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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAMILIAR

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Psychology2, 703:of God. With that point of view you are quite familiar, and you will recognize that in it therePsychology2, 703:reverse of that with which the personality is familiar. It has to learn to be at home and toPsychology2, 703:with which we have been almost distressingly familiar. You may have been led to expect some greatPsychology2, 737:of what is happening to them and who accept the familiar or the newly imposed rule withRays, 26:of these rules would seem to be almost tritely familiar. If they meant exactly what they appear toRays, 38:the implications lying behind the use of these familiar words, and the careful consideration ofRays, 42:door lying ahead of the aspirant has been made familiar, but that has been working with the lowerRays, 46:or of the matter aspect. This is to you a most familiar truth. In the next stage, that ofRays, 49:has been made and the light is found. This is familiar teaching to many and is the essence of theRays, 56:Here, briefly, is a fresh slant upon the familiar theme of the Word - a theme preserved in someRays, 79:with which he is or may be in the future familiar, and are now expressing a phase of divinity ofRays, 84:enforced celibacy and a rigid vegetarianism are familiar instances of this, and these physicalRays, 100:The above is the very A B C of occultism and a familiar truth to all of you. What is referred toRays, 102:ending of all that has been loved, all that is familiar and to be desired; it is a crashingRays, 135:- all this disruption of the forms and of the familiar contours of our planetary life had to takeRays, 143:light atoms, and that the light in the head (so familiar to esotericist) is no fiction or figmentRays, 158:are the means whereby salvation (to use an old familiar word) can come to the aid of humanity. ThisRays, 173:the extent of this realization, in the words so familiar to Christians, "I and the Father are One."Rays, 175:One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation In the familiar words (familiar to all esotericist) whichRays, 175:For Group Initiation In the familiar words (familiar to all esotericist) which are so often said orRays, 180:the "eye within the Triangle" - a most familiar symbol to many today. They are the expression, inRays, 198:the goal and seeks to walk the Path. That is a familiar condition and one to which all beginnersRays, 200:negated the existence of the astral plane, so familiar an illusion to all of us. The initiateRays, 238:This means that the Members of the Hierarchy, familiar as They may be with the Plan for theRays, 270:are the cause of the six-pointed star, so familiar among the many occult symbols. From the Law ofRays, 275:systematic work has been done, and the idea is familiar to the public, this activity Will form anRays, 291:life, through its major aspect of Love, was a familiar area of consciousness and well-known to theRays, 304:all imbued with the ordinary ideas anent these familiar words, and therefore it is well-nighRays, 305:Path) by the lower concrete mind. They cover a familiar case history and one which is well known toRays, 307:comprehended. The Purpose of God (to use a familiar phrase) is that which implements the Plan. ThisRays, 312:with which you are all so theoretically familiar. The word Know, in relation to theRays, 314:of the type of activity with which we are familiar in the world of manifestation; the Hierarchy isRays, 323:out anent initiation; the subject is dangerously familiar. By that I mean that certain preconceivedRays, 335:These goals and rhythms will become more familiar to thinking men as the Hierarchy approachesRays, 356:and with the interpretation of which we are familiar; these four are related also to the electricalRays, 395:the "Central Spiritual Sun," just as They were familiar with the appearance of the physical SunRays, 444:the line of least resistance, "the way of familiar approach," as it is sometimes called. Thus isRays, 464:with which all the world religions have made us familiar. This trinity is as follows: Utilizes theRays, 565:words and word phrases by which to express the familiar hints and indications given by the occultRays, 610:prove correct. This Principle of Conflict is a familiar one to every struggling aspirant andRays, 637:in the life of disciples. It deals with the most familiar story to all of them; the aspirants andRays, 659:when a civilization comes to an end, when the familiar mode of cultural expression is brought (asRays, 692:"The Crucifixion" by Christian believers) is so familiar to the majority of people that I am hardRays, 704:- to those three worlds and with all that is familiar in them, the initiate suddenly realizes thatRays, 731:the aeonial life cycle of the initiate: The familiar and constantly recurring death of the physicalReappearance, 10:and the Christ in the West. Their messages are familiar to all, and the fruits of Their lives andReappearance, 16:Him: through television, His face can be made familiar to all, and verily "every eye shall seeReappearance, 43:The idea of the return of Christ is a most familiar one, and the concept of the Son of GodReappearance, 44:always He has been with us, sharing with us the familiar usefulness and peculiar characteristics ofReappearance, 45:the outstanding prophecies and one of the most familiar; it is, however, one which means little inReappearance, 51:rule, with its laws and modes of activity, is familiar to many and has been throughout theSoul, 18:may emerge based on the comprehension, so familiar to the West, of the structure which man uses,Soul, 18:which man uses, and the comprehension, so familiar in the East, of the energy or spirit with whichTelepathy, 16:differing modes of activity and tap (to use a familiar word) differing areas of communication. 1.Telepathy, 26:apparently wide cleavages with which we are so familiar and by which we are so distressed at thisTelepathy, 48:form as an idea; from that point it follows the familiar course of translation from an idea into aTelepathy, 53:the physical phenomena with which we are so familiar) is ever with us and can be seen and contactedTelepathy, 58:realms from which impact comes, and we are so familiar with them all that our response is nowTelepathy, 89:rapidity when the fourth type of impression is familiar to the [90] disciple: that coming from theTelepathy, 139:the Etheric Body Much that I may say here may be familiar to a certain extent, because there is aTelepathy, 160:can be slowly substituted for the ordinary and familiar etheric substance which "substands" the
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