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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAMILIARIZE

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Astrology, 165:symbolism of the signs first of all, so as to familiarize the student with the general scheme andAstrology, 449:anent the signs Leo-Pisces-Capricorn, so as to familiarize themselves with the nature, quality andAutobiography, 1:of this inner direction of world affairs and to familiarize more people with the paralleling factAutobiography, 234:expression of the spiritual purpose. They can familiarize mankind with the need for right humanAutobiography, 255:Master) that her major duty as a disciple was to familiarize the public with the true nature of theAutobiography, 270:which the esoteric schools of the future will familiarize the general public. It is with the effortDiscipleship1, 630:group import and significance and by this means familiarize disciples with the rules of that groupDiscipleship1, 787:Master) that her major duty as a disciple was to familiarize the public with the true nature of theDiscipleship2, 125:meditation process is relatively simple if you familiarize yourself with its stages for a fewDiscipleship2, 136:as integral parts of the coming world religion, familiarize the whole of mankind with the fact ofDiscipleship2, 339:it to individual affairs, if they were going to familiarize the public with the concept, but theyDiscipleship2, 396:his life and motivate his actions) come, and to familiarize himself gradually in "the location ofDiscipleship2, 397:time factor with which the disciple [397] must familiarize himself. On the other hand, the processExternalisation, 23:at this time is to educate public opinion and to familiarize the thinking people of the world withExternalisation, 65:objective of the work of these seed groups is to familiarize people with the hierarchical Plan asExternalisation, 266:proceed to make the sensed idea their own and to familiarize the thinkers of their time with theExternalisation, 397:was, however, given out to the public so as to familiarize them as far as possible with theExternalisation, 517:and members of the Masonic Fraternities must familiarize themselves with the inner significance ofExternalisation, 542:of keeping the Eastern Festival of Wesak is to familiarize the Western world with the fact of theExternalisation, 601:and groups - large or small - which will familiarize the mass of men with the reality of the needExternalisation, 611:work which the Christ proposes, if you will familiarize yourselves and all men whom you can contactExternalisation, 623:that stupendous event, to clear the highways, familiarize the people with the idea, and bring aboutGlamour, 10:the symbol from its form aspect and seek to familiarize yourself with its outer aspect, with theGlamour, 128:must intuitively grasp and with which he must familiarize himself. We will divide what we have toInitiation, 61:ones with whose names and offices people should familiarize themselves, wherever possible. TwoMagic, 21:more of these triplicities with which one can familiarize oneself the more one will be in rapportMagic, 427:endeavor to employ each other's terms, and to familiarize themselves with each other's approach toMagic, 515:meditation process. With this the student must familiarize himself, for otherwise he will be unablePatanjali, 96:the elementary facts concerning all forms and to familiarize themselves in their meditation withPsychology1, 360:material needs. The seventh ray period will familiarize man with that type of electrical phenomenaPsychology1, 412:it together and students would find it useful to familiarize themselves with the tabulations andPsychology2, 677:objectives which should govern the race and to familiarize the public with the immediatePsychology2, 692:numbers of those who use this Invocation, and to familiarize the public with the ideals for whichRays, 4:and fellow pilgrims helped. Students should familiarize themselves with the "energy concept" andRays, 410:than the fifth to the ready Master, and to familiarize the world of aspirants with their existence.Rays, 677:within "the area of livingness" (I want you to familiarize yourselves with that phrase) and whatReappearance, 48:and groups - large or small - which will familiarize the mass of men with the reality of the needReappearance, 58:work which the Christ proposes, if we will familiarize ourselves and all men whom we can contactReappearance, 171:His paths straight" (Matthew III, 2.) to [171] familiarize the people everywhere with the idea ofReappearance, 185:of men in a few simple and basic essentials and familiarize humanity with the thought of the
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