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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FALSE

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Rays, 186:or hierarchical planning, thus creating false goals and standards, building a barrier between theRays, 359:against a grasp of the truth and presents a false picture to the intelligence; the facts which IRays, 437:"bring through" past events with accuracy, by a false humility as well (inculcated by the ChristianRays, 634:information, browbeating their opponents, making false claims and bribing and corrupting. They wereRays, 744:one of these ideas as true and all the others as false and wrong. They are apt to forget thatRays, 753:finds its major expression in wrong thinking, false values and the supreme evil of materialisticReappearance, 16:an universal interest, for today even the many false Christs and Messengers are finding thisReappearance, 125:affairs would be found and that everywhere the false and the spurious would be proclaimingReappearance, 150:type of transcendent Creator must be shown to be false and this doctrine must be countered by theReappearance, 176:remains uneducated, and is brought up on false values and the wrong use of money. Until theseSoulother example of causation, and that only the false conceit that we understand something of the oneSoul, 21:carefully distinguish; for one of them may be false, though the other be true. These twoSoul, 144:import to demonstrate as truth or to reject as false the arguments put forward in this book?Soul, 147:vitalizing soul can be substantiated or proved false. The phenomena of death can be studied fromTelepathy, 128:fifty years ago) has done much to correct this false impression. The outstanding characteristic ofTelepathy, 142:their presentation of the truth or because of a false humility. Both are equally bad. There are sixTelepathy, 173:what is indicated of soul control. This is not a false premise, and I would have you register this
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