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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAINT

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Astrology, 10:individual man; in this way we can arrive at a faint comprehension of the basic and underlyingAstrology, 76:through the throat center and evoking a faint response from the heart and the ajna centers. PeopleAstrology, 102:The vague beginnings [102] in Aries, the faint emergence of the latent embodied ideas have - afterAstrology, 119:aware of the higher self through the first faint flickering of the intuition. The experience uponAstrology, 119:the instinctual and intellectual stages to the faint beginnings of the intuitive processes inAstrology, 227:forth and has evoked response. The first few faint flashes of the intuition have been sensed andAstrology, 255:to prove to you. In that first system, the faint symptoms (if I may use such a word) of the dualityAstrology, 256:the imaginative faculty and thus get a vague and faint idea of the synthesis of the greatAstrology, 329:at the center of the cycle of manifestation, faint and flickering. It is the "searchlight of theAstrology, 329:seen - bright and strong, the light of form; one faint and dim, the light of God. This light isAstrology, 352:distinguishes soul experience from the first faint move towards incarnation and Earth experience,Astrology, 379:makes its inner pressure felt and the movement - faint yet real - of the hidden life begins toAstrology, 586:mean little or nothing; others again may have faint glimmerings of this new approach to God andAstrology, 592:done so they prove wholly inadequate. There is a faint, dim, uncertain reflection of thisAstrology, 606:through God and through man. I am simply giving faint and inadequate indications of that whichAutobiography, 251:to reach these people in 1936 when there was a faint possibility that the war might even at thatBethlehem, 104:about the first man who received the first faint glimpse (with his dim inner light) of the infiniteBethlehem, 156:Seldom do such moments come. Usually we see only faint glimpses of possibility, rare flashes ofBethlehem, 170:to serve. We are just beginning to get a faint vision of what Christ meant by service. He "carriedBethlehem, 232:utterly changed. It is not that there is some faint return of hope among a few of them. All areBethlehem, 253:to show a disposition towards divinity. The faint, dim signs of a still higher kingdom can now beDestiny, 6:waited. The call has now gone forth. Its first faint notes were heard two hundred years ago and theDestiny, 137:closely connected with the first ray) the first faint orientation of the spiritual man towardsDiscipleship1, 360:into your life a little discouragement, a faint inner disgust with yourself and a sense of failureDiscipleship1, 377:the consciousness of the men of goodwill. As its faint outlines are found in the minds of theDiscipleship1, 521:expression. A close watchfulness over the first faint tendency to swing into the old rhythm will beDiscipleship1, 754:time he becomes the chela within the aura. In a faint way, his vibration and that of the MasterDiscipleship1, 783:to reach these people in 1936 when there was a faint possibility that the war even at that lateDiscipleship2, 136:the most developed of the sons of men into a faint glimmer of understanding of the essentialDiscipleship2, 142:need for the evocation of the Will, the first faint indications of which I called that of "fixedDiscipleship2, 153:and their service have admitted them. The first faint efforts of the emergence of the spiritualDiscipleship2, 414:is); the abstract mind is likewise active, and faint indications of the functioning of theDiscipleship2, 469:consciousness, you yourself can perhaps get a faint glimmer of light as to that vibrant reality ofExternalisation, 111:no parallel in human history but which finds a faint reflection in the crisis which overtook theExternalisation, 123:a running stream of sweet waters...Many of the faint-hearted among them perished on their way. ButExternalisation, 133:study. It would be found that the first faint indications were felt around 1575 A.D. This was dueExternalisation, 166:The General World Picture And, is not this in a faint and dim manner, the present keynote of humanExternalisation, 307:Their disciples on earth can also - in a dim and faint way - become responsive to the ideas thatFire, 147:is the will aspect likewise, will come some faint light upon the same problems raised to Deity, orFire, 256:rhythm can be felt on the cosmic astral, with a faint response on the cosmic mental. Thus the lifeFire, 349:the next solar system, though it will have its faint beginnings in this one. It is not based onFire, 712:plane. In ordinary electric light, we have a faint illustration of the thought I seek to convey. ByFire, 721:though that word as used today is but a faint indication of the systemic process in those days.Fire, 724:energy of the cosmos, of which we find faint correspondences in the work of the "destroyer" aspectFire, 749:that dim reflections of the same processes, and faint analogies can be traced among theFire, 765:which is combustible, the Flame bursts forth. Faint the flicker at the first appearing, and near toFire, 768:form a bud, each being closely folded. Only faint vibrations are to be seen pulsating in the bud,Fire, 797:with soul relationships. They are, as yet, but a faint realization on the physical plane of [798]Fire, 801:Whose relationship to the solar Logos finds a faint analogy in that of the planetary Logos to man,Fire, 804:Logos on the moon-chain, [804] and which had a faint beginning in an earlier solar system. ThisFire, 805:atoms becomes a demonstrable fact and not a faint indication. During the second stage, the law ofFire, 939:to call in his forces. The "sound" becomes faint and dim; there is less and less volume for theFire, 1233:substantial serves two purposes: To give some faint indications as to the idea or the concept. ThisFire, 1270:and Their fealty. Its scent of spices sweet and faint aroma of incandescent... reach to the utmostGlamour, 56:upward and outward, and the idea, nebulous and faint, emerges into the consciousness of the man. ItGlamour, 70:place of their daily life. Others have caught faint glimpses of a clearer world wherein moreGlamour, 213:that what I am outlining is relatively new. The faint impression of the coming [214] technique asHealing, 157:for personal sensitivity. It gives us the first faint indications, likewise, of [158] that state ofHealing, 232:know nothing and have never achieved. Some faint traces of it have come to us from legends and fromHealing, 281:The study of inherited disease indicates a faint recognition of man's karmic liabilities and karmicHealing, 381:however, will come later. I indicate simply faint trends in that direction. Man stands - in allHealing, 449:own plane becomes the dominating factor. Some faint dim light on the significance of this may comeHealing, 586:understood in any useful sense. Today, the first faint hints as to the use of the antahkarana, andHercules, 180:was the ruler, a horrid stench that made him faint and weak assailed his nostrils. For years, heIntellect, 69:the haunting beauty that they pursue is the faint reflection of its sun. But the mystic lives inIntellect, 114:serves two purposes: [114] To give some faint indications as to the idea and concept. This linksIntellect, 203:indicate a growing soul awareness, and are the faint indications of the coming brotherhood ofMagic, 314:profits not for me to enlarge upon them here. 4. Faint emanations from the sacred "heart of theMagic, 367:sense the vision. That involves a capacity in a faint measure to realize the archetype on which theMagic, 367:of the plan as you possibly can. Nebulous and faint at first is your grasp after it, yet it willMagic, 546:West, answer is thrown back: I serve." This is a faint effort to express in English these ancientProblems, 131:inevitably spell its eventual doom, unless the faint stirrings of new life following the advent ofProblems, 135:living in the world of tomorrow, a world whose faint outlines are only dimly to be seen. Some arePsychology1, 24:hundred years hence, though already the first faint impress of His influence is being felt and thePsychology1, 294:(and of this, vocational psychology is the faint first beginning), through a study of hisPsychology1, 323:on by the man who is beginning to evidence some faint flickers of mental perception. This is partlyPsychology2, 220:which deals with human affairs, and catch faint glimpses of the other departments which work onPsychology2, 306:of each center is quiescent. It glows with a faint light, but there is no true activity. TheRays, 15:attainment is under way, though as yet only its faint beginnings can be traced, owing to theRays, 56:the soul emerges in all its glory, and the first faint sound of the originating Sound breaks uponRays, 70:consciousness of humanity. Prayer is the dim, faint and inadequate expression of this; affirmationRays, 141:unity" and "universal synthesis" give only faint and inadequate clues. To the development of thisRays, 142:purpose, and enabling you, therefore, to get a faint glimpse of a synthetic theme and purpose toRays, 146:In the foregoing I have endeavored to give some faint idea of the relation existing between theRays, 166:own plane, becomes the dominating factor. Some faint dim light on the significance of this may comeRays, 197:the moment when a human being catches the first, faint glimpse of the "something other" and seesRays, 291:as follows: "Dimly the one who seeks hears the faint whisper of the life of God; he sees theRays, 307:to the will itself; it refers only to its faint or distorted reflection in the three worlds; thisRays, 312:the soul to the emanating Monad. The first faint tremor of the [313] impact of monadic "destiny" (IRays, 325:indicates that the time had come when certain faint indications of that which lies behind theRays, 419:on Sirius, of which our E.-. A.-. degree is a faint reflection. Rays, 483:itself as a duality. This can be understood in a faint way when the disciple realizes that (afterRays, 559:have completely disappeared, leaving behind them faint traces of ancient organized civilizationsRays, 658:and recognition of divine intent and a faint vibrating response to the will aspect of divinity. ItRays, 711:(already receptive to the energy of ideas) some faint glimmering and brief revelation of theRays, 733:comparisons that one can arrive at some faint comprehension of that great Whole in which our planetReappearance, 27:experiment, experience and expression. The first faint tremor of reaction to monadic "destiny" andReappearance, 85:and to the living purpose of God, then some faint concept may come of the wonder of the workReappearance, 105:centuries wherein history is relatively dim and faint in its outlines, the intelligence of men hadReappearance, 187:and spiritual happening. Even those with only a faint glimmer of understanding as to what the call
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