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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FALL

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Fire, 216:back of what has been mistakenly called "The Fall" by religious writers, by which is defined inFire, 301:lesser cycles or incarnations but they all fall within one or other of the three main divisions.Fire, 429:place of the present methods. Healing will then fall practically into two departments:Fire, 449:the three worlds are concerned, very largely fall into a group of mantrams, hidden in theFire, 451:with the Words of the seventh Logos, which fall naturally into five groups: Mantrams which dealFire, 472:on yourself, and on those affected by them, fall under the category of the present karma, whichFire, 747:"From the zenith to the nadir, from dawn to fall of night, from the emergence into being of allFire, 775:the fish. Jesus the fisher of men. Sin - The fall of man, involution of Spirit. Soma - Moon. TheFire, 915:the devas of the ethers, we find that they fall naturally - as far as manifestation is concerned -Fire, 920:in the second instance. Systemically they fall into three groups: Group 1 includes thoseFire, 923:The planetary schemes, therefore, will fall into a similar grouping, and this will open up forFire, 923:a vast field of conjecture. The seven Prajapatis fall into two groups of three, with oneFire, 923:streams of energy during the evolutionary cycles fall naturally into four divisions: 1-3-3 4-3 3-4Fire, 930:Fire Elementals The devas of the etheric doubles fall into two groups. They are those who are theFire, 957:(which had been built into the desired form) fall away and return to the general reservoir of devaFire, 1090:[1090] limited vision, it appears to be "sin" to fall into incarnation, and equally sin orFire, 1146:mind that the human units now upon this planet fall naturally into two great groups - those whoFire, 1155:the words in Bible: "Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die it abideth alone, but ifFire, 1192:That these qualities - as may well be surmised - fall into the usual septenate. That they fall alsoFire, 1192:- fall into the usual septenate. That they fall also into two groups, those which concern the lowerFire, 1200:of satisfaction" and the cause of the second fall into generation, the fact behind the taking of aFire, 1202:dense substance. The others cannot. They cannot fall into physical generation. Students must bearFire, 1202:incarnation, and what is called the "second fall" applies to this. The first fall has reference toFire, 1202:the "second fall" applies to this. The first fall has reference to the taking of a form of cosmicFire, 1237:[1237] upon the terrestrial plane. These forces fall into three main groups: Forces emanating fromGlamour, 20:outlines into your minds so that the theme may fall into right places in your thoughts. Glamour, 48:the Road, he will revolt from control and will fall back into the glamor of his supposed freedom.Glamour, 100:wisdom and right relationships. These people fall normally into two classes: Those who are aware ofGlamour, 116:desire and upon sentiency. These, at this stage, fall into two groups which we call the pairs ofGlamour, 125:and deceiving. He learns then that he need not fall supinely under the domination of the past -Glamour, 147:ideas of right or wrong but that you simply fall back upon the love of your souls, remembering thatGlamour, 177:doctrine. Theological interpretations and dogmas fall into this category and there ensues aGlamour, 200:that which he has himself created." These forms fall into two major groups: Those forms which areGlamour, 223:Fourth ray people are peculiarly prone to fall into glamor and thus to produce a condition which isHealing, 7:a healing group. That which I have to say will fall into two parts: First, we will deal with theHealing, 47:and difficulties to which his flesh will fall heir. It is in this connection that it becomesHealing, 64:definitely as instructions in healing, yet fall into that category, for they will make those of youHealing, 91:and frustrated idealisms and thwarted hopes, fall into three categories, and a study of these willHealing, 116:deal with the diseases to which mystics fall heir, except that I would like to point out oneHealing, 121:recognition of this unity they are prone to fall a ready prey to the disease. This is a fact littleHealing, 122:the influence of the center. Necessarily, these fall into seven groups, affecting seven major areasHealing, 168:side of healing. It is so much easier to fall back on divinity (a divinity in reality latent butHealing, 175:the cause of many of the ills to which disciples fall heir. It will be obvious to you, forHealing, 212:combined with the fire of the soul. They then fall victims to premature stimulation of the fires ofHealing, 229:misuses that which he hath built will see it fall from forces within itself." As the centuriesHealing, 297:of Their phenomenal forms, those forms will fall short of divine perfection. Disease is only a formHealing, 312:isolation must be made of the types which easily fall a prey to certain group diseases. SyphilisHealing, 312:certain group diseases. Syphilis and arthritis fall into the category of diseases which are largelyHealing, 316:From the standpoint of the esotericist, they fall into the following relatively simple categories:Healing, 322:and destiny, then disease, as we know it, will fall into two major categories: Those which produceHealing, 374:the work which is engaging our attention will fall into three categories; these will work outHealing, 446:process is carried [446] forward; in the "fall of a leaf" and its consequent identification withHealing, 593:due to the interplay between the centers, fall into three categories, and these should be carefullyHealing, 697:The procedure of the healer will therefore fall into three parts, prior to the conscious act ofHercules, 73:knows the glamor under which they can so easily fall. According to the temperament of the aspirantHercules, 215:of the energies of these signs which fall upon our little planet, and the use we make of them. TheInitiation, 83:may not be achieved. Initiates may, and do, fall, and thereby incur the working of the law inInitiation, 83:the law in punishment. They may, and do, by this fall injure the group, and thereby incur the karmaInitiation, 105:sense, that "not a sparrow falleth" without its fall being noticed. It may be asked why theInitiation, 152:speaking, the sounds within the solar system fall into two groups: The initiatory sounds, or thoseIntellect, 11:recognize this fact and make his decline and fall as easy and as beautiful as possible. It isIntellect, 14:too can ascertain its nature. These witnesses fall into two groups; the purely mystical andIntellect, 160:are certain most interesting reactions. These fall into two main groups: First, a stimulation to anIntellect, 249:destructive and subversive of public order? They fall roughly into two classes. First, there areMagic, 76:Occult Study Our consideration of this rule will fall into two parts: The relation between the soulMagic, 132:that the difficulties arise. Units for work fall into three groups: Those who can sense the planMagic, 193:upon a pedestal far above average humanity. They fall consciously into the sin of separateness. AddMagic, 281:as his particular series of lives unfolds fall into two main groups, each of them bringing his formMagic, 282:own emanatory and contributory influence. They fall in their turn into three main groups: ThoseMagic, 291:the more detailed knowledge will gradually fall into place. The other types of energy which concernMagic, 347:can be faced and eventually eliminated. Fears fall into two categories for the worker: - Fear ofMagic, 356:in the humblest peasant. Words of wise counsel fall from the lips of the illiterate, and aMagic, 402:of thought is unified, then the outer world will fall into a synthetic order. It should beMagic, 406:aspect of the knowledge of reality. These groups fall generally into four major divisions;Magic, 409:of restoration of what has been broken by the fall". The time has come when the separate parts canMagic, 421:and the old established creations will fall into decay for lack of attention and so disappear. HeMagic, 429:of the intuitive faculty. This development will fall into two categories: first, the development ofMagic, 438:personality is totally unaware. The signs which fall therefore into the four categories of earth,Magic, 440:inadequate, of the key word of each sign. These fall into two categories as far as humanity isMagic, 482:divine whole. It might be said that human beings fall into three main groups: The vast majority,Magic, 505:registered. Others will see light as they fall asleep, or clouds of color, or banners and streamersMagic, 513:interludes, for the purpose of our discussion, fall into three categories: 1. Life interludes, orMagic, 521:working disciple. These prisoners of the planet fall into two major groups, which embodyMagic, 527:those brain cells which are beginning to fall into the larger divine rhythm. They are learning theMagic, 530:of the Planet The "prisoners of the planet" fall into two categories: 1. Those lives which actMagic, 530:from the beginning. These Beings in their turn fall into three main groups. [531] The Being Who isMagic, 587:in the sequence of time. This awakening will fall into two stages: First, there is the stageMagic, 613:plane. The veil of illusion is beginning to fall before the eyes of the animal but it knows it not.Magic, 624:opportunity as they see it and, to do so, fall back on innate self-assertion (which is theMagic, 630:they do will be criticized and misjudged, or fall a victim to the reverse idea, that what they doMagic, 632:on the inner side, the workers in the world fall into three groups: Those, few and far between, whoPatanjali, 20:of fancy are concerned. These fancied images fall primarily into three groups, which the studentPatanjali, 38:not precipitated sufficiently for the rain to fall from heavenly heights onto the physical plane orPatanjali, 62:it. These adjustments will be great and they fall into four groups: The rendering of the bodyPatanjali, 162:it might be noted that the presented ideas fall into five groups of thought forms: The tangiblePatanjali, 214:fifth root-race, the Aryan, hatha yoga should fall into desuetude altogether where the disciple isPatanjali, 220:bodily forces. The ideas and teaching conveyed fall into three parts: I. The external, internal orPatanjali, 360:him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall." Form life ever beckons, and the allurementsPatanjali, 378:of their experience. [378] The powers gained fall into two main groups called: Lower psychicPatanjali, 411:in the six types into which all human beings fall, for the seventh is but the [412] synthesis of
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