group aware of their failures or successes. They have also to preservePsychology2, 13:and we have consequently those outstanding failures and those difficult situations which havePsychology2, 471:him in doing it, or else reckon themselves as failures. Rays, 208:and hitherto all such attempts have proved failures. When I use the word "failure" I mean failureReappearance, 117:unfulfilment of the past; by the remains, the failures of the past - preserved in the records of
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