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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAMILY

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Hercules, 49:spiritual aspect if he marries and raises a family, is as devastatingly dangerous. There is noHercules, 66:in the Masonic tradition the search of the human family typified, the search for light, the searchHercules, 81:to bring about the formation of the human family, of the race, the nation, and the family unit.Hercules, 81:human family, of the race, the nation, and the family unit. Where the aspirant is concerned, theHercules, 85:opening the door into the mass form of the human family, and the other into the universal state ofHercules, 88:of the collective organization of the human family, and is one of the reasons why this is alwaysHercules, 91:Many esotericists hold the belief that the human family, the fourth kingdom in nature, graduallyHercules, 101:and thus brought into existence the human family, were the fifth group of divine lives and thatHercules, 105:to the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom, the human family came into existence through what isHercules, 105:and, therefore, the formation of the human family composed of individual units. Another technicalHercules, 108:is, therefore, a devastating force in the family group, society, organization with which he may beHercules, 174:the personal love we have for an individual, our family, our circle of friends, into exactly theHercules, 193:of [193] the immediate members of your family and know why they think as they do, understanding whyHercules, 193:breaking down the walls, flow through the human family. We are entering increasingly into the ageHercules, 198:been other sons of men gathered out of the human family from time to time, one here one there, aHercules, 209:of men, but never before has the entire human family been in this condition. Herein lies the wonderInitiation, 34:a number of highly evolved units of the human family. In order to enable others to take theirInitiation, 34:another door, and permit members of the human family who were willing to undergo the necessaryInitiation, 51:concerned with the evolution of the human family, comprise sixty-three, if the three great LordsInitiation, 55:everywhere, is of Kashmiri origin, though the family originally came from India. He is also anInitiation, 72:transmuted. A man's immediate group, friends, or family, who rebel at his growing impersonality.Initiation, 74:Then love between the units of the human family will take the form of the utilization of [75]Initiation, 89:reputation, character, standing in the world, family, and even life itself. [90] Initiation, 94:of developing the consciousness of the human family was initiated by the Hierarchy during theInitiation, 94:been imparted, and as three fifths of the human family will then have esoterically "set their feetInitiation, 96:as will be achieved by the majority of the human family prior to the middle of the next greatInitiation, 115:face to face with another member of the human family. The great solar Angel, who embodies the realInitiation, 167:in form building, in social relations, and in family affiliations. He comes to the recognition ofInitiation, 181:Lemurian, or the third root race, and the human family in this cycle definitely came intoIntellect, 8:of the average man. The problem facing the human family today in the realms both of science and ofIntellect, 15:and into which the pioneers of the human family have always penetrated, returning to tell us ofIntellect, 21:of the more highly evolved members of the human family. Today we have mass education. InIntellect, 30:more spiritual, things. These units of the human family must be discovered and encouraged to go onIntellect, 49:For a few (and those the flower of the human family) Being stands for a recognition of ability toIntellect, 207:possible to the one-pointed man. His duties to family and friends and to his business or professionIntellect, 208:for the woman who is living a purely social or family life. These last have to learn to organizeIntellect, 216:or to forego that early morning gossip with the family, or to take the needed time from a book, orIntellect, 217:much about the opposition they meet from their family and friends; the husband objects to his wifeIntellect, 218:shut away from people, and not litter up the family sitting room with a lot of literature in whichIntellect, 218:to get a moment for meditation before the family disperses for the day's work, or before weIntellect, 247:functioning activity, the "Eldest in a great family of brothers." He has a consciousness which isMagic, 47:When we narrow the concept down to the human family, and consider the individual man, we call itMagic, 70:which we call world work; out of the carrying of family responsibilities will come thatMagic, 86:now, for they are the pioneers of the human family, the pathfinders into the world of the soul.Magic, 89:plus the gains of experience in the human family. For this the solar Angel, the soul, is organizingMagic, 94:concluded that the collective brain of the human family (that entity which we call the fourthMagic, 111:love, demonstrated in duty to group and family, is therefore for him the line of least resistance.Magic, 132:contact. They work with these units of the human family and expect fair promise of average success.Magic, 143:is human. As evolution proceeds, and the human family rises into its true position in the greatMagic, 157:should here be remembered that the entire human family has been brought into manifestation by aMagic, 161:expectancy and a climaxing desire (in the human family) for material possession. Note the wordMagic, 204:an individual as an expression of love, to the family, or to the nation, there grows service to aMagic, 242:ray qualities. He is racked by fear - his own, family fears, national fears and racial, for all ofMagic, 263:aim of the devotee - love of wife or child, or family, pride of race, love of popularity, or lustMagic, 277:and so awaken others. The pioneers of the human family, the scientists, thinkers and artistsMagic, 285:aspect is the prerogative of the human family. When man has evolved, when all parts of his nervousMagic, 291:seven energies and to the one ray. The human family are responsive also to other energies and toMagic, 292:A man's own astral or sentient body. The human family as a whole. The astral plane in the largeMagic, 292:or mind-stuff. The mentality of: The human family as a whole. The particular race to which a manMagic, 315:or sensitive emanations of a man's surrounding family or friends. They affect him far more than heMagic, 334:and its non-possession), and the human family will recognize universally its status as a bridgingMagic, 339:the individual to the state and nation, from the family unit to the world, and hence the bigMagic, 360:that God is Will. To do [360] this for the human family, They work with the intellect so as toMagic, 370:births" presses down, or as the troubles of the family, nation or race weigh upon the sensitiveMagic, 394:to regard the surrounding members of the human family as dependent upon one. The sense ofMagic, 396:conditions. The stage of responsibility to family or friends. The stage of ambition and of longingMagic, 399:condition which worked out in the human family in this threefold coordination. But it was primarilyMagic, 407:manifestations. A division of the entire human family, consciously or unconsciously, into two basicMagic, 462:relations between units and groups in the human family. A step in this direction is being made.Magic, 464:in their turn generate causes. Only in the human family and only among those human beings who areMagic, 525:that aggregate of forms which we call the human family exists. We must study this from theMagic, 525:human unit within the ring-pass-not of the human family. We will use the word humanity, and speakMagic, 529:automatically shifts his position in the human family and - again speaking in symbols - findsMagic, 531:well seen ends through the medium of the human family. 2. Those lives who are limited in formMagic, 535:kingdoms, develops into intellect in the human family. Later intellect merges into intuition andMagic, 538:of the sons of men can so act, then the human family will enter upon its destined work of planetaryMagic, 554:concept can be traced back all the way from a family group to the group of egos who, closelyMagic, 570:or buddhi. The object of evolution in the human family is to bring this Christ force, the principleMagic, 589:the eyebrows" of the etheric body of the human family. Through the one, spiritual life can begin toMagic, 605:intuitional response are developed in the human family, it is not possible for us to grasp theMagic, 614:of astral illusion is only known in the human family. There is no astral plane except in theMagic, 634:of failure has more widely haunted the human family. Another cause of this reaction is to be foundMagic, 636:and on the people he seeks to help, and also his family background, his world training and hisMeditation, 17:graded steps of the utilization of all for the family, of all for those he personally loves, of allMeditation, 45:in the groups national, religious or family. Four Groups connected with the Pupils A man, when inMeditation, 47:of importance in the life of the pupil, is his family group, involving its special family heredityMeditation, 47:is his family group, involving its special family heredity and characteristics. Every man, who hasMeditation, 47:and possible, has entered some particular family from deliberate choice: To work off karma asMeditation, 47:is so insuperable at present. Therefore the family group is the second thing of moment that entersMeditation, 47:be records kept as to the pupil's forbears, his family history, the progress of his youth and lifeMeditation, 98:of polarization for the majority of the human family; it is the most difficult body to control, andMeditation, 116:plane: The following groups will be found: His family group to which he is usually affiliated forMeditation, 118:to several groups such as: His emotional plane family group, which is more thoroughly his own groupMeditation, 118:which is more thoroughly his own group than the family into which he happens to be born on theMeditation, 118:times in life when members of an emotional plane family contact each other on the physical plane.Meditation, 129:in the scheme of things, and the part the human family must likewise play. The work is slow, andMeditation, 142:off from all other members of the human family, thus forming in himself a unit among other units.Meditation, 144:and the mind expanded until it embraces: Its family and friends. Its environing associates. ItsMeditation, 320:course without neglecting his other duties and family ties. There will be no fees or money charged,Meditation, 347:and a life well spent. Those Who guide the human family test out all applicants for service in the
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