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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FAVOR

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Astrology, 231:and the scales will have been turned finally in favor of that which the Virgin-Mother has hiddenAstrology, 237:and the conservative attitude must be dropped in favor of religious, psychic and physical trainingAutobiography, 118:letter from him just as if I had done him a favor. Apart from the fact that I had been brought upBethlehem, 76:Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." (St. Luke, II, 51, 52.) [77]Bethlehem, 135:passed would have been relatively overlooked in favor of the Crucifixion had the [136] EpistlesDiscipleship2, 88:Those connected with the Great White Lodge favor no Bibles or authorities - only the freedom of theExternalisation, 171:Hierarchy are hard put to it to turn the tide in favor of that true and more spiritual civilizationExternalisation, 171:the world thinkers. The tide must be turned in favor of that which we call righteousness. The seedsExternalisation, 233:strengthen your arms and turn the tide in your favor if you stand up and fight for that which youExternalisation, 383:friends and in your environment without fear or favor. It will help you to do so if you regard suchExternalisation, 443:let no false and glamorous sentiment lead you to favor weakness towards the Axis Powers at thisExternalisation, 444:activities which benefit the whole and do not favor one particular nation, even if it is your own.Fire, xiii:It should tend to bring about a reaction in favor of a system of philosophy which will link bothHealing, 662:how to materialize it and make it true, for they favor not (and rightly) a totalitarian regime. TheHercules, 195:the sun. For seven days he meditated, and then a favor was bestowed on him. A golden chalice fellHercules, 196:evil a deadly blow, and righted the balance in favor of justice. When Eryx the wrestler challengedMagic, 408:and conditions of the age and race. Those who favor some particular approach to the truth willPatanjali, 198:[198] emotional benefits, such as love and favor, dislike or hatred are not claimed by him andPatanjali, 198:the assumption of some one else's duty, favor or popularity are all equally repudiated by him andPsychology1, 122:color, of lavender and of purple will come into favor. Behind all this lies a purpose profound. ThePsychology2, 109:lead all disciples to relinquish the personal in favor of the universal and of the soul, that knowsPsychology2, 501:find occasion to hurt those he hates; he will favor himself by participating in the fulfilment ofPsychology2, 647:or it is not. The testimony of the ages is in favor of its efficacy along these lines. 3. To holdRays, 612:of energy into humanity at this time is all in favor of such efforts, and the Principle of ConflictRays, 626:unskilled laborers in the political field who favor the socialistic ideology. This conflict goesSoul, 20:Free Will is therefore largely ruled out in favor of the organism, the nervous apparatus, and of
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