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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAMILIAR

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Astrology, 64:the source of the concept of the two pillars, so familiar to Masons. It might therefore be statedAstrology, 93:The Secret Doctrine, with which you are all so familiar, express the goal and the purpose of theAstrology, 181:flashes of intuition with which he is becoming familiar change into the blazing and constant lightAstrology, 212:and of death. All those characteristics are familiar to us in the presentation of ChristianAstrology, 252:of the names whereby the Virgin is called are familiar to all of us, and tell us much as a wholeAstrology, 262:facts connected with the Christ life; they are familiar to you theoretically but their implicationsAstrology, 312:in detail to points with which you are already familiar, save to bring to your attention theAstrology, 325:Plan (as the Hierarchy understands it) is more familiar in its objectives and its mode ofAstrology, 336:and with this all astrologers are somewhat familiar; it has also its esoteric meaning and importAstrology, 390:[390] of the star with which you are familiar. In order to understand this more clearly I wouldAstrology, 415:point out this triplicity as it is one which is familiar to you and at the same time constitutes aAstrology, 614:- Cosmic Energies and Transformation This covers familiar ground for all of you but in the effortAtom, 90:wall, but that we are becoming (to use a now familiar term) radioactive. When this is the case weAutobiography, 35:in the Christian churches with which I was so familiar on the continent of Europe. I was in aAutobiography, 39:and as they moved they formed great and familiar symbols - the Cross in its various forms, theAutobiography, 197:As the voice of that soul gets increasingly familiar it will eventually make them members of theAutobiography, 263:recognize that the schools with which they are familiar are only preparatory in nature, full ofAutobiography, 264:These are the schools with which we are most familiar, such as the inner schools of the manyAutobiography, 278:an active conscious part of the Hierarchy, he is familiar with the broad outlines of the divineBethlehem, 18:This, St. Paul points out in the words so familiar to all of us: " make in himself, of twain,Bethlehem, 22:is the Christ Himself Who thus greets them - the familiar Friend Who, having prepared them byBethlehem, 46:XVIII, 3.) How thoroughly this imagery was familiar among the mystics of the Jews is shown by theBethlehem, 51:is apparent. "The treading of the Path" is a familiar way of describing the approach of a humanBethlehem, 77:and among those who know us well and are our familiar friends, it cannot be expected to expressBethlehem, 130:on Man, sensed this, and expressed it in words familiar to all of us: "God loves from whole toBethlehem, 150:thought that they knew their Master, but the familiar Presence had been transformed, and they stoodBethlehem, 153:and the interpretation of them as given in the familiar Cruden's Concordance may supply a clue.Bethlehem, 164:man, save Jesus only." (St. Matt., XVII, 8). The familiar appeared to them again. It is of realBethlehem, 194:which everybody at that time must have been so familiar." - The Paganism in Our Christianity, byBethlehem, 208:details of it. [208] It is so well known and so familiar that the words in which it is couched areBethlehem, 208:agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, is as familiar to us as our own names, and much less arresting.Bethlehem, 236:and resurrection at the end of three days was a familiar ceremonial. History tells us of many ofBethlehem, 248:we long to prolong, in time and space, the familiar state which we love and cherish. We desireBethlehem, 263:old forms, and the widespread destruction of the familiar structures of society and religion, mayBethlehem, 269:of souls. The speech of the kingdom then becomes familiar to us. We are in touch with thoseDestiny, 10:man is apt to condemn the ideology which is not familiar to him and for which he has no use. HeDestiny, 110:first of all. They are, for us, the most familiar and can be rapidly considered, enabling us toDestiny, 115:discovery becomes possible as well as the more familiar psychic discoveries. In the three phases:Destiny, 144:that he must make his contact with the more familiar Hierarchy before true and related perceptionDiscipleship1, 206:to the group meditation, for pondering on the familiar words, "In quietness and in confidence shallDiscipleship1, 314:but the disciple goes not out, leaving all the familiar scenes behind and negating his outerDiscipleship1, 314:of the desire nature from that which is familiar, desired and appropriated from long habit, but itDiscipleship1, 339:to you at this time by quoting to you some familiar words: "In quietness and in confidence shall beDiscipleship1, 343:of the outer active organization is only too familiar. It is the second aspect, of groupDiscipleship1, 406:you, in your own setting and among those familiar to you, are many [407] whom you could help andDiscipleship1, 408:Attempt to master their contents and to be familiar with the group aims, objectives and thisDiscipleship1, 435:of the mind in any manner which may be to you familiar and adequate then proceed as indicated...Discipleship1, 511:of mind and those habits of thought which are so familiar that their appearance is automatic andDiscipleship1, 686:work of every disciple can be summed up in the familiar words: "Behold, I make all things new." Discipleship1, 709:is to teach them the deep significance of the familiar and also the importance of the truths whichDiscipleship1, 709:of all because of the habitual reaction to the familiar and the need to do two things: Prove thatDiscipleship1, 709:and the need to do two things: Prove that the familiar veils an important reality and that byDiscipleship2, 32:determined application may sound easy and quite familiar. The moment, nevertheless, these goalsDiscipleship2, 40:forget that which has happened, to return to the familiar, and to re-establish the old ways ofDiscipleship2, 51:which it is planned should constitute a more familiar symbol than has hitherto been the case in theDiscipleship2, 119:meditation. The first half should now be so familiar to you that it will be automatic in its doingDiscipleship2, 133:to learn the esoteric significance of a most familiar symbol - that of the Triangle and the Square.Discipleship2, 134:the expression of loving understanding; you are familiar with what the Hierarchy (of which myDiscipleship2, 134:to be gained by a constant reiteration of the familiar. I am, secondly, [135] outlining procedures,Discipleship2, 156:a measure, to the average person because of its familiar wording, based on many Scriptural terms.Discipleship2, 251:eye of vision and the directing eye of Deity are familiar to him. But it is the great and majorDiscipleship2, 312:to contravene other laws with which he is familiar. As the race of men achieves increasing purityDiscipleship2, 320:and its balancing partner, Death, are old and familiar aspects of general livingness to the masses,Discipleship2, 344:ideas were given to you. They were apparently familiar on the surface, but each of them veiled aDiscipleship2, 355:even if - as a theory - it may seem quite familiar to you. A hint, like all else in the occultDiscipleship2, 520:of the Plan. These statements may be somewhat familiar to you, but they could provide the six seedDiscipleship2, 556:animal reactions with which we are all familiar. When this has been achieved, the disciple can thenDiscipleship2, 581:very simple plan and can be "put over" (to use a familiar phrase) with simplicity. I hope to makeDiscipleship2, 603:limitations with which I have sought to make you familiar. Such a task was intended to provideDiscipleship2, 725:them. Your plans were simply compilations of familiar suggestions which have already been presentedDiscipleship2, 751:that your choice of the stable, the safe and the familiar is entirely right. Such choice has indeedDiscipleship2, 751:environment to hold you to the tried and the familiar. Seek, my brother, at any cost, to be aliveDiscipleship2, 751:and for freedom from the glamors of the familiar, of the family and of your surroundings. Education, 64:be noted that just as the physical plane, so familiar to us, is not regarded as a principle by theEducation, 140:I would have you remember that much which is familiar to you today and which constitutes a definiteExternalisation, 13:age and generation, and make the astral plane a familiar and well-known place of activity,Externalisation, 75:New Age; they endeavor to preserve that which is familiar and old, to counteract the effects of theExternalisation, 115:it is also a practice with which we are all most familiar in our own experience and in watching itExternalisation, 115:attitudes which adhere to the well-known and the familiar, and which hate the new, the untried andExternalisation, 276:to you. To esoteric students, these words are so familiar as to be somewhat meaningless, and onlyExternalisation, 279:of the three centers with which we are becoming familiar, and can see them being brought togetherExternalisation, 292:and the Christ, because Their messages are familiar to all and the fruits of Their lives and wordsExternalisation, 300:understood about Them. The above are the more familiar groupings. In September 1940 I gave anExternalisation, 369:of war, and the rehabilitation of the old familiar world, with its imperialism (whether of empireExternalisation, 382:right where he is and trains him in a familiar environment to practice right human relations. It isExternalisation, 417:denied by the orthodox; the general public are familiar with the idea of the existence of theExternalisation, 427:of business as they have known it; they see the familiar landmarks of their comfortable worldExternalisation, 470:evolution and death are only preparatory and familiar stages. The note and message sounded by theExternalisation, 503:light of truth if that light is poured on to familiar ground. All must be given the chance to seeExternalisation, 510:most, for they are conservative and cling to the familiar. The church is intended to serve theExternalisation, 597:said? The idea of the return of Christ is a most familiar one, and the concept of a returning SonExternalisation, 597:He has been with us and shared with us the familiar usefulness and peculiar characteristics of ourExternalisation, 599:the outstanding prophecies and one of the most familiar; it is, however, one which means little inExternalisation, 604:rule, with its laws and modes of activity are familiar to many, and have been throughout theExternalisation, 609:to say. The whole idea of His return is so familiar to you in its anticipatory nature (though notExternalisation, 688:As the potency of the astral plane (which is so familiar to us all) weakens, and glamor andExternalisation, 692:of Purification or - if I may use a word made familiar to you through the war experience - ofExternalisation, 696:the reappearance of the Christ (under some name familiar to the aspirant's religious background),Fire, 63:out of a single entity or monad. To take a familiar example, the seven colored rays in the solarFire, 65:one of the seven Brothers (to use an expression familiar to students of the Secret Doctrine) Who
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