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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAMILY

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Education, 130:and position and situation, right or wrong; family pride, tradition, pedigree are over-emphasized,Education, 130:barriers which today separate man from man, family from family and group from group. The grip ofEducation, 130:which today separate man from man, family from family and group from group. The grip of the pastEducation, 132:symbolic relationship to the Hierarchy, for the family unit is the symbol upon earth of theEducation, 133:produce radical changes in the approach to family life, parenthood and the training of children,Externalisation, 24:consequences are the stimulation of the human family to a fresh spiritual effort; the process andExternalisation, 26:always existed in the world, as for instance the family group unit, but they have beenExternalisation, 29:Today, as the integration of the human family proceeds and as the mental level of contact becomesExternalisation, 32:their community. We have therefore in the human family: Masses - Negative - responsive to desire -Externalisation, 47:made the great transition into the human family and [48] humanity came into being, developing theExternalisation, 58:wider issues than those which concern the human family alone. The work of these disciples willExternalisation, 76:solar system, a certain percentage of the human family will fail to make the grade and will then beExternalisation, 78:and two minor) which meet and clash in the human family at this time. It has been necessary for meExternalisation, 80:of the integrity and solidarity of the human family. We are one people - one in our relationships,Externalisation, 93:of the Sun. The purpose ahead for the human family upon the Path of Light. Esoterically - The WayExternalisation, 94:seven rays, expressing themselves in the human family through the seven ray types, are now at theExternalisation, 94:the problem of the best way of helping the human family through this crisis. Bear in mind that theExternalisation, 96:They are the more advanced members of the human family, sensitive to hierarchical inspiration andExternalisation, 97:in postponement - with sad results to the human family and an inevitable break in the tension whichExternalisation, 98:God" which was effectual in producing the human family was intellectual, and the self-consciousExternalisation, 112:the first time since its inception, the human family is in a position to note for itself theExternalisation, 119:first. Matter and spirit, focused in the human family and expressing their basic qualities andExternalisation, 197:will know also what they can contribute to the family of nations; all will be animated by the willExternalisation, 205:and attempt to live in terms of the one family, the one life, and the one humanity. [206] The newExternalisation, 209:unique contribution to the welfare of the whole family of nations. The working details will have toExternalisation, 210:with your own personal relations to your family and friends, and then [211] to the task ofExternalisation, 214:evident responsibility as members of the human family. This latter group includes, among others, aExternalisation, 230:which will condition eventually the entire human family. Many there are who are awakening to theExternalisation, 231:for the success of those nations in the human family who, with their backs to a wall ofExternalisation, 253:responsibility as an integral part of the human family, are definitely storing up for themselvesExternalisation, 281:shoulders of the more instructed of the human family and upon those who have achieved some measureExternalisation, 291:This energy may be generated within the human family and focused in a responsive Messenger; it mayExternalisation, 346:the latter so dangerously an enemy of the human family is that during the last two thousand yearsExternalisation, 372:do not even know their own names. Even when the family unit has been preserved intact, theirExternalisation, 373:and developed, and the good of the entire family of nations must be substituted for the good of oneExternalisation, 373:and national culture which must be changed. The family of nations, viewed as a unit, its correctExternalisation, 374:their particular state counts. They divide the family of nations into a superstate for the controlExternalisation, 375:are full of fear, wondering what place in the family of nations they will be permitted to hold, andExternalisation, 376:be evoked for the enriching of the entire human family; the new civilization must have its roots inExternalisation, 382:because it governs a man's relation to his family and his household, his business or socialExternalisation, 416:as is the relation between members of the human family. The spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, theExternalisation, 421:Leader of His people and "the Eldest in a great family of brothers" (Romans VIII, 29.) Each year atExternalisation, 459:are all working together, because in the human family there are those who are at every stage ofExternalisation, 461:who are seeking to establish the entire human family in a sounder way of life than heretofore, andExternalisation, 468:and attempt to think in terms of the one family, the one Life and the one humanity. Externalisation, 473:to attain divinity, the Eldest in a great family of brothers (as St. Paul expresses it), the MasterExternalisation, 497:and its non-possession), and the human family will recognize universally its status as a bridgingExternalisation, 507:at the expense of any part of the human family. He labors not to exalt one section of the populaceExternalisation, 562:finally, a great awakening in the human family and a major spiritual reorientation. This again hadExternalisation, 566:Mysteries. 7. The new orientation of the human family within itself to the concept of the OneExternalisation, 570:takes place, will work as members of the human family and not as proclaimed members of the kingdomExternalisation, 578:consciousness and situation in which the family of nations will stand together for certain basicExternalisation, 581:ray is, however, the constant ray of the human family, its influence is consistently present, andExternalisation, 589:through a study of the evolution of the human family, through a close consideration of historicalExternalisation, 608:simpler days, but those members of our human family who today recognize Him and are preparing toExternalisation, 648:separateness which exists between man and man, family and family, community and community, andExternalisation, 648:which exists between man and man, family and family, community and community, and nation andExternalisation, 657:can be distributed to the rest of the human family. It is therefore in this field that the majorExternalisation, 663:He is preparing to raise the entire human family nearer to God, laying Himself open to certainExternalisation, 667:with its dynamic potency the entire human family to the point where a group transition will takeExternalisation, 684:it can form a protective screen around the human family. Forget not the nature of the protectiveFire, 115:goal of endeavor of one-fourth of the human family; that the fourth manvantara will see the solarFire, 164:round is reached, three-fifths of the human family will have attained this point and will haveFire, 202:is the stimulating agent for most of the human family at this time. That as the higher triangleFire, 242:Men, in Whose bodies each unit of the human family finds place. He is the Vishnu aspect in processFire, 281:more than a concept. When more of the human family have their center of consciousness in the EgoFire, 324:days in a number of great groups of the human family when these two opposite poles made electricalFire, 327:the fourth creative. Every unit of the human family has to attain this mastery before the end ofFire, 369:that intensification of vibration in the human family which resulted in individualization. We mightFire, 386:third root-race, and that the definitely human family became present upon earth from that date. HeFire, 407:The consciousness of the mass of the human family will gradually pass on to the fourth subplane ofFire, 422:temporary obscuration of two fifths of the human family, the remaining units will achieve anFire, 425:by the obscuration of two fifths of the human family. The impress to be set by the first Ray uponFire, 425:to be set by the first Ray upon our human family on this globe might be considered as threefold:Fire, 425:in the fourth round in connection with the human family. Second. In the fifth round, at theFire, 425:apparent destruction of two-fifths of the human family, and the translation of the indwelling unitsFire, 426:will see and know, and three fifths of the human family will understand the reason. Third. At theFire, 426:is evident therefore that as regards the human family (the manasaputras in incarnation), theFire, 430:stimulation in the bodies of many of the human family who are still on that subplane, and willFire, 469:the karma of the different members of the human family. The Karma of a chain, which is bound up inFire, 471:has its own destiny to work out. National karma. Family karma. Individual karma. All theseFire, 493:of the fact that three fifths of the human family will stand upon the Path, 'a little child' beingFire, 499:of man. In that round three-fifths of the human family will be fully aware, functioning withFire, 530:Therefore in man, functioning in the human family, this fact is apparent and the correspondence toFire, 557:functions of the vegetable, animal, and human family, viewing them as a whole, are as yet purelyFire, 593:pure and simple and entirely selfish, to love of family and friends, to love of men and women,Fire, 595:through the stages of love of mate, love of family, love of surrounding associates, to love ofFire, 606:and hence the growing appreciation by the human family of the study of psychology, even though asFire, 641:lines. In due course of time, as the human family becomes centered in the higher, and not in theFire, 641:results. It would first of all bring the human family into the power (as yet blind and destructive)Fire, 642:planet, and in the individual units of the human family. The occult Hierarchy is a great forceFire, 645:One of the great errors into which the human family has fallen has been the endeavor to administerFire, 647:egoic lotus of the different units of the human family, and (on cosmic levels) in the solar andFire, 649:lies in the fact that those units of the human family who contribute to the constitution of thisFire, 677:this time with the sex expression in the human family on the physical plane. They are a group whoFire, 703:manas in full fruition working out in the human family. This fifth Hierarchy of Agnishvattas inFire, 711:that attended Rama's birth in Dasaratha's family. Dasaratha is, as you all know, a descendant ofFire, 714:in groups, and to interpret man and the human family in terms of electrical phenomena, much goodFire, 717:out of this function in the case of the human family, certain planetary and systemic conditions areFire, 717:the producing of self-consciousness in the human family, the full conscious occupation by the Logos
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