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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAMOUS

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Autobiography, 16:stock but none of the people attained any famous or infamous notoriety. The family crest is,Autobiography, 51:agreed at that time with the pronouncement of a famous Bible Institute in the United States thatAutobiography, 75:Many of them had their own name for me. One famous cavalry regiment called me "Granny." AnotherAutobiography, 87:remember a major in a certain regiment (now a famous general) wanting to marry me. That was a funnyAutobiography, 91:such very ordinary, uninteresting people. These famous people seem to have deteriorated sadly sinceAutobiography, 156:a remark of my eldest daughter, Dorothy (who is famous for her remarks with a double meaning). IAutobiography, 173:was the situation which was rampant when the famous convention of 1920 took place in Chicago in theBethlehem, 66:of the Lord." As one says these words, the famous picture, by Mulillo, of the Virgin, standing onBethlehem, 130:as God, the larger synthesis. Pope, in his famous Essay on Man, sensed this, and expressed it inDiscipleship1, 5:(or mind-stuff as Patanjali calls it in his famous Book of Rules) was neither so highly developedEducation, 119:years ago made the South American continent famous for its civilization. I am necessarily widelyHercules, 17:We will deal here only with the twelve famous labors, and of them we read: "Hercules, by the willHercules, 91:reference to these constellations. Ursa Minor is famous because the brightest star in it is theHercules, 100:though it is interesting to note that this famous labor has no relation to the lion's skin whichMagic, 59:of opposites. His prayer then should be the famous prayer of India, uttered by the heart,Magic, 408:artists are likewise to be found, giving us the famous schools which are the glory of Europe. TwoMagic, 408:schools which are the glory of Europe. Two famous groups, one cultural and the other political,Reappearance, 63:divinity; the Church of Christ has made itself famous and futile (as the world war proved) for itsSoul, 82:purpose and mode of existence is that most famous of all the Eastern Scriptures, the Bhagavad Gita.Soul, 87:Search of the Soul, Vol. I, p. 119. Mundinus, a famous anatomist of the Middle Ages, believed
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