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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FEARS

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Astrology, 361:evasion of responsibility and its innate fears and distrust. When the focus of the power in LondonAutobiography, 99:four or five lines and get [99] rid of your fears." I read that migraine was never fatal; had noAutobiography, 99:power. He was wise enough to read my unspoken fears and I mention this here for the benefit ofAutobiography, 148:certain sections [148] of the public. Most of my fears are for other people - my husband and myAutobiography, 150:you are and the more sensitive you are, the more fears to which you may react. Apart from one's petAutobiography, 150:you may react. Apart from one's pet phobias and fears, sensitive people are prone to tune in on theAutobiography, 150:sensitive people are prone to tune in on the fears of other people, on their depressions and onAutobiography, 150:their terrors. They are, therefore, assimilating fears which do not belong to them but which theyAutobiography, 150:are unable to distinguish from their own innate fears. This is very terribly true today. Fear andAutobiography, 151:the positive position that I will live with my fears if necessary and I just pay no attention toAutobiography, 151:I don't argue with myself; I simply recognize my fears for what they are and pass on. I thinkDiscipleship1, 116:courage than do drastic purgings. But I have no fears for you, my brother on the Path. You have aDiscipleship1, 134:to it that you are not drawn into the vortex of fears and of pessimism which surrounds so manyDiscipleship1, 374:is not on the line of love but of power. It fears love and the expression of love. In thisDiscipleship1, 397:happiness undermine fear, and liberate me from fears? 5th month - How can I enter into the joyDiscipleship1, 518:by fear - not fear for yourself but needless fears for those you love. You do not, therefore, seeDiscipleship1, 572:can be trodden by you with assurance. Have no fears, my brother. Take your eyes off yourDiscipleship1, 662:your help. They get the impact of your cares and fears and your demand to be liked. Can you changeDiscipleship1, 708:that the thing which he most despises and fears is the thing which exists most strongly in him, butDiscipleship2, 535:asking nothing for the separated self. I have no fears for you, my brother. I would recall to youDiscipleship2, 586:with the world of spiritual reality. I have no fears for you, my brother. You are a sound andDiscipleship2, 747:In the sacral center lie the ancient racial fears and deep seated personal desires. Ponder not uponDiscipleship2, 747:activity to the destruction of ancient racial fears in the world. Then project that energy out intoGlamour, 127:cosmos - the Dweller and the Angel. At first he fears the Angel and dreads the light which streamsHealing, 118:complexes, the scars, the ancient shocks or the fears which lie behind the experience of theHealing, 441:visualize the time when, instead of tears and fears and the refusal to recognize the inevitable,Healing, 443:which will cut the ground from under all our fears. In dealing with the fear of death, there isHercules, 68:precipitated, Adown Titanic glooms of chasmed fears, From those strong feet that followed, followedHercules, 147:cower cravenly when haunted by the harrowing fears of ridicule, failure, the unknown, old age,Hercules, 147:unknown, old age, chance and death. Can these fears be eliminated? The experience of HerculesHercules, 147:snatching her child from danger, forgets her own fears. The motorist, hurtling down a highway atIntellect, 166:years, Knowing nor love nor laughter, hope nor fears, Nor foolish throb of ill, nor wine of good.Intellect, 249:all times, or, equally, they can tune in on the fears of the ages, the racial and hereditary fears,Intellect, 249:the fears of the ages, the racial and hereditary fears, or the fears engendered by world conditionsIntellect, 249:ages, the racial and hereditary fears, or the fears engendered by world conditions prevailing atMagic, 238:we ourselves have built of our own individual fears and [239] phobias. This thought form grows inMagic, 239:profoundly difficult to apply individually. The fears to which aspirants are subject (note the modeMagic, 239:continuation of untoward happenings. Their fears are wrapt in seeming love around their loved ones.Magic, 239:and use at all times when swept by illusory fears and needless foreboding the following formula orMagic, 240:mind which refuses to permit time for illusory fears to grow. Fear is the main obstacle frequentlyMagic, 242:He is racked by fear - his own, family fears, national fears and racial, for all of us swing to theMagic, 242:racked by fear - his own, family fears, national fears and racial, for all of us swing to theMagic, 297:the fear vibrations extends from the instinctual fears of the savage man based on his ignorance ofMagic, 297:his terror of the dark and the unknown, to the fears so prevalent today of loss of friends andMagic, 298:money, of popularity [298] and on to the final fears of the aspirant - the fear of failure, theMagic, 298:but suffices to indicate the prevalence of fears of all kinds. They dominate most situations andMagic, 298:cope with all situations and unable to leave his fears and questionings behind and step into hisMagic, 302:will cut away the ground from under all our fears. In dealing with the fear of death, there isMagic, 304:It is quite possible for a man to tune in on the fears of other people whilst he himself hasMagic, 305:is really a result of the other three classes of fears; of the strain which they put upon theirMagic, 306:This is but a brief summation of the major fears which afflict humanity and serves only to open upMagic, 309:of suffering, of failure, and the many lesser fears to which humanity is subject - and Depression -Magic, 309:is subject - and Depression - because these two fears constitute for man the Dweller on theMagic, 344:polarized in the mental body, find their fears allied to the intellect. They are therefore harderMagic, 344:They are therefore harder to overcome than the fears of a person polarized in the astral body. TheMagic, 345:your mind enforces the riot. Forget not that the fears of an emotional person are not so potent asMagic, 345:will have achieved conquest. This applies to the fears connected with the personality. You use theMagic, 345:yourself with love and light. The legitimate fears which arise [346] from things connected with theMagic, 346:The Present Age and the Future A third class of fears - which aspirants contact more and more asMagic, 347:can be faced and eventually eliminated. Fears fall into two categories for the worker: - Fear ofMagic, 625:which require to be especially considered. The fears that we dealt with in the earlier part of theMagic, 625:in the earlier part of the treatise, and the fears that are inherent, as you know, in existenceMagic, 625:their root in the instinctual nature (economic fears, fears arising out of the sex life, physicalMagic, 625:root in the instinctual nature (economic fears, fears arising out of the sex life, physical fearMagic, 626:character, and prevents the coming in of any new fears. They cannot exist when the soul isMagic, 629:- Rule Fifteen - A Call to Service Thus the fears which beset humanity, having their roots inMagic, 630:in the kingdom of God. But what of the two fears with which the aspirant has peculiar concern? WhatPatanjali, 175:body to physical plane conditions, but the fears of the mind, based upon memory, imagination andProblems, 112:prevent their being changed; they play upon the fears of their constituents and block every moveProblems, 175:terms of boundaries, of technical objectives and fears, in terms of the bargaining value of oil, asPsychology2, 539:point of hysteria, full of dreams, visions and fears, and highly nervous. This produces widespreadPsychology2, 588:it and to function normally; he distrusts and fears his psychic powers of sight and hearing. TherePsychology2, 635:by uncertainty, by questioning, by deep seated fears, and by the desire to see justice done and thePsychology2, 714:stabilizing of world thought. Today it is the fears of man - expressed in thought, and thereforeRays, 659:regards it as a major disaster and dreads and fears the ruin which usually surrounds such an event.Rays, 742:easily led and also easily swayed by imparted fears. The evil in the world and that which isRays, 743:of the powerful dominating groups and from the fears which these groups intentionally engender.
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