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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FALLING

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Astrology, 171:love triumphs. Neptune is often spoken of as falling in this sign and for the same reasons. NeptuneAtom, 72:and of philosophical finding seem in danger of falling, yet our anxiety exists simply because weAutobiography, 53:do. To fill in the interim I amused myself by falling in love (so I thought) with a clergyman byAutobiography, 112:who was then two and a half, trotting about and falling into the cesspool. Walter was no help. HeAutobiography, 232:from the mount of the Lord and found them falling down before [233] the golden calf was that theyBethlehem, 37:believed it must carry out, and which it sees falling to pieces at the very moment when completionBethlehem, 237:body, he passed into the worlds beyond, the body falling into a deep trance, the death of theDiscipleship1, 137:end of a few years you will regret temporarily falling in with my plans for the group. InDiscipleship1, 240:tread with confidence the Way of Light. By our falling into criticism, we can gauge our soulExternalisation, 140:in front of you and it is of a practical nature, falling into definite spheres of work and ofExternalisation, 258:is growing among the allied forces, though the falling away of France was inevitable. France wasExternalisation, 464:held ever at the Full Moon of May (or of Taurus, falling this year during the last week in April),Fire, 88:the cause of the true and higher spiritism by falling back on reality, and on the fact of theFire, 219:on a basic three and then into hymns. All these falling into the material field of the consonants,Fire, 575:negative, taking the line of acquiescence, of falling in with the law. Only the human Monads, andFire, 735:gaseous) dense physical body and the consequent "falling into corruption," and becoming "scatteredFire, 1015:protect, shield and aid the work, guiding the falling fire unto the point of entrance." "When theHealing, 215:this downward trend can be roughly regarded as falling into three stages: The stage of energizingHealing, 217:of the sacral center. The fact of their falling easy prey to the infectious diseases can also beHealing, 246:two roots, one meaning "wind" and the other "falling to pieces." The significance of both theseHealing, 246:With the withdrawing of the wind or breath, a falling to pieces eventuates, and this is a true andHealing, 414:from the dense physical body and the consequent "falling into corruption" and becoming "scatteredHercules, 69:the name given is Bashtibeki, which means "falling confounded". Aratus, writing about 250 B.C.,Hercules, 155:The feathers, too, seemed like steel shafts and, falling, could cleave in twain the pates of wearyIntellect, 260:a good deal of concern among those who study our falling birth rate. Transmutation is not surelyMagic, 30:vitalizing force is gone and this produces a falling apart into its essential elements of thatMagic, 451:vitalizing force is gone, and this produces that falling apart into its essential elements of thatMagic, 529:the prime objective, a man is dangerously near falling into the snare of spiritual selfishness andMagic, 617:loud the thunder roars and heavy is the sound of falling rain. But now the sky is seen; the sunMeditation, 145:every hour of the day to prevent the falling back into the lower vibration. It entails a constantProblems, 83:there are extremes of riches and poverty men are falling short of their high destiny. The KingdomPsychology1, 356:the intellect is rapidly awakening; instinct is falling below the threshold of consciousness;Psychology2, 320:of men". (The Bible) The "corn of wheat falling into the ground". Many such expressions can bePsychology2, 346:persons. This has led to disaster, and the falling into disrepute of the whole problem ofPsychology2, 550:the different governments to offset the rapidly falling birth rate in their countries. The aboveRays, 254:major Full Moon periods (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, falling usually in April, May and JuneRays, 301:difference between vision and revelation. It is falling somewhat into disuse, owing to the factRays, 534:time of Taurus, the Bull, symbolized by their falling down and worshipping the golden calf), soReappearance, 137:case. The orthodox world religions are rapidly falling into the background of men's minds evenSoul, 150:out of a window into the air without fear of falling, are avenues of investigation easily
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