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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FALLS

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Astrology, 51:the energy of the planets. The effect produced falls into two stages: The first stage wherein theAstrology, 79:center. This center in the front of the throat falls into disuse as the creative period of throatAstrology, 105:intuition and reason to pure perception. Saturn "falls" in Aries. This has two meanings, for thisAstrology, 131:is lessened in Pisces and that it finally "falls" in that sign, what is the esoteric and spiritualAstrology, 132:eventually dims the light of Mercury and it "falls" into the background and Vulcan too becomesAstrology, 146:apparently no planet which is either exalted or "falls" in this sign. The only planet affected isAstrology, 146:No planet is exalted in Aquarius and no planet falls in this sign because the true Aquarian - afterAstrology, 171:been the ruler of Pisces and also of Aquarius, falls in this sign. This fall must be studied fromAstrology, 191:is exalted in Sagittarius and that no planet falls in this sign. Only one thing happens and that isAstrology, 191:of exaltation or the potency of that which falls." Neither the valley nor the heights produces anyAstrology, 224:Venus is lessened in this sign, whilst the Moon falls. What do these facts symbolically portray?Astrology, 225:Ponder upon this, for in Scorpio the Moon falls and its influence fades out. Extremes ever meet inAstrology, 250:way the wheel is turning for the man. The Sun "falls" in this sign because again neither theAstrology, 261:life around the zodiac. This progress or passage falls into three major divisions: The passage orAstrology, 281:Zodiacal Constellations Venus, pure love-wisdom, falls into generation in this sign and occultlyAstrology, 282:for us in the astrological fact that Venus falls in this sign; esoterically, she disappears fromAstrology, 282:of the future a careful investigation of the falls, exaltations and the diminution of power whichAstrology, 310:fact in connection with this sign. No planet falls in Leo and no planet is exalted in this sign,Astrology, 310:no planet is exalted and likewise no planet falls. The power of the mind, as symbolized by Uranus,Astrology, 353:the higher and the lower. This mediation again falls into two stages: the use of the concrete mindAstrology, 368:to realize that in this sign no planet either falls or is exalted. The clue to this mystery liesAstrology, 369:is found. No planet is exalted and no planet falls. Mercury is, however, in detriment or itsAstrology, 400:and one of the most occult of the planets "falls" in this sign, producing [401] the accentuationAstrology, 557:glory and beauty, and this cycle of influence falls into two stages: the one in which the MonadAstrology, 569:turns to invocation. This process of invocation falls into two stages: The stage of aspiration,Atom, 150:out His own plans, and a later one in which He falls in with the greater plans of the Life whichAutobiography, 137:theme sixty or seventy pages further on. Claude Falls Wright, who was H. P. Blavatsky's secretary,Bethlehem, 93:a truth, or the whole structure of our belief falls to the ground. There is more still to beBethlehem, 122:as an impractical mystic and visionary if one falls back, as Christ did, upon the fundamentals ofBethlehem, 129:the whole as a possibility is grasped, the part falls into its rightful place. Where the purpose ofDiscipleship1, 90:aspect of the creative imagination. This process falls into three parts, corresponding somewhat toDiscipleship1, 175:is followed almost automatically, and much of it falls, through habit, below the threshold ofDiscipleship1, 291:out to you. The first one is that your work now falls into two main departments - one connectedDiscipleship1, 310:great work, successfully carried forward, which falls to the lot of all who achieve the greatDiscipleship1, 442:this connection that the second ray expression falls into two categories - wisdom and love. ForDiscipleship1, 543:which is other than the daily round which falls to those who tend a home. So oft the tending of aDiscipleship1, 592:and to express this by definite work. This work falls into two categories: First of all, the givingDiscipleship1, 713:said that the preface to the Master's interest falls into four parts and it is only when all fourDiscipleship1, 724:real importance. The task of those thus engaged falls into three categories; as the seniorDiscipleship1, 726:the latter is aided to see "in the light" which falls upon his way, and the disciple who isDiscipleship1, 759:physical plane life. This process necessarily falls into five stages: He is telepathically enDiscipleship2, 129:and can know more practically. This falls into three stages: Raise the consciousness into the head.Discipleship2, 131:V The meditation work assigned to you thus far falls into three parts: The stage of raising theDiscipleship2, 170:For this reason, the work of creating Triangles falls into two categories; some people work moreDiscipleship2, 170:is that of directing thought. The work therefore falls into two categories: that of invoking divineDiscipleship2, 205:Ashram, and gradually his meditation changes and falls into line with the instinctual and constantDiscipleship2, 217:evocative manner; their meditation, therefore, falls into two parts: the first part is evocative ofDiscipleship2, 218:and the impression of the Hierarchy? It falls into two parts: The work of bringing order out ofDiscipleship2, 268:as the experience becomes a habit, and therefore falls below the threshold of consciousness. A newDiscipleship2, 361:to humanity, the planning of the Hierarchy falls into certain definite phases of activity - all ofDiscipleship2, 367:nevertheless the physical concept of instrument falls increasingly into the background, and otherDiscipleship2, 398:The recognition of these Points of Revelation falls automatically into two main procedures orDiscipleship2, 411:preparatory work which is demanded. This work falls into two parts: Your own preparation, as aDiscipleship2, 432:is permitted to help. The stage of precipitation falls into three parts: That in which a relationDiscipleship2, 614:is not. The problem with which you are faced falls, in your mind (if you would only think clearly),Education, 107:which underlies our planetary life. This control falls into two major categories: FinancialExternalisation, 60:of the other groups, the task to be carried out falls into three categories of endeavor: The effortExternalisation, 209:the present time and the final adjustment falls into two major periods and the practical work inExternalisation, 337:Pages 570-575), this process of invocation falls into two stages in the life of the individual andExternalisation, 341:in a sense not hitherto known. This conflict falls into three stages: The stage of physical warfareExternalisation, 378:and that there is no alternative. The task ahead falls into two categories: First, directing massExternalisation, 445:on March 28th, the Wesak Full Moon, which falls this year on April 27th, and the Full Moon of JuneExternalisation, 445:"Unique Occasion" as it has been called - which falls on May 26th. From the standpoint of both theExternalisation, 546:preoccupation of the Hierarchy. This planning falls into two categories, and for these the ChristExternalisation, 571:preparatory work of externalization, therefore, falls into three phases or stages, as far asExternalisation, 692:for the reappearance. This purificatory process falls into the following stages: The stage whereinFire, 76:as He works out that portion of Karma which falls to His share in any one cycle, greater or lesser.Fire, 85:The framework goes and the dense physical form falls apart; the pranic life is abstracted bodilyFire, 85:Logos, and when they are separated the form falls apart. This is a picture in miniature of theFire, 237:that totality of Existence in the Cosmos which falls within any of the planes of possibleGlamour, 19:to say to you as regards the subject of Glamor falls into certain broad generalizations such as:Glamour, 114:the soul, in the early stages of experience, falls into the snare of maya, of glamor and eventuallyGlamour, 178:meaning clearer if I state that this technique falls into certain scientific lines or modes ofGlamour, 191:this process of bringing light into dark places falls naturally into three stages: The stageGlamour, 208:an effect in the brain. This focusing process falls into three stages: The attempt to focus theHealing, 49:curiously enough, accidental. To these a man falls heir when, for instance, he succumbs to someHealing, 96:the physical body is devitalized and falls heir to bad health. When the thought can be carriedHealing, 100:you is the result of experiment. Such healing falls into two categories: In magnetic healing, theHealing, 115:The disciple reverses the entire situation and falls a victim (prior to the third initiation) toHealing, 131:about the bulk of the problems to which humanity falls heir. These are lack of love, lack of life,Healing, 217:then becomes unduly active and this activity falls into four stages: The stage of its awakening, asHealing, 260:idea, mental concept and formulated perception falls into four phases or chapters: The signing ofHealing, 314:The curing of cancer in the early stages falls therefore into two parts: [315] The stimulating ofHealing, 332:at death, the living atoms separate, the body falls apart and disintegration ensues, with theHealing, 408:death of the physical-etheric body. This phase falls into two stages: That in which the atoms whichHealing, 416:The framework goes and the dense physical form falls apart. - Page 85. a. The etheric body is inHealing, 446:identification with the soil on which it falls, we have a tiny illustration of this great andHealing, 487:in the three worlds. The art of elimination falls, therefore, into three categories: As practicedHealing, 506:be borne in mind that the life of a personality falls into the following stages: Its slow andHealing, 507:persists for a large number of lives, and also falls into three phases: The phase of a dominantHealing, 574:in mind that this phase of the healer's work falls into two parts: The stage of esoteric "liftingHealing, 574:"lifting up" or "driving forth." This itself falls into two phases: The phase of gathering theHealing, 630:true diagnosis in an occult manner. He therefore falls back on the general assumption that theHealing, 683:three worlds. Esoteric living (as it develops) falls into three stages, broadly speaking; these areHercules, 74:greater confusion of the psychic plane, and so falls into the snares and pitfalls of astralism. HeHercules, 148:beyond the circle of human sympathies. Hercules falls to his knees as he struggles with the hydra,Hercules, 229:the [229] most menial of all the labors falls in this, next to the culminating labor of all. OneInitiation, 165:and department under which the ray concerned falls. The last hieroglyph gives one of the sevenIntellect, 9:ideas in very beautiful terms. He says: "A film falls from the eyes and the world appears in a newIntellect, 11:That which is static and crystallized eventually falls to pieces and, where there is arrested
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