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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FEAR

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Psychology2, 481:i. e., free will. There is no immediate fear of this, however, if the intelligent men and women ofPsychology2, 487:effect upon humanity: The suspense, fear and apprehension in every country are most adverselyPsychology2, 512:helping. They are consequently depleted, full of fear, and unable to do more than stand ready andPsychology2, 515:Secondly, the present world problem, the fear and deep anxiety, and the suffering and pain whichPsychology2, 529:plane and let loose into the system much of the fear, etc., which is the distinguishing factor inPsychology2, 545:of astral forces into the consciousness of man - fear, desire of a wrong kind and many of thePsychology2, 549:will come into being, liberating the race from fear. Students would do well at this stage to pausePsychology2, 576:hierarchical effort and not in order to awaken fear or awe, for that is of the old order and mustPsychology2, 609:person and the intensity of their concern and fear leads them to think so much of the problem thatPsychology2, 633:more than they do. They can be controlled by fear, and thus aroused to action by emotional appeal.Psychology2, 640:distress, terror of a general conflagration, and fear on every hand. We are surrounded by fear andPsychology2, 640:and fear on every hand. We are surrounded by fear and uncertainty, grinding poverty, suspicion,Psychology2, 645:their efforts will be to eliminate the fear in the world. This can be done and will take place whenPsychology2, 653:and wisely ordered that the present state of fear and of intense competitive struggle for existencePsychology2, 670:are known. They are however, either ridden by fear or by a feeling of futility, and by thePsychology2, 730:the race, and who are kept down either through fear, through applied poverty (yes, that is theRays, 156:may suffer from illusion, but there is then no fear of his permanently turning back and reachingRays, 344:door is far too narrow, O Master of my life. I fear I cannot pass. [345] Go closer to the Door andRays, 381:giving us the first example of the fear-and-punishment psychology which - from that time on - hasRays, 571:of love - will result in the ending of economic fear, and the "house of bread" will become theRays, 626:spiritual forces of the planet do not greatly fear a renewed outbreak of war upon the physicalRays, 715:Shamballa force is steadily held in leash for fear of too great an impact upon the unpreparedRays, 731:contact with the form aspect of nature do they fear death. It is wise to remember that immortalityRays, 732:inherent life - into the light of the sun. The fear of death is one of the great abnormalities orRays, 732:act of distortion was to implant in human beings fear, beginning with the fear of death. From thatRays, 732:implant in human beings fear, beginning with the fear of death. From that time on, men have laidRays, 732:upon death and not life, and have been ridden by fear all their days. One of the initial acts ofRays, 732:the Hierarchy will be to erase this particular fear and to confirm in peoples' minds the idea thatRays, 742:concert with the Hierarchy. They are swayed by fear, by a sense of futility and by a too acuteRays, 745:methods imprison the human soul, and breed fear and hatred everywhere. Should the democraticReappearance, 138:by which to attract the masses back to God; they fear that something must be relinquished, that newReappearance, 142:men when churchmen keep the people in a state of fear unless they accept the old theologicalReappearance, 147:churchmen who seek - through doctrine, fear and threat - to keep people in line with the obsoleteReappearance, 162:of the millions in Europe and elsewhere, the fear of Russia (warranted or unwarranted), the greedReappearance, 168:Still another alibi, leading to inertia, is the fear people have of speaking about the things ofReappearance, 178:in such a cause as that of the return of Christ; fear of the future or the love of purchasing, orReappearance, 187:expectancy comes the antidote to the spirit of fear and horror which has descended upon our unhappySoul, 49:stimulated in times of emergency. Pain, rage and fear have a definite effect upon the discharge,Soul, 49:the substance which makes for the phenomena of fear, and to its cortex as dominant in the reactionsSoul, 49:p. 76. Also: "Courage is so closely related to fear and anger that all are always associated in anySoul, 49:of as the emotion that is the opposite of fear. It would follow that courage meant simplySoul, 150:stepping out of a window into the air without fear of falling, are avenues of investigation easilyTelepathy, 10:to achieve success in telepathic work, and the fear of failure, are the surest ways to offsetTelepathy, 20:or no thought is involved; it concerns emotions (fear, hate, disgust, love, desire and many other
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