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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FEEL

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Astrology, 6:are thus determined. This makes him feel himself to be a factor of isolated importance. ModernAstrology, 257:galaxies of light to the average citizen. I feel the need to remind you of this and to point out toAstrology, 284:the God who offers opportunity and does not only feel him to be Deity who brings disaster, then heAstrology, 444:by the activity of the stars, and thus feel sure of the ending of this immediate tragic situation. Astrology, 466:to that section of the Path wherein he learns to feel." Gemini - Sagittarius - Mercury (which areAstrology, 497:I have given you, it is not surprising if you feel the vastness of the astrological theme. This,Astrology, 500:catastrophic condition in the world. Men will feel at the close of this present war as if nothingAstrology, Saturn:immutably do. These statements conclude what I feel it necessary to say at this time. Initiation -Atom, 14:of material science, yet at the same time they feel innately that there is, underlying the provenAtom, 105:(for I do not believe that many of us would feel insulted if we were not regarded as havingAtom, 107:to be noted is that of touch, and it begins to feel about with its little hands. The third senseAtom, 119:using such a title as the Goal of Evolution, I feel extremely diffident; I realize that the onlyAtom, 126:in us, so that we are unable to realize or feel their particular vibration. I [127] have heard itAtom, 129:stage where we can respond somewhat to it, and feel that it is something we should like to seeAtom, 151:of all atoms of every kind in which they feel and search for their place within the group, and fromAutobiography, 3:years made all my work possible. Without him I feel I could have accomplished very little. WhereAutobiography, 8:and then humanity will know God and not just "feel after Him if haply they may find Him." ThisAutobiography, 15:me helpful and understanding letters and made me feel that there were those in Great Britain whoAutobiography, 21:living. The experience of my five years made me feel that things were futile so I decided that if IAutobiography, 21:and by feeling. At that time I did not like the "feel" of life. I did not appreciate what the worldAutobiography, 22:of better things somewhere and a capacity to "feel" into people and circumstances and to know oftenAutobiography, 22:of the heart response and the power to feel (and to feel accurately) should naturally and normallyAutobiography, 22:the heart response and the power to feel (and to feel accurately) should naturally and normallyAutobiography, 28:was such a surprise that I wept, but I did not feel so far away from all of them after that. FromAutobiography, 29:life. She gave me a keynote for living so that I feel to this very day that any achievement which IAutobiography, 41:hillsides of Montreux on Lake Geneva and try to feel God. I would lie on my back in a field or by aAutobiography, 50:my point of view would be right. Today, I often feel that there is just a chance that I am wrong inAutobiography, 80:I suppose I had a knack, too, of making the men feel that I liked them, which I did. Autobiography, 80:my health. I am a first-class sailor and always feel quite at home on the sea. Once I spent threeAutobiography, 102:people and it will be your duty to make them feel that you believe they are. For Heaven's sake,Autobiography, 107:own southern States. Forgive this tirade, but I feel strongly on the matter, as you see. ThisAutobiography, 117:humorous in any of this, is there? and I don't feel hilarious talking about it. A most peculiar andAutobiography, 118:look after my mail for me. I have felt and still feel deeply indebted to him. It took me over twoAutobiography, 122:that this was a pleasant time. Again, I don't feel humorous about it. It was like an entirely newAutobiography, 132:I had given up writing to him and began to feel a great sense of relief because he was so far away.Autobiography, 177:by the rest of the world as occult students. I feel that this is one of the things that it was myAutobiography, 182:you have no private life. They seem to feel that anything you do is their business and that youAutobiography, 194:and because after I am dead and gone I want to feel that these principles will still determineAutobiography, 198:obligation, financially, to the students and I feel free to drop a student any time if he is notAutobiography, 206:last twenty years have never known what it is to feel nervous on the platform. I like people andAutobiography, 206:by her, to let her talk to me freely and to feel safe in so doing [207] was the only compensation IAutobiography, 208:and I simply can't wear all I have. I would feel greedy if I held on to all of them, so I amAutobiography, 208:about the people who matter the most to me. I feel this particularly in this case and, above all,Autobiography, 210:had long, interesting talks. One of the things I feel we both deeply realized in that friendshipAutobiography, 250:are also working in the Arcane School, but feel perfectly free to give their time, loyalty andAutobiography, 280:the sure foundation upon which you stand. We feel it right that you should ask and we should answerAutobiography, 285:the right to drop a student from our list if we feel he is not profiting from what we are seekingAutobiography, 285:as entirely his own affair and concern, and we feel that, given the right teaching, he will makeAutobiography, 286:type of religious and political persuasion. They feel free and they are free. Again, Arcane SchoolAutobiography, 287:reject what some of us believe and accept, we feel that that is their own business and none ofAutobiography, 287:to truth we ask the student to hold because we feel that he should regard these presented truths asAutobiography, 294:Arcane School? What are the teachings which they feel it necessary to present? That the Kingdom ofBethlehem, 13:composed of many truths. Yet it is legitimate to feel that if one had to choose, at this time, oneBethlehem, 30:which to all effects give birth, When thou canst feel, in warmth of sunlight streaming The Love ofBethlehem, 45:that marvelous change which makes him feel himself to be one with all that lives. This is theBethlehem, 78:of service. Many true and earnest aspirants feel that they could indeed make an impression on theirBethlehem, 151:recognize the Light-bearers of all time, and we feel that in Christ the light of the ages isBethlehem, 167:on his ability to utter clearly what all feel in their innermost hearts to be true - for could heBethlehem, 205:upon the altar, for primitive man seemed to feel that by making an offering to God he succeeded inBethlehem, 210:the importance of our individual salvation and feel it to be of tremendous importance. But theBethlehem, 220:into the deepest recesses of the valley and feel that utter aloneness which is the reward of thoseBethlehem, 247:problem and seriously to give an answer, would feel that as individuals we warrant arrangementsBethlehem, 259:integrated personality life that we are apt to feel we have reached an era where there are noDestiny, 30:relation, into a state of bewilderment. They feel entirely lost, are gripped by the idea that lifeDestiny, 68:Nations and their Governing Signs It would, I feel, also be of value if I indicated the ruling signDestiny, 82:nationalism of the French which leads them to feel that they have a superior culture to any otherDiscipleship1, 51:with true spiritual sensitivity? What do you feel personally hinders your development of thisDiscipleship1, 51:your method of so doing. 4. Just how do you feel that you succeed in keeping a mental grip on life?Discipleship1, 100:They must, however, be disrupted and you must feel no resentment. The rhythms of the personalityDiscipleship1, 109:and any growth in consciousness which you feel can be definitely traced to these exercises. TheseDiscipleship1, 125:Hierarchy. You look for this, not in order to feel any personal satisfaction or prideful reactionDiscipleship1, 128:pure mystic which you have been. Of this also I feel sure you are yourself conscious. It is notDiscipleship1, 137:tendency (strongly marked in you, my brother) to feel the futility of things and the uselessness ofDiscipleship1, 138:of your vision and knowledge make you prone to feel your individual smallness and unimportance.Discipleship1, 141:of your spiritual routine. Should you feel able to do so and the press of work permits (you see, IDiscipleship1, 165:and yet enable the workers in the Group to feel that there is no failure. It is impossible to doDiscipleship1, 175:focused. I am pointing this out to you as I feel (while I study your general condition) that thisDiscipleship1, 205:to Disciples - C.A.C. August 1938 MY BROTHER: I feel that if you had to define just what the pastDiscipleship1, 227:through, my brother, because (as you rightly feel) you do know somewhat of the nature of love. ItDiscipleship1, 238:Be, however, true to yourself and if you feel, my brother, that the position is not as I haveDiscipleship1, 246:What has been the gain up to this moment? Do you feel your inner life enriched? Are you lessDiscipleship1, 264:or teacher. They will be those whom you know and feel require training and help. They have to beDiscipleship1, 266:care and communicate with A. A. B. should you feel the need of advice. Your contribution to my workDiscipleship1, 274:BROTHER OF OLD: Again there is little that I feel the need of saying to you. You are responsive toDiscipleship1, 276:point - come into my mind as I look at you and feel for you a sense of [277] gratitude for yourDiscipleship1, 282:the demand of those around them. So many people feel and think. You can teach them to think andDiscipleship1, 282:feel and think. You can teach them to think and feel. This connotes a wide distinction. I would askDiscipleship1, 287:a different medium in which to work. Of this I feel the need of reminding you. The goal isDiscipleship1, 289:your band of group brothers are concerned. So feel free, my brother, but be quite sure that it isDiscipleship1, 289:with the problems of isolation and of freedom. Feel free, but be sure that it is not a freedomDiscipleship1, 289:and feeling (in the personal sense) fade but. Feel free, but be sure that it is not a freedomDiscipleship1, 304:the energy of the divine self inspire me," and feel your entire nature vitalized by the spiritualDiscipleship1, 306:[306] the last three. Record each day what you feel you contact and summarize your results. Be notDiscipleship1, 310:towards your goal. One thing, my brother, I feel you need to realize more definitely; that is thatDiscipleship1, 323:Say daily the following words, as oft as you feel the urge and when you choose: "The strength IDiscipleship1, 339:of your present intuitive ability and power to feel and love - to work from the place of mentalDiscipleship1, 371:diverse reactions. We look at some of you and feel that much time must elapse before we can fullyDiscipleship1, 387:for you exactly what it is, and you need feel no shame over your accomplishment for it has beenDiscipleship1, 388:may dynamically pour through you. You may feel surprised at what I am setting you to do, and at myDiscipleship1, 389:if you move slowly, ponder deeply and feel no sense of pressure. Revelation will come through quiet
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