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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FASHION

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Astrology, 61:again from left to right. He revolves in giddy fashion upon an axis of desire. He knows not whereAstrology, 351:three aspects of the Sun in a most mysterious fashion: Cancer - physical Sun - 3rd aspect -Astrology, 385:upon which to expend his innate art and to fashion [386] that which is beautiful and useful. VulcanAstrology, 386:how Hercules upon the Fixed Cross had to fashion his own weapons before he succeeded in theAstrology, 649:our Earth is one but being aligned in a peculiar fashion with certain spheres (or planets) on theAtom, 105:or we are interested because it is the fashion; and yet, [106] in spite of this mental attitude,Autobiography, 10:we go down, temporarily at least. It is in this fashion that we are forced to go on learning. As IAutobiography, 28:up an illustrated magazine. Opening it in idle fashion, to my surprise I saw my grandmother'sAutobiography, 40:the rock. I knew in some subjective and certain fashion that it was the Buddha. I had a sense ofDestiny, 26:which matter and to express itself in a living fashion. That is the factor of moment and not theDiscipleship1, 108:and one progresses from step to step in spiral fashion and this ever involves a retracingDiscipleship1, 113:rendered that service in set and crystallized fashion and have been too often unduly objective andDiscipleship1, 400:me? My nature is in truth joy, or bliss. In what fashion does this joy manifest itself? Does itDiscipleship1, 445:through observation, pour through me? In what fashion will the observation of the Observer bringDiscipleship1, 752:In a distorted and frequently unsatisfactory fashion, he is engaged in forming his own group andDiscipleship2, 402:interpret - even though in [402] an elementary fashion compared to what he will recognize at theDiscipleship2, 423:Decision) begin to range in an extra-planetary fashion. The meaning of all this may be onlyDiscipleship2, 564:to use your pen in a more potent and dynamic fashion. The above statement gives you, also, theEducation, 141:forward as listed above in an ordered sequential fashion. There is much overlapping and lack ofExternalisation, 63:those who are seeking, in their own way and fashion, to deal with the situation. Clear thinking, aExternalisation, 64:can work, if they are willing, in a constructive fashion to end some of the world glamor. This theyExternalisation, 74:that matter and to express itself in a living fashion. The thinkers and servers must learn toExternalisation, 319:armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be in a position toExternalisation, 548:it then proceeded in a subterranean [548] fashion, only to erupt once more in 1939, continuing withExternalisation, 610:of the World. This Light will irradiate in a fashion unknown before, not only the Father's House,Externalisation, 688:energy can [688] flow in a new and electric fashion from Shamballa, via the hierarchical minorityFire, 225:have endeavored to answer in brief and concise fashion these nine questions, and have grasped,Fire, 580:plane, and ceases action in this particular fashion when the third plane is transcended. This lawFire, 781:on S. D., II, 96. They are the Sons of Fire and fashion inner man. - S. D., II, 114 56 The solarFire, 867:to the particular Ray and subray. In this fashion the work of the disciple is carried forward, andFire, 868:in an atomic, personal, planetary and cosmic fashion, they are not to be trusted. That muchFire, 924:physical plane reflect in a dim and distorted fashion the three aspects, and are a shadow, dark andFire, 938:and four minor) which overlap in an intricate fashion. Again, when the second stage is reached, aFire, 1033:analogy in the impulses emanating in cyclic fashion from the causal body of man, which impulsesFire, 1035:the three serpents are interwoven in a spiral fashion, and the Flaming Diamond which [1036]Fire, 1045:its own inherent cycle, yet spiraling in cyclic fashion through the heavens, and therefore,Fire, 1058:on its axis but likewise spirals in a cyclic fashion through the Heavens. This is a differentFire, 1085:that connects the higher and lower or in Puranic fashion, the spirit that seeks to add to theFire, 1109:this activity as it manifests in fourfold fashion in the mental sheath, and the reason that thereFire, 1121:links each center up in a peculiar geometrical fashion, thus bringing every part of the nature ofFire, 1129:energy hidden in each center in circulatory fashion. To summarize therefore: we have perfectedFire, 1130:when the triple fire is mounting in orderly fashion via the triple channel, and when the three headFire, 1130:the three head centers are united in triangular fashion, then we have illumination or theFire, 1175:earth is one, but being aligned in a peculiar fashion with certain spheres on the inner round, aHealing, 55:long evolutionary history) in awakening in some fashion, however slight, the centers above theHealing, 214:process is not carried forward in any sequential fashion or smoothly and in order as the tabulationHealing, 331:attempt to express a great truth in as simple a fashion as possible. The true significance of theHercules, 13:of working in the ordinary human retrogressive fashion, from Aries to Taurus via PiscesHercules, 29:which symbolically (and often in a most amazing fashion) embody the disciple's problem and indicateHercules, 133:it is often better to allow a person to fashion his spiritual certainties out of his own bitterInitiation, 80:to the particular ray and subray. In this fashion is the work of the disciple carried forward, andInitiation, 117:on the mental plane through the Ego in a triple fashion, but now all aspects of the mind, as weInitiation, 164:Rod his centers were affected in a particular fashion. By the impartation of the Secret, the reasonIntellect, 167:I know no death that chills; I fear no fate, nor fashion, cause nor creed, I shall outdream theMagic, 106:base of the spine are connected in a peculiar fashion, which is one of the secrets of the firstMagic, 362:aspect, using these words in symbolic fashion. The right use of physical energy by the initiateMagic, 367:archetype on which the Lodge is endeavoring to fashion the race. It involves cooperation in theMagic, 459:the blue prints (I speak again in symbolic fashion), deal with the specifications, look for thoseMagic, 523:of its expression be grasped in a clearer fashion. I talk now in symbols; I manipulate words inMeditation, 171:whereby His love is manifested in a predominant fashion. The solar system being in itself a directMeditation, 228:Let us enumerate or tabulate in broad general fashion, leaving the detailed working out to theMeditation, 241:of healing with color is dealt with in correct fashion and with technical knowledge and at length,Meditation, 265:rewards the struggling aspirant in adequate fashion... Tomorrow we will deal with the moreMeditation, 300:will come the time for the founding in esoteric fashion of the true occult school. By that I meanPatanjali, 93:the student to apply these thoughts in practical fashion to his own life. Spirit Soul Body. MonadPatanjali, 421:made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and becamePsychology1, 271:state; the other lives his life in a controlled fashion, governing through the power of the mind,Psychology2, 122:because [122] it is becoming increasingly the fashion and the custom to be occupied with some formPsychology2, 375:substance, and desire. Can I relate these and fashion thus a form for God? Where shall I send myPsychology2, 669:body. The many who are working in isolated fashion in the various fields of human endeavorPsychology2, 683:The power of such a group, working in such a fashion, will be tremendous. They can accomplishRays, 655:initiation. These Masters can, in a mysterious fashion, implement the expression of the divineRays, 680:of the Church interpret the words of Christ in a fashion which has no relation to His originalReappearance, 7:divine Intermediaries. They can act in this fashion because They [8] have completely divorcedReappearance, 58:of the World. This Light will irradiate (in a fashion unknown before) not only the Father's House,Reappearance, 102:aim is to meet the immediate need in such a fashion that the ideas presented may become ideals toSoul, 156:of evil. Though Aristotle, after the Greek fashion, gives the primacy not to will but to mind, the
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