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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAINTEST

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Astrology, 456:its own plane; of this humanity has, as yet, no faintest conception because its consciousness isAstrology, 504:which the highest initiate upon our Earth has no faintest conception. Forget not, that I have toldAstrology, 600:What that purpose is we have not as yet the faintest idea. An ideal is related to the consciousnessAutobiography, 15:or his daughter-in-law, my sister, had the faintest idea of the friendly and happy relationshipAutobiography, 68:because I knew no real evil and had not the faintest idea what kind of things could happen toAutobiography, 91:ago any more than my present personality has the faintest recollection or interest in what I did atAutobiography, 97:So I went back to my job and did it, having no faintest idea how my life would work out; making upAutobiography, 175:I sometimes wonder if the general public has the faintest idea of the literally appalling number ofAutobiography, 193:passed over to the other side. We had not the faintest idea how to handle such work. We had none ofAutobiography, 232:by my stars and, therefore, have not the faintest intention of making any progress in this life atBethlehem, 92:divine Nature of which we cannot as yet have the faintest conception? Is it not probable that ourBethlehem, 92:wonder and beauty that as yet we can form no faintest idea of their possible outline. Otherwise GodDestiny, 119:life. I wonder whether any of you have the faintest idea what will happen to humanity when theDiscipleship1, 529:on seraphs' wings of glorious roses, shaded from faintest rose to golden yellow. At the western endEducation, 99:and a culture of which, as yet, only the faintest indications can be seen. It is of more value if IExternalisation, 414:or word and of which we have as yet [414] no faintest understanding? Each of the three presentExternalisation, 436:endeavor (a monadic effort) of which we have no faintest idea. Secondly, He is working within theExternalisation, 459:to present impossible Utopias which have not the faintest relation to things which are needed todayExternalisation, 464:- a consummation of which we have not as yet the faintest idea. Year after year, ever since theExternalisation, 533:and Who register no sense of disunion or the faintest reaction to separateness. At Shamballa, theHealing, 517:of God, and completely free from the lure or the faintest control of matter-form; the soul is,Healing, 713:responsible for the discovery have the faintest idea of the far-reaching effects of this momentousProblems, 152:yet no name or word and of which we have not the faintest understanding? Each of the three conceptsPsychology2, 621:are intrigued by the activity but who have no faintest idea of what they are doing, carries with itRays, 203:of which even advanced humanity has no faintest idea; we are touching upon goals and objectivesRays, 267:a modicum of its significance. To convey any faintest hint of its meaning is incomparably difficultRays, 348:door through which he may joyously pass has no faintest resemblance to the truth; the idea that aRays, 363:levels. The only way in which I can give any faintest idea of the higher reaches of the initiate
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