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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FATE

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Astrology, 16:can and do indicate the personality destiny and fate; they do condition and completely control theAstrology, 99:determines his little destiny and unimportant fate. Esoteric astrology indicates his groupAstrology, 104:anent individual life and purpose when the fate of certain planets (when in the various zodiacalAstrology, 158:materialistic nature, plus the "blows of fate" which are the enactments of the law of karma. AgainAstrology, 525:that in these interrelations is no inevitable fate or unavoidable destiny. The aim of theAstrology, 525:soul ends. So it is with nations and races. The fate of the nations lies in the hands of itsAutobiography, 121:was what should we do? I understood Walter's fate was largely in my hands. If I could induce him toAutobiography, 121:talk with the Bishop. I made him see that his fate [122] did lie in my hands and that it would beAutobiography, 151:am I that I should have perfect health when the fate of humanity [152] at this time seems toAutobiography, 171:I have often wondered what would have been the fate of the T.S. if they had had the grit to stayAutobiography, 247:astrology sets up a chart which gives the fate and destiny of the personality [248] and when thatBethlehem, 168:world of the thinkers of the race. Then their fate is determined, and eventually the new and uniqueBethlehem, 168:it is personalities or ideas which decide the fate of an age, the answer is that the age get itsDestiny, 65:as a result of their non-participation in the fate of the whole. The isolationist or theDestiny, 85:to gain those ends? There is an ironic fate which determines that this great nation, having in pastDestiny, 100:that in these interrelations is no inevitable fate or unavoidable destiny. The aim of theDestiny, 100:soul ends. So it is with nations and races. The fate of a nation lies in the hands of its leadersDiscipleship1, 494:relations and in all whom you meet and life and fate throws in your way. Isolation must give placeDiscipleship1, 780:astrology sets up a chart which gives the fate and destiny of the personality, and when thatDiscipleship2, 297:upon daily life, circumstance, the future and fate. This is as yet an embryonic sense or entirelyDiscipleship2, 438:In the planetary and cosmic processes, the fate, the attainment and the progress of the individualDiscipleship2, 464:anxiety and in your psychic participation in the fate of your country and in your sensitiveExternalisation, 105:passing through an acute crisis and its karma or fate is heavy upon it. Being so close to events,Externalisation, 108:outer happenings upon the physical plane. The fate of the form life and of outer organizations isExternalisation, 113:men must increasingly determine their own fate as they emerge from the stage of adolescence intoExternalisation, 214:every country, and upon their decision rests the fate of the less intelligent masses. Hence theExternalisation, 231:the world as it may be tomorrow - a world whose fate is still unsettled. I would presentExternalisation, 247:can do no more than acquiesce in the unhappy fate which has overtaken them. They are unable toExternalisation, 281:that it is humanity which determines its own fate. Men have transcended the child stage and are nowExternalisation, 364:spiritual determination to win the war; the fate of the Axis Nations is therefore unalterablyExternalisation, 445:have no knowledge of occult matters or of human fate or of the effective enterprise of human freeExternalisation, 478:people and the Japanese have been left to their fate and to the tender mercies of the armies ofExternalisation, 536:past, humanity was the engineer of its own fate; but it took both the esoteric activity ofExternalisation, 614:life of all who suffered through the war, the fate of the starving people who are still taking theExternalisation, 614:and workers have far more than the general fate to endure. They - if they open their hearts andFire, 413:be stated that the relative failure that was the fate of the Moon chain in our scheme has greatlyHealing, 167:[167] Healed the patient when his destiny and fate so willed it and his soul had therefore drawnHealing, 233:been accepted without questioning as the fate of all living things, but now, for the first time,Healing, 266:race, which has initiated their ancient and dire fate, this basic world issue will remain as it hasHealing, 545:patient and a willingness [545] for the destined fate to take place; in both cases the feverishHealing, 545:permits, that what he is enduring is the fate and the lot of the majority, and that he is notIntellect, 167:no birth, I know no death that chills; I fear no fate, nor fashion, cause nor creed, I shallMagic, 474:will enter in. Speak not of self. Pity not thy fate. The thoughts of self and of thy lower destinyMeditation, 123:body. Insanity in the mental body is the heavy fate that descends upon those who for manyPatanjali, 175:perhaps as doubting himself as an arbiter of his fate, his fellowmen as to their nature andPatanjali, 187:in the place, surroundings and environment where fate has put one. Certain governing factors inProblems, 101:however), helpless in the hands of a cruel fate, or not so helpless but organized by certainProblems, 102:enemies, as related in The Old Testament. The fate of the Jews in the world war is a terrible talePsychology1, xxi:in his own unfoldment and his own personal fate, and all aspirants who become accepted disciplesPsychology1, 397:met in conclave and decided what should be the fate of those who, having reached the Gates ofPsychology2, 156:demand for more satisfying compliances of fate or destiny. Cycle after cycle of demand forPsychology2, 402:one that is yet in its infancy but it holds the fate of humanity in its grasp and it has the powerPsychology2, 437:and his life task, or the life activity to which fate ordains him and predisposition inclines him.Psychology2, 484:subject, and the victim either of a cruel fate or of his divinity. I am wording this withPsychology2, 632:prominence, and sometimes because life, destiny, fate or karma (we can use whichever word we like)Rays, 735:individuals, can share if you are linking your fate and service to that of the New Group of World
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