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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAIR

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Astrology, 27:recognize possible hypotheses and then to make fair experiment with them. May I repeat: I am notAstrology, 27:those of the Earth. I am looking for these fair-minded astrologers to make due experiment with theAstrology, 289:which links them with Taurus, which "carries the fair jewel which gives light upon its forehead."Astrology, 522:a world order of intelligent justice and a fair economic distribution. The keynote of this force isAutobiography, 83:in prison," i.e. in hell, but that didn't seem fair. Why give them only one small chance lastingAutobiography, 284:upon the physical plane. Others have attained a fair measure of this personality integration andAutobiography, 287:regard these presented truths as providing a fair field for honest investigation. This holds trueDestiny, 97:a world order of intelligent justice and a fair economic distribution. The keynote of this force isDiscipleship1, 280:others on the plane of the emotions. You have a fair measure of the intuition already developed,Discipleship1, 331:fact that you have - in past lives - achieved a fair measure of soul control. Note my words withDiscipleship1, 342:experimentation which will be willing to give fair trial for an adequate time to those things whichDiscipleship1, 399:have I ever given the method of joy a fair trial? Or the work of the review a fair trial? WhatDiscipleship1, 399:of joy a fair trial? Or the work of the review a fair trial? What basis can I find in my study thatDiscipleship1, 444:have I ever given the technique of observation a fair trial? Do I feel it now to be desirable? Why?Discipleship1, 519:garden which still can be found - serene and fair - within the world of thought. The summit of itsDiscipleship1, 527:Himalayan Mountains, I seemed to see a high and fair plateau. A winding road leads up to it fromDiscipleship1, 714:any one individual, and that it is only when a fair measure of personality integration is set upDiscipleship2, 561:Ashram shines brighter. I think that it is only fair to tell you this for your encouragement. TheDiscipleship2, 606:for certain definite reasons which it is only fair should be communicated to you: First: It wasEducation, viii:procedures. Until this program has been given a fair trial, it is a waste of time to attempt toEducation, 15:of the country to read and write and to attain a fair measure of ability to deal with figuresExternalisation, 53:who have held office in this capacity, made by a fair-minded neutral, will usually demonstrate theExternalisation, 59:of the other groups, for they will have had a fair measure of training in their preliminary work.Externalisation, 75:work insidiously and cloak their effort in fair words, leading even disciples to express hatred ofExternalisation, 127:by force, terror and deception or by persuasion, fair words and the application of ideologicalExternalisation, 191:and others under the opposite category. A fair and properly organized distribution of the wheat,Externalisation, 229:freedom against imprisonment, cruelty against fair dealing, liberty and safety against fear andExternalisation, 453:by the enlightened elements who exist in fair numbers already, and are rapidly growing in strengthExternalisation, 627:the world in the British concepts of justice and fair play and world trade, and would do it moreFire, 287:As time progresses and man reaches a fair state of evolution, mind is more rapidly developed, and aFire, 637:as regards Group C, science is already making fair progress in the accumulation of knowledge; itHealing, 699:of known analogous instances, ascertain with a fair degree of success the nature of the two majorHealing, 701:fact that he seeks to heal and help indicates a fair measure of advancement upon the spiritual way.Hercules, 38:the sacred bull. On the horizon rose the island fair where dwelt the bull, and where adventurousHercules, 55:sacred tree is [55] guarded well. Three maidens fair cherish the tree, protecting well its fruit. AHercules, 56:truth and with quickness they believe. He speaks fair words saying: "I am the teacher. To me isHercules, 58:his joy, "surmount the guarding dragon; see the fair maidens of wide fame; and pluck the apples."Hercules, 58:them likewise into his hands, and Aegle, that fair maid who is the glory of the setting sun, saidHercules, 77:the Gate the landscape stretched in contours fair and on the far horizon stood the temple of theHercules, 78:which is the home of Artemis. And Artemis, the fair, spoke words of warning to the son of man. "TheHercules, 78:the quarrelling maidens watched. Artemis, the fair, bending from out the moon and Diana, beauteousHercules, 79:his arms, close to his heart. And Artemis and fair Diana both looked on. "The search is o'er", heHercules, 80:Artemis, but know I speak the truth. Diana, that fair huntress of the Lord, may enter for a momentHercules, 81:the Gate, the landscape stretched in contours fair and on the far horizon stood the temple of theHercules, 113:and struggled with her and listened not to the fair words she strove to speak. He wrenched theHercules, 193:down and it will be your own fault. Let us be as fair as we can with the light we have. Let usInitiation, 55:slighter build than the Master M. He is of fair complexion, with goldenbrown hair and beard, andInitiation, 87:unconnected, and uncorrected, but will attain a fair measure of synthesis. Hard and ceaseless mustIntellect, 8:feeling entity, seems now to have arrived at a fair measure of understanding the instrument withIntellect, 203:any one who is not purely emotional, who has a fair education, and who is willing to work withMagic, 132:with these units of the human family and expect fair promise of average success. These both hearMagic, 161:There are many disciples who have achieved a fair measure of self-control and of personalMagic, 403:to serve humanity, devotion and occasionally a fair mental equipment, but that telepathicMeditation, 20:of expansion. He loves much and expands with fair facility his consciousness to include a just partMeditation, 125:whole trend of his existence and besmirches a fair character with mud. It carries with it its ownMeditation, 126:of mind sees his lower vehicle dishonoring the fair name of its real owner and causing evil to beMeditation, 134:They respect no person, they regard all men as fair prey, they use everyone to get their own wayMeditation, 134:everyone to get their own way enforced, and by fair means or foul they seek to break down allMeditation, 299:a means to an end and a weapon for use, is in fair [300] way of being a ruler and a tyrant,Problems, 72:interests and the mass of humanity who demand fair play and a right share of the world's wealth.Problems, 73:therefore, relatively powerless. They are fair and just, decent and kind, simple in their way ofProblems, 75:leading to civilized and cultural living and to fair play and equal opportunity for all, theProblems, 83:human understanding, human relationships, human fair play and the essential oneness of all men -Problems, 95:and a problem to be solved, but that justice and fair play, full opportunity and equal sharing ofProblems, 111:forced into slavery, the Negro has never had a fair deal or any true opportunity. Under theProblems, 113:will find the Negro as responsive to good and fair treatment, equal opportunity and right livingProblems, 178:How can order be restored? How can there be fair distribution of the world's resources? How can thePsychology1, 297:principle will be the desire to provide good and fair and healthy bodies for incoming egos. This isPsychology2, 279:will be passed in the immediate future, whilst a fair number will also be raised to immortality,Reappearance, 175:the world in the British concepts of justice and fair play and world trade, and would do it moreSoulas the distrusters. Neither advance us toward a fair appraisal of that large body of EasternSoul, 154:human nature. One might at the same time be in a fair way to escape from the modernist dilemma and
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