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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAULTS

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Astrology, 206:the instrument of the sense of power. When these faults are realized and are overcome, the resultAtom, 127:and are cognizant principally of our brother's faults. We are insensitive, yet, to the best people.Autobiography, 14:I am none of these, at least, in spite of many faults and it is possible that my rising sign savesAutobiography, 35:alive spiritually. I was conscious of my faults to an abnormal degree. I was stopping with my AuntAutobiography, 119:their crucial and appalling problem. There are faults on both sides. I do not here refer to theAutobiography, 119:faults on both sides. I do not here refer to the faults or rather the evil criminality of theAutobiography, 121:found a Jew who would admit that there might be faults or provocation on their side. They alwaysAutobiography, 145:basically we are all alike. We have the same faults and failings, the same urges and aspirations,Autobiography, 146:to be overcome. Every nation has its outstanding faults and of these the other nations are moreAutobiography, 146:is the same with people. We all have outstanding faults which shriek so loud to the world that ourAutobiography, 147:people are what they are; no matter what their faults it doesn't alter my attitude to them. I doAutobiography, 147:I have been afraid of failure, afraid of having faults, afraid of what people think of me, andAutobiography, 263:familiar are only preparatory in nature, full of faults, based on the weaknesses and the strengthBethlehem, 196:so-called sins of the unevolved man, and the faults and failings of the average "nice" citizen ofDestiny, 56:fond of display and color, and with the faults also of the feminine aspect, such as over emphasisDiscipleship1, 16:and women who need not specific statements as to faults and characteristics. I seek only to makeDiscipleship1, 47:aware and can handle them if you choose. These faults are interesting only in so far as they affectDiscipleship1, 51:more rapidly to the quality of a brother's faults than to his divine characteristics? In what wayDiscipleship1, 77:exist. You are not yet initiate, and you have faults, limitations, points of darkness and muchDiscipleship1, 77:and this produces an unwillingness to recognize faults or even to admit, hypothetically, thatDiscipleship1, 77:faults or even to admit, hypothetically, that faults may be present. The tendency toDiscipleship1, 129:is. My function with you is not to tell you your faults or to give you many directions. These youDiscipleship1, 130:see people truly and as they are - with their faults and their virtues, their divinity and theirDiscipleship1, 131:free from glamor (I did not say free from faults or from the mental aspects of glamor which we callDiscipleship1, 187:how inexperienced they may be or how full of faults. Ponder on this and seek to work our way, forDiscipleship1, 207:You will note that I am not here dealing with faults. At your particular age, life habit, developedDiscipleship1, 207:tendencies, acquired good, and unconquered faults are firmly established. Go forward with yourDiscipleship1, 242:and at the elimination of those personality faults which stand in the way of the generalDiscipleship1, 320:you, my brother, for that is not one of your faults), the ability to stand alone and unmoved. YourDiscipleship1, 330:in themselves and thus succeed in bringing their faults to the surface and they do it with suchDiscipleship1, 341:be appraised justly and its achievements, its faults and its capacities rightly gauged, and when itDiscipleship1, 425:reveals) the hidden glory of the spirit. Your faults are there, as are the faults of all upon theDiscipleship1, 425:of the spirit. Your faults are there, as are the faults of all upon the Way. Many pass much timeDiscipleship1, 512:or do you lock up your knowledge of peoples' faults in the secret of your heart, loving yourDiscipleship1, 537:love people, you are frequently blind to their faults and accept them at their own valuation. WhenDiscipleship1, 599:not so much time to the consideration of the faults and mistakes of the past. Self-depreciation isDiscipleship1, 645:teacher and friend. You are free from two faults which have strongly colored the personnel of someDiscipleship1, 662:the naughty, wilful child, for your errors and faults are those of a child and are not adult faultsDiscipleship1, 662:faults are those of a child and are not adult faults at all. You dream in a child's dream world.Discipleship1, 725:The disciple or aspirant who has glaring faults and who fails to make the required changes himselfDiscipleship1, 727:on this. The searchlight of the soul reveals faults in character, limitations in expression andDiscipleship1, 769:interpretations, colored by personality faults, delayed by inertia and often selfishly based. ByDiscipleship2, 4:of impersonality must be steady and sure. The faults evidenced by each and all of you are on theDiscipleship2, 5:a humble spirit which is not occupied with the faults and failures of others can prevent theDiscipleship2, 12:Small notice need be paid to less important faults and errors; so oft faults that seem to you ofDiscipleship2, 12:paid to less important faults and errors; so oft faults that seem to you of paramount importanceDiscipleship2, 43:physical or otherwise, look unduly large; one's faults are exaggerated in one's consciousness,Discipleship2, 82:of purpose, of technique and of personality faults have been exposed and recognized by trulyDiscipleship2, 92:looked for or expected, but certain personality faults of pride, temper and an undisciplined natureDiscipleship2, 92:They could not stand the exposure of their faults, either to themselves or to the group. They knewDiscipleship2, 110:them all; personality weaknesses, mistakes and faults are overlooked and forgotten in the urgencyDiscipleship2, 329:he may leave behind his personality with its faults and problems, he indicates clearly to hisDiscipleship2, 334:The Master is not occupied with the temporary faults but with the soul grip and intention, and withDiscipleship2, 335:I chose to make myself aware of their thinking, faults and failures. I will tell you. From a surveyDiscipleship2, 335:persistent hold. Therefore, in spite of serious faults, and in spite of pronounced personalityDiscipleship2, 335:and are ready for training. Their failings and faults will disappear more rapidly than you imagineDiscipleship2, 381:must naturally arise. Can, for instance, the faults of a disciple keep the group back fromDiscipleship2, 456:pry into their daily lives, know their petty faults and silly little failures and are fully awareDiscipleship2, 525:people from a superior position - so that their faults and failures [526] and their little humanDiscipleship2, 602:lies right there and it is mainly your racial faults which hinder you. I would add also to theDiscipleship2, 679:have lately succumbed to [679] two personality faults or weaknesses which seriously hinder yourDiscipleship2, 689:are probably now assuming that I am referring to faults, handicaps or limitations. Perhaps I am. IDiscipleship2, 763:to the seeing of all people in truth, with their faults and their virtues, their pettiness andEducation, 13:Nevertheless, criticism and the pointing out of faults and errors does not always prove helpful; itExternalisation, 103:been interested in the elimination of hindering faults for the individual's sake, but for theExternalisation, 245:not alone in selfishness, for [245] the same faults taint every national record. But they standExternalisation, 356:illusion. The United Nations, with all their faults, limitations, weaknesses and nationalisms, areExternalisation, 431:aggression, and national prides. Of these faults all nations have been guilty. A sense ofExternalisation, 543:- with love and understanding - to point out the faults of the world religions, with their obsoleteExternalisation, 571:doctrine; his impersonality - which recognizes faults as well as virtues - enrages many and oftenGlamour, 21:Some regard it as the sumtotal of a man's faults, his evil nature, which hinders his beingGlamour, 147:use such a term) of the same basic errors and faults. The German is powerfully race conscious; soGlamour, 163:illusion. The United Nations, with all their faults, limitations, weaknesses and nationalisms, areHealing, 123:apparent cleavages and the emergence of faults as well as virtues upon the part of those affectedHealing, 234:these evils are not only individual sins and faults, but can be national characteristics; the worldHercules, 166:You can know what a human being is, with all his faults, and you can love him; not from a superiorHercules, 174:able to see people as they truly are with their faults, their failings, their achievements,Intellect, 246:which the light may not shine; there are secret faults which they know but cannot break; there isMagic, 483:no matter how sincere and devoted, is free from faults. Were he free, he would be an adept. AllMagic, 561:failures to understand each other, the little faults which have their roots in personality andMagic, 618:and the disciple when mistakes are made and faults are condoned. First of all, the immediate goalMagic, 623:times, if I may use such a word. The personality faults become strengthened as he seeks to carryMagic, 636:should he give way to the glamor and to the faults inherent in his nature and permit them to hinderMeditation, 150:emotions to that of the intuition. He has the faults of his type, - dreamy, visionary, impractical,Problems, 17:Rehabilitation of the Nations Germany Of the faults of the German nation, there is little need toProblems, 86:their problem fundamentally requires. Racial faults are more widely recognized than racial virtues;Problems, 86:that the minority itself is not free from faults but is in a measure also responsible for some ofProblems, 86:for some of the difficulties. These racial faults and difficulties are usually frankly ignored byProblems, 86:by the minority itself and its friends. Racial faults may be entirely the result of the pointProblems, 137:earth and in the hearts of men; these disastrous faults were there because the spiritual values hadPsychology1, 389:fond of display [389] and color, and with the faults of the feminine aspect, such as the laying ofPsychology2, 43:he stands in his development. One of the major faults of disciples today is the paying [44] of tooPsychology2, 44:is the paying [44] of too close attention to the faults, errors and activities of other disciples,Psychology2, 70:the Path of Probation whereon the major faults [71] should be eliminated and whereon the majorRays, 305:Revenge, hate, acquisitiveness and similar faults, based on lack of spiritual unfoldment. TheRays, 352:rules him, either through its limitations and faults or through the physical disciplines which haveRays, 446:with the Path of Probation whereon the major faults should be eliminated and whereon the majorRays, 629:of ingrained personality habits and thoughts and faults, with a steadily increasing soul pressure.
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