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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAITH

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Externalisation, 256:"faith without works is dead." It is only when faith finds active expression upon the physicalExternalisation, 286:in the doctrine of the Avatars of the Hindu faith, in the teaching of the return of Maitreya BuddhaExternalisation, 286:with a divine Revelation. The reason for this faith, innate in the human heart, is to be found inExternalisation, 287:the West. They are known to believers of every faith and all nationalities. These Three are: TheExternalisation, 296:without paralleling action is useless, just as faith without works is dead. It is here that thereExternalisation, 301:those who call Them forth have added to their faith strenuous action and have done their utmost,Externalisation, 311:the inner life towards the Hierarchy in radiant faith. The way of the Coming One must be madeExternalisation, 314:meditation, prayer and clear thinking - your faith, confidence and joy, and above all else, deepenExternalisation, 328:and sacrificing effort. This must be based on faith in the human spirit, on a conviction that goodExternalisation, 377:the negative condition of the past. There is faith on every hand that a new and better world orderExternalisation, 380:divine Power, call it what you will, and on the faith that love is the very law of life itself, inExternalisation, 387:founded, and lead to a true start of a universal faith which will serve the need of [388] humanityExternalisation, 399:in the fact of the spiritual realities, to have faith in the will-to-good of the divine purpose andExternalisation, 414:a new and vital world religion, a universal faith, at-one in its basic idealism with the past butExternalisation, 415:for this next great Approach it must accept with faith and conviction (faith for the masses, andExternalisation, 415:it must accept with faith and conviction (faith for the masses, and conviction for the knowers andExternalisation, 415:question and seek conviction; they repudiate faith as unintelligent, but long for a substitute;Externalisation, 416:and begin [416] to question what structure the faith of humanity should assume and what buildingExternalisation, 488:perspective, with undaunted courage, [488] sure faith and the firm conviction that mankind is notExternalisation, 515:of the purses of the few; a world in which faith is oft the subject of scoffing, in whichExternalisation, 544:if in any way possible - of the orthodox Jewish faith, with its obsolete teaching, its separativeExternalisation, 554:possible of the coming Festivals. Those who have faith and vision are asked [555] to link upExternalisation, 557:of the reality of that which I have told you; faith and belief and common sense will then no longerExternalisation, 558:Christ works for all men, irrespective of their faith; He does not belong to the Christian worldExternalisation, 558:to the Buddhist, the Mohammedan or any other faith. There is no need for any man to join theExternalisation, 597:a truth hard for the orthodox thinker of any faith to accept: He cannot return because He hasExternalisation, 602:and particularly by teachers of the Christian faith. But all of them have made His work appearExternalisation, 612:Mohammed, and others. He cares not what the faith is, if the objective is love of God and ofExternalisation, 612:His consciousness. It matters not to Him of what faith a man may call himself. The Son of God is onExternalisation, 650:body of those of all faiths, or of no religious faith, to be found in every continent and nationFire, 483:very credulous and foolish to accept it on blind faith... What I do believe in is: The unbrokenFire, 677:average orthodox Christian or believer of any faith. Another group - being the seventh order - formFire, 811:of mental scientists and of the various faith healers) until the true nature of the ego, itsGlamour, 142:or of strain and must learn to work with pure faith and love. The less he feels and the less he isGlamour, 186:was corrupt throughout, and only the simple faith of the uncultured and the poor has preserved anyGlamour, 193:substituting the word "light" for the word "faith." I give you this definition: Light is theGlamour, 193:revealed in the next two generations. The word "faith" is a good [194] instance of the method ofHealing, 167:by the applied effort and attention, plus faith. Interfered with the immediate design or pattern ofHealing, 256:can be classed under the general heading of faith cures, and this can be done correctly orHealing, 350:when an airplane is in flight. The energy of faith can set in motion superior energies which canHealing, 350:negate or retard disease. The whole subject of faith, and its vital significance and potency, is asHealing, 373:which is a definitely healing agency, Mental and faith healing, Soul alignment and contact, andHealing, 384:the main prerequisite to the art of healing is faith. But this is not so. Faith has little to doHealing, 384:the art of healing is faith. But this is not so. Faith has little to do with it. Healing isHealing, 385:[385] certain vital and basic factors into which faith enters not at all. The effort of the patientHealing, 385:not at all. The effort of the patient to achieve faith is frequently a great detriment to hisHealing, 385:healing. When Christ so frequently emphasized faith (or rather that quality which is translated asHealing, 385:(or rather that quality which is translated as faith in our Western Scriptures) He referred inHealing, 438:all plans and projects. No matter how much true faith in the spiritual values may be present, noHealing, 525:healer is strictly limited to those who have faith. Faith, however, is the "evidence of things notHealing, 525:is strictly limited to those who have faith. Faith, however, is the "evidence of things not seen";Healing, 525:evidence is largely lacking in the majority. Faith is not wishful thinking or an engineered hope.Healing, 631:- and who can, my brother? - then if he has faith in the healer, he can assuredly be healed. TheHealing, 631:healing may have been hastened by the factor of faith, and faith is simply the focusing of theHealing, 631:have been hastened by the factor of faith, and faith is simply the focusing of the patient's energyHealing, 631:I may use so forcible a word) of the energy of faith on the part of the two people involved - theHealing, 631:School of Christianity calls it. The faith of the person and the faith of the evangelist, plus theHealing, 631:calls it. The faith of the person and the faith of the evangelist, plus the faith of the audienceHealing, 631:person and the faith of the evangelist, plus the faith of the audience (where there is one) bringHealing, 631:greater thinking, directing energy. The healer's faith and the patient's faith are both examples ofHealing, 631:energy. The healer's faith and the patient's faith are both examples of energy in motion, and atHealing, 632:its orthodox methods with the patient's faith in the physician and in his scientific knowledge. IHealing, 632:each working in his own field, and both having faith in each other; this is not now the case. ThereHealing, 644:an intelligent and expected cure, only the vague faith of the healer and of the patient and a blindHealing, 697:some definite relation by a deliberate act of faith and by the firm statement of his fixedHercules, 113:the symbol of unity and love, of sacrifice and faith. Yet, grasping it, he slaughtered her, killingHercules, 116:our vision, deepen our understanding, give us faith in the future of humanity, and strength toHercules, 181:the King declared suspiciously. "I have no faith in those who make such boasts. Some cunning planHercules, 205:infusoria, teaches us deeper lessons of love and faith than we can glean from the writings ofHercules, 205:world setting is ripe for a renewal of a living faith and religion which will be based uponHercules, 221:effect of the constellations upon our Christian faith might be given. Two festivals are kept in theInitiation, 26:a fact in our own consciousness. Every religious faith holds out the promise that those who seekInitiation, 56:with the later development of the Christian faith in all its many branches, may mutually benefitInitiation, 118:initiate the following basic realizations: His faith for ages is justified, and hope and beliefInitiation, 118:merge themselves in self-ascertained fact. Faith is lost in sight, and things unseen are seen andIntellect, 7:and push it away into the obscure territory of faith and superstition. But in this way EasternIntellect, 66:something is eventually acquired, should the faith of the petitioner be sufficiently strong.Intellect, 83:kinds of men see God. The first see him in faith; they know no more of Him than they can make outIntellect, 92:hope exists. But it remains for us a matter for faith, and we want certainty. The life of theIntellect, 141:Dialogue III, makes the same point, linking faith, meditation and contemplation together as aIntellect, 224:visualization is mostly a matter of experimental faith. We know that through the reasoning process,Magic, 65:will produce eventually accurate work. Lack of faith, of calmness, of application, and the presenceMagic, 102:in the separated self has been gained. More faith in the Good Law which guides all creation toMagic, 112:and they become great friends, with unshaken faith in each other, for each recognizes the otherMagic, 326:the truth of St. Paul's words "One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who isMagic, 326:will no longer be regarded as necessary, for faith will be based on experience, and authority willMagic, 333:in any particular field has launched forth with faith in some hypothesis he has formed, and hasMagic, 576:to the operations of the episcopate of any faith. The occult laying on of hands can be studied inMeditation, 204:interacting forces of supply and demand... Blind faith is right for the mystic. It is one of theMeditation, 295:a vibration, and then forever he may say that faith is merged in sight, and aspiration has becomeMeditation, 301:humanity itself and on all of you who work with faith and aspiration at the beginnings of the plan.Patanjali, 423:gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench allProblems, 31:potentiality of the human spirit? Will they have faith in the intrinsic worth of humanity? WillProblems, 89:to the developed, or of one religious faith to another more powerful and controlling; it is closelyProblems, 92:face a new world; great and small have lost faith in the old ways, and few really wish to see theProblems, 94:will lead to renewed optimism and to constant faith in divine planning and the beauty of the humanProblems, 99:(under an outer inferiority) in his religious faith. This faith is one of the oldest in the world;Problems, 99:outer inferiority) in his religious faith. This faith is one of the oldest in the world; it isProblems, 107:inclined, and the major tenets of the Christian faith have a definite appeal to his nature; theProblems, 122:on earth. We can recognize the timelessness of faith and the witness of the Spirit, down countless
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