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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAMILIARITY

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Astrology, 510:and with these there is a widespread familiarity. As you know, I am concerned with the astrology ofAutobiography, 272:by loud and noisy claim-making, by pretending familiarity with the Master and sometimes with theBethlehem, 156:to climb the mountain of vision. A certain familiarity with God's nature must surely precede theDiscipleship1, 422:real and deep meaning, but perhaps their very familiarity, as expressions of your spiritualDiscipleship1, 709:and so many books put out on the subject that familiarity with the theme militates against trueDiscipleship2, 43:fact (and thus easily overlooked from very familiarity) that the assertion of one's determinationDiscipleship2, 109:could help. They like to show their unique familiarity with hierarchical principles but, as theyDiscipleship2, 423:Upon these words I do not care to enlarge. Their familiarity is such that they are necessarilyDiscipleship2, 509:create a triangle of energy: [509] As familiarity with this meditation is developed, you shouldGlamour, 108:the astral consciousness. Forget not, through familiarity and fatigue of conflict, the divinity ofGlamour, 233:from the experience of the aspirant and from his familiarity with their use. This constitutes anHealing, 601:will be greater, owing to their trained familiarity with the structure of the body and theirHercules, 205:The reading of these Scriptures is Science. Familiarity with the grass and trees, the insects andMagic, 150:ease and with forgetfulness of process through familiarity and experience, then the man can see andMagic, 187:karmically linked to him by ancient ties and old familiarity in similar work. Sometimes it may beMagic, 191:systems and have lost weight from our very familiarity with them. It is not easy to remember thatMagic, 242:into the healing dark of the night. Our very familiarity with the phenomenon causes us to loseMagic, 467:will attempt to do, but within himself the very familiarity of the injunction palls and is deemed,Problems, 127:mind the majority of dogmatic interpreters claim familiarity. Theology is simply what men think isPsychology2, 126:emphasis upon soul contact and upon an active familiarity with the egoic life, and not upon thePsychology2, 467:of crisis and a period of danger. Then, as familiarity grows and our feet have wandered in and outRays, 325:the Hierarchy. There is, therefore, a certain familiarity about these goals, the service they couldRays, 504:see how stage grows out of stage and how, once familiarity has been established, it should beRays, 664:the above Christian nomenclature because of its familiarity and because (symbolically speaking) itRays, 692:will arrest your attention, and thus offset a familiarity which necessarily lessens the importance
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