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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FATIGUE

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Atom, 102:reaction to stimuli; that they manifest signs of fatigue, and that it is possible to poison aAutobiographyto the limit of physical capacity regardless of fatigue or pain. She chose to go out activelyAutobiography, 140:to evoke a spirit of weariness and of spiritual fatigue. One life seems hard enough withoutAutobiography, 222:the things one pictures to oneself in moments of fatigue and disillusionment, and yet behind allDiscipleship1, 6:They call for peace in turmoil; for power in fatigue; for persistence in spite of bad health; forDiscipleship1, 56:where his lower nature is concerned: excessive fatigue, emotional rebellion and mental lucidity.Discipleship1, 56:How must he deal with this problem? Physical fatigue need not necessarily impair in any way hisDiscipleship1, 72:of your own individual existence and in the fatigue which is incident to daily work and theDiscipleship1, 106:cells need rest, for a certain amount of mental fatigue exists. Discipleship1, 113:not with that supple ease [113] which negates fatigue and which is the hallmark of the trainedDiscipleship1, 170:brother, I have this word. Let not the glamor of fatigue and of disappointment over worldDiscipleship1, 170:and aspiring thought; then the glamor of fatigue and of innate disgust will give place to a keenDiscipleship1, 175:sense of failure, based largely upon physical fatigue and the pressures of life. No one butDiscipleship1, 194:my brother, to do this at night, if the hour, fatigue or your duties should render it inconvenient.Discipleship1, 238:and they must be briefly expressed because your fatigue is greater than you realize. You need restDiscipleship1, 395:life. The struggle with sickness and with fatigue, plus an equally constant urge to serve and toDiscipleship1, 401:who submits to the imperative voice of physical fatigue and the liabilities of a physical bodyDiscipleship1, 409:in you over-stimulation and excitation, with fatigue as a result. Perhaps I can help you most byDiscipleship1, 434:In the heat and pressure of the fight and the fatigue incident to the strain of active service forDiscipleship1, 487:you realize it not. But so great is your psychic fatigue that you see not the gains. You care notDiscipleship1, 521:upon the physical plane as a sense of real fatigue and has climaxed in a period of illness. But -Discipleship1, 557:the body nature, the disciple is conscious of fatigue, pain, distress and a deep weariness. It hasDiscipleship1, 557:a deep weariness. It has been the "personality fatigue" of the human race which partially wasDiscipleship2, 459:two contacts? They came at moments of extreme fatigue and tension. The future also holds for youDiscipleship2, 460:etheric body), leading to physical debility and fatigue and also to a pronounced inability toDiscipleship2, 502:to relax unduly and should push on in spite of fatigue (the fatigue of years of living), in spiteDiscipleship2, 502:and should push on in spite of fatigue (the fatigue of years of living), in spite of the increasingDiscipleship2, 628:tendency to do so - only moments of unutterable fatigue when temptation may appear, but to it youDiscipleship2, 651:during the past year as you have struggled with fatigue, with loneliness, with foreboding [652] andDiscipleship2, 667:understanding of the Plan. Let naught - fatigue, frustration, people or circumstance - deflect youDiscipleship2, 730:the physical plane, largely as depression and fatigue, produced a negativity which made itExternalisation, 218:to think because of the general condition of fatigue in which you share is no excuse, and isExternalisation, 224:down by world karma, by their own physical fatigue and by their horror of the present situation,Externalisation, 327:of suffering humanity), accompanied by a deep fatigue, a shattered psychological integration as theExternalisation, 457:may use the word, stagnant. The tendency to over-fatigue and to complete collapse - once the war isExternalisation, 495:the Axis Powers to surmount the incidental war fatigue. This brought about, first of all, a steadyExternalisation, 509:by noiselessness and smoothness, and hence fatigue will be eliminated. In the human control ofExternalisation, 509:control of etheric levels lies the overcoming of fatigue and the power to transcend time. UntilFire, 427:enjoyment of that manifestation, as a sense of fatigue, a growth of inertness, a need for rest byGlamour, 108:Forget not, through familiarity and fatigue of conflict, the divinity of each developing step. ThusHealing, 225:and unending, ranging all the way from ordinary fatigue and tiredness (plus the universal tendencyHealing, 326:power and a slowness in recovery from fatigue?" This question is concise and can be brieflyHealing, 326:perfectly healthy but have little resistance to fatigue. The principal factors in re-establishingHealing, 326:upon the proteins and vitamins. The avoidance of fatigue and worry. [327] Against all the above, atHealing, 369:electrified ions developed feelings of fatigue, dizziness and headache, while if exposed toHealing, 636:are subject to disease and decay; even the "fatigue" of metals is a registered scientific fact;Intellect, 220:are then surprised when nothing occurs, except fatigue and headaches. The withdrawal of theIntellect, 231:men. The end of that is disease and desperate fatigue and loss of the way while shouting it toMagic, 58:Dissatisfaction, disgust, distaste, and a deep fatigue are characteristic very frequently of thoseMagic, 135:and of ambition. They must guard against fatigue, due to long effort in materializing the plan andMagic, 223:is to falter on the Path, and to drop under the fatigue of service and of strife; he may beMagic, 309:and file of humanity and lead to reactions of fatigue. Magic, 324:of that which may be inwardly seen and heard. If fatigue is present and the physical body is inMagic, 348:in various ways also. It may result in bodily fatigue and this must be dealt with - not so much byMeditation, 95:physical brain, and is the cause of much of the fatigue complained of after a period [96] ofMeditation, 104:It shows in the initial stages as numbness and fatigue, and if the student persists in meditationMeditation, 104:guard against continuing his meditation when any fatigue is felt, and should stop at the firstMeditation, 179:- unless duly regulated - to cause a feeling of fatigue, of tension, of excitement and ofProblems, 49:this mysterious new order of carrying on. The fatigue, inertia and lack of interest, incident toPsychology1, xvii:to increase responsibility, or produce brain fatigue and staleness, with subsequent revolt fromPsychology1, 124:of the etheric levels lie the lessening of fatigue, rapidity of transit, and the ability toPsychology2, 641:of disaster. This factor of futility, and the fatigue incident to the long struggle, are todayPsychology2, 704:loss of faith, and a feeling [704] of emotional fatigue and mental futility which tried many to theRays, 45:with points of crisis, with courage and with fatigue. Is this not so? But in reality tension,Rays, 626:masses against physical plane war, the general fatigue of the nations and the use of the United
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