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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FED

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Autobiography, 54:large coffee shops in which hundreds of men were fed nightly, paying for the food at cost. ThereAutobiography, 54:be talked to by us if they were feeling lonely, fed-up and homesick. There were usually two ladiesAutobiography, 80:commit suicide. I studied him for awhile and got fed up with his constant threat, so one day IAutobiography, 95:out into the cool night air to walk. I was so fed up, so discouraged, so utterly sick at heart thatAutobiography, 120:useless or undesirable, and much that was left fed the pride and nationalism of the people. ThatAutobiography, 152:the Esoteric Section met and a cafeteria which fed the people. The place was beautifully run and,Autobiography, 195:best school for probationers in the world as it fed the fires of aspiration and nurtured devotionBethlehem, 122:evading this issue is true, and that men must be fed is equally true. Upon what basis shall theBethlehem, 211:gathered together the poor and the hungry. He fed them, and sought in every possible way to callBethlehem, 238:narrow sectarian Christ upon the world. We have fed the fires of separation by our ChristianDiscipleship1, 332:nature. Yours is not so deep seated as it is not fed so dominantly from the mental plane. The wayDiscipleship1, 361:life and to serve but I seek to see that service fed by your occult knowledge and by your head andDiscipleship1, 697:by the One who is his Master and developed and fed by his experience, unfolded as his wisdom grewDiscipleship1, 697:becomes a clear pool of thought, augmented and fed from the spring of many lives, from the pureDiscipleship2, 18:energy which will constitute the group centers, fed and enlightened by the energy transmitted byEducation, 38:and that every other nation is secondary; it has fed pride and fostered the belief that he, hisExternalisation, 198:the rules whereby the world can be adequately fed; they must determine the nature and extent of theExternalisation, 232:find no place and everyone will be happy, well fed and reasonably intelligent? Would you have meFire, 125:the fires given at individualization. They are fed continuously by the fire of matter, and theirFire, 197:The fire of manas burns continuously and is fed by that which is attracted and repulsed. When theFire, 962:the energy of will, plus that of desire, fed by the energy of the physical brain. Literally,Glamour, 177:and become part of it and thus feed and are fed by the world illusion. This is the built-upGlamour, 207:as they are because their individual glamor is fed by the greater glamors, and this is as yet tooHealing, 45:of [45] forces located in the etheric body, and fed from the astral body. These we call theHealing, 173:All these three dense materializations are fed and nurtured by the forces and energies of the solarHealing, 209:Through its life each atom in the body is fed. This process of animating the substance of theIntellect, 247:back and having his pride and self-satisfaction fed in this manner, then they may reveal to him theMagic, 70:intuition reveals not the way ambition can be fed, nor the manner in which desire for selfishMagic, 121:perseverance. No candle is there nor earth lamp fed with oil. Ever the radiance growth till theMagic, 306:complex of a most powerful kind, because fed by real streams of force from above. Energy, we know,Patanjali, 180:to a flame which illumines all things and is fed constantly from above. This is progressive (seeProblems, 37:and that every other nation is secondary; it has fed pride and fostered the belief that he, hisProblems, 43:and selfish civilization and one which has fed the nationalistic and, therefore, separate spirit,Problems, 85:These are inherent in human nature but are fed and fostered by prejudice and those who are animatedPsychology1, 174:world races are children of the same Father, fed from the same source of Life, and saved by theRays, 186:aspect. Thus the Black Lodge was founded. It fed upon human desire and resembled a vastRays, 188:Paralleling this activity and implemented, fed and sustained by the Black Lodge, was the appearanceRays, 378:of the great Ashram itself. This reservoir is fed from the "center where the will of God is known,"Rays, 378:of each major Ashram, these in their turn being fed from the central reservoir. The correspondenceRays, 380:found at the heart of each of the seven Ashrams, fed from a reservoir of will energy which is foundRays, 698:received and distributed the energy which has fed the physical appetites to a far greater extentRays, 761:No candle light is there nor earth lamp fed with oil. Ever the radiance grows till the path endsTelepathy, 5:sixth ray aspirant, called Woodrow Wilson. Then, fed by the wealth of analogous ideas in the mindsTelepathy, 145:at this time with the nervous system, which is fed, nourished, controlled and galvanized by its
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