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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FALL

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Problems, 9:menace to the peace of the world. These problems fall naturally into two categories: The internal,Problems, 27:is right human relations; nations will stand or fall just in so far as they measure up to thatProblems, 31:it as nature does? Or will they permit it to fall into the hands of a few powerful nations or aProblems, 58:dry-as-dust information, dates and names will fall into the discard. All branches of humanProblems, 72:broader and more humanitarian lines. These men fall into two main groups: First, those who are realProblems, 118:the walls of separation and of misunderstanding fall. Love and understanding will eventually followProblems, 159:keynote of the coming world religion and will fall into two parts. There will be the invocativePsychology1, 5:into the whole field of thought, it will fall of its own weight, and produce (as it is alreadyPsychology1, 6:which constitute the nature of the human being fall naturally into three groups: Those energiesPsychology1, 225:be laid down: That the many mineral substances fall naturally into seven main groups, correspondingPsychology1, 253:conformation into which these groupings of lives fall in this kingdom. Objective agency: Fire andPsychology1, 278:to the impulse, or strong experimenting souls fall victim to their own lower natures, andPsychology1, 358:when the mountains, which have sheltered, fall from their high places, and the voices of men arePsychology1, 358:of men are lost in the crash and thunder of the fall." Such periods come only at rare and longPsychology1, 395:time, by "Lucifer, Son of the Morning." This "fall of the angels" was a tremendous event in thePsychology1, 428:conformation into which these groupings of lives fall in this kingdom. Objective Agency: Fire andPsychology2, 171:man, within the arch, which tottered to a future fall. The magnet turned him round until he facedPsychology2, 173:at-one-ing process is carried forward. In the "fall of a leaf" and its consequent identificationPsychology2, 196:December 28th, and if this should at any time fall at the period of the full moon, the opportunityPsychology2, 265:which he is subconsciously aware. These people fall into two groups: Those with no soul contact ofPsychology2, 276:the Way that many very well-meaning disciples fall. Instead of standing in spiritual being andPsychology2, 276:to make the approach of acquiescence, they fall into the illusions of self-pity. These prevent thePsychology2, 294:material mechanism of man is concerned) will fall into its rightful place. MaterialisticPsychology2, 315:it might be said that the problems of psychology fall into two major groups: A group ofPsychology2, 320:upon negative energy. The outgoing tendency. The fall of man. The "sons of God came in unto thePsychology2, 402:so much disease and over-sensitivity that men fall back defeated. It is as if the attitude of manPsychology2, 460:- Some Problems of Psychology These people fall into three groups and it would be wise for studentsPsychology2, 463:sound forth and cause the walls of Jericho to fall. This task of evoking soul action of a dynamicPsychology2, 488:to which the poor and ignorant neophyte may fall a victim. Psychology2, 496:upon its instrument, the man. These frustrations fall into three categories: Sex frustration. ThisPsychology2, 547:of trouble. Speaking generally, diseases fall into five major categories and it is only with thePsychology2, 556:Others regard them as signifying a definite "fall from grace". It seems to me, therefore, that anPsychology2, 582:difficulties, which eventually are many, fall into three general categories: [583] Those arisingPsychology2, 744:broad and true issues. These lines of cleavage fall into three general lines. Between the threeRays, 9:to control him it should be remembered that they fall into three categories: The individual tinyRays, 10:If they but realized that by a disposition to fall under lunar control they drive the tiny lives inRays, 39:initiate or of the initiate group. The scales fall from the eyes, bringing about - paradoxically -Rays, 201:holds all things in life; and - in the rise and fall of its cadences - there is found the cyclicRays, 267:such as you are concerned. All I can do is to fall back upon the Law of Analogy, by means of whichRays, 390:by the past agony that never again will they fall asleep; they may move slowly but they are, forRays, 594:for those interpretations. These thought-forms fall into three major fields of thought orRays, 662:in every land who face initiation, and who fall into three categories: Those in the group who haveRays, 716:if this power - impersonal and potent - should fall into the hands of the Black Lodge, the resultsReappearance, 108:The probability is that His teaching will fall into four parts; we would do well to consider eachReappearance, 152:keynote of the coming world religion and will fall into two parts. There will be the invocativeSoul, 56:to be submitted to test, to stand proved or fall disproved. With this introduction we proceed toSoul, 154:by asking oneself what element has tended to fall out of the life of the modern man with theTelepathy, 33:equals or of communicating with superiors will fall into disuse. It will continue to be used inTelepathy, 87:those receptive to impression would be found to fall into two groups: [88] Those possessingTelepathy, 112:astral sensitivity, however, then begins to fall below the threshold of consciousness and thus
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