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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FEEL

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Discipleship1, 399:sight) do I close my eyes and hold on, and feel my way instead of seeing it? Those who can see areDiscipleship1, 409:with you is tremendously complicated. You both feel too intensely, and move and speak with tooDiscipleship1, 419:to persevere, no matter how disinclined he may feel and no matter how acute may be the innerDiscipleship1, 421:blue meet, blend and merge." Then endeavor to feel that utter silence. When you have entered intoDiscipleship1, 429:above your physical body, ignoring how you feel and seeking to dwell as far as is possible, withDiscipleship1, 429:and fused with that of the soul. Even if you feel it not, then know that it is there. I wonder, myDiscipleship1, 430:to achieve this quality of discipleship? Do I feel it a desirable thing to try out now? Can I beDiscipleship1, 431:having sight, do I close my eyes and hold on and feel my way instead of seeing it? Is the mind theDiscipleship1, 434:of active service for the Hierarchy, let them feel that in you they have someone to whom they canDiscipleship1, 444:the technique of observation a fair trial? Do I feel it now to be desirable? Why? What basis can IDiscipleship1, 457:itself and to serve and work, to think and feel with the consciousness ever withdrawn to theDiscipleship1, 461:To most of your co-disciples and to you I feel the need of saying simply: Be joyful, for joy letsDiscipleship1, 471:of reality. And my brother, be happy. Learn to feel joy - a joy which is based on the knowledgeDiscipleship1, 478:I had considered changing your meditation but feel, after due thought, that there is still much inDiscipleship1, 479:this old and limiting rhythm? One thing I do feel the need to point out and that is that you and L.Discipleship1, 481:wondering if it has been worth while. You feel at times that you can do no more; you are still aDiscipleship1, 487:that the time will come when one will feel differently. This aptly describes you. My problem is howDiscipleship1, 487:that there is nothing left now with which to feel, and at other times you feel too much. You feelDiscipleship1, 487:now with which to feel, and at other times you feel too much. You feel that there is nothing in youDiscipleship1, 487:feel, and at other times you feel too much. You feel that there is nothing in you with which to goDiscipleship1, 492:concerns you, with what you like, with how you feel, physically and emotionally, with your reactionDiscipleship1, 495:with the work even when you yourself see or feel no results of any kind. [496] I look to you forDiscipleship1, 503:failing to express them as you would like. You feel unable to demonstrate and to be what you knowDiscipleship1, 510:on for years at your struggle and who today feel certain of your victory) make another suggestionDiscipleship1, 516:a symbol of a detachment which you erroneously feel you cannot achieve. You underrate yourself, myDiscipleship1, 517:disability is the refuge some times of those who feel that their lives do not provide them withDiscipleship1, 517:they desire, or it is the refuge of those who feel that they have failed upon the Way.and theDiscipleship1, 518:linked karmatically to them and for whom they feel - rightly or wrongly - a sense of responsibilityDiscipleship1, 531:upon your own past relationships; you may then feel pained at much that you may have failed to doDiscipleship1, 553:time I communicate with one of my disciples, I feel that until later in the year there is littleDiscipleship1, 557:initiate's effort to live as a soul and not to feel as a personality. It is this divine pouring inDiscipleship1, 558:acutely and intelligently applied. Now learn to feel as clearly that which you see, both the goodDiscipleship1, 558:on that which you perceive and you will learn to feel. Life will then open up before you in newDiscipleship1, 558:but this time within the heart and seek to feel their significance. Thus will realization come.Discipleship1, 560:not by that which we anticipated. If you should feel in months to come, a lessening of contact withDiscipleship1, 577:where joy and bliss have their home. When you feel that all your bodies are quieted and that youDiscipleship1, 579:high air can hear my song. My fellow pilgrims feel my joy. 2nd month - I am the lotus of the heart.Discipleship1, 582:to work with me, I shall have aided you much. I feel sure that you will grasp the wisdom of theseDiscipleship1, 589:(and I shall hear) or in writing. If you do not feel able to do so, I shall have to take it as anDiscipleship1, 589:have to take it as an indication that you do not feel that you belong to my group of disciples andDiscipleship1, 589:first paragraph of this communication. 3. If you feel that the work which is now being carriedDiscipleship1, 590:4. Do you really desire to organize a group and feel that you can do so? Do you clearly understandDiscipleship1, 603:do? Gather not from the above that I or others feel that for you there is no release this life.Discipleship1, 608:has been dissipated. I would [608] have you feel encouraged, for I am encouraged over you. Even aDiscipleship1, 651:or to be silent, to take praise or reproach, to feel sorrow or joy, - our only wish to be what theyDiscipleship1, 655:be silent as to yourself and what you think, and feel and do, my brother, the richness of theDiscipleship1, 659:Think this out carefully. You should, however, feel encouraged as you study your ray combinations,Discipleship1, 660:Yet it seems to elude you and you do not feel that you have made the grade. Yet you have not failedDiscipleship1, 667:then with any meditation such as you may feel the need of doing. Have in the background of yourDiscipleship1, 677:But lacking also will and planned intent, they feel no aggravation and know not clear revolt." ADiscipleship1, 689:once seen, becomes so important, that how you feel about it and your adherence to it seeminglyDiscipleship1, 689:of a strong inner compulsion and the need they feel to shoulder the service and the responsibilityDiscipleship1, 739:can I recognize as the fruit of my work? Do I feel that my work has been satisfactory from theDiscipleship1, 782:are working in the Arcane School, but they feel perfectly free to give their time, loyalty andDiscipleship2, 7:and the other to that meditation which I feel will enable you to function as an integratedDiscipleship2, 11:of force and of time on my part which I feel is well warranted if the students - on their side -Discipleship2, 15:and love. The struggle is so hard and oft you feel alone. There is strength in all of you or IDiscipleship2, 46:wholly intangible; he finds few who think and feel as he does and the mechanism of sure contactDiscipleship2, 46:and feels deserted and bereft. Some of you feel this loneliness; few of you have, for instance,Discipleship2, 46:have, for instance, reached the point where you feel yourselves to be a definite, integral part ofDiscipleship2, 46:you will find it disappearing. If you therefore feel lonely, you must learn to look upon it as aDiscipleship2, 95:of the Hierarchy. At present you do not feel fused, blended and incorporated into the mental,Discipleship2, 95:(for the first time in your soul's history) you feel the need to guard your brother from theDiscipleship2, 98:back over the years of instruction, do you feel that you have definitely advanced upon the Path? IfDiscipleship2, 98:or reasons? Question 3 In what do you personally feel that your work in the future should consistDiscipleship2, 99:all of them, as a group. Along what lines do you feel that you have failed them, if you have, andDiscipleship2, 99:do to rectify the situation? In what way do you feel that you have been an asset to the group?Discipleship2, 109:information is wrong and of no importance. I feel it necessary to emphasize the unimportance ofDiscipleship2, 123:and at-one-ing. 3. Pause here and endeavor to feel and sense the initiatory vibration or embryonicDiscipleship2, 180:- either factually or imaginatively - could "feel" no more; the solar plexus center could take orDiscipleship2, 231:given" so that they can give again. Attempt to feel true love sweeping through you, and have theDiscipleship2, 320:and see what is their relationship and what you feel is the inner meaning which they are intendedDiscipleship2, 344:that the disciple can do about them, except feel himself as an integral part of them - from whichDiscipleship2, 349:Teachings on Initiation - Part VIII Part VIII I feel it necessary again to reiterate thatDiscipleship2, 363:I am thus provided with the background of what I feel the need of saying to you on these formulas:Discipleship2, 391:immediate aspects of the Plan which the Masters feel should be presented to, and recognized by,Discipleship2, 430:you to question all that makes you personally feel adequate to the initiatory demands, and to lookDiscipleship2, 430:I would beg you to repudiate all that makes you feel a devoted follower of the individuality of anyDiscipleship2, 430:of any Master and which leads you to feel that you are in the vanguard of the evolutionary wave. IDiscipleship2, 472:spheres of difficulty - often make the disciple feel that his cross (his vertical and hisDiscipleship2, 473:I give you no meditation to follow. You may feel it necessary to make certain changes in the oneDiscipleship2, 473:certain changes in the one you are now doing; feel free to change where you deem it desirable andDiscipleship2, 486:conditions of living. This you know. You have, I feel sure, pondered and studied the three words -Discipleship2, 499:and rely on your inner spiritual contacts. Feel not futile or inadequate to the task, for in theseDiscipleship2, 510:of any disciple when he must stand alone and feel sometimes that he has been deserted by his MasterDiscipleship2, 512:which I am here teaching) just in so far as you feel yourself a center. It involves also the effortDiscipleship2, 524:of the second initiation. For that reason, I feel the need of writing to you with clarity, ofDiscipleship2, 524:will take them - may hasten the process. Yet I feel very great difficulty in approaching you,Discipleship2, 571:to you. The second question is to ask you if you feel that you are freer from the ties of those whoDiscipleship2, 579:to the people who read the notes you send out. I feel no need to give you any set meditation. TheDiscipleship2, 587:to the welfare of humanity. You are, as I feel sure you know, in process of shifting your entireDiscipleship2, 629:and that along one line at least he can feel sure of his disciple. He need no longer question hisDiscipleship2, 629:personality demands from your soul and which you feel - at any given time - it is essential thatDiscipleship2, 673:for individuals you love or for whom you feel a sense of responsibility. It is this quality of loveDiscipleship2, 683:love? Love is not making the object of the love feel comfortable superficially. If I induced thatDiscipleship2, 715:responsibility you can shoulder should be, I feel, talked over with A.A.B., but only if you soDiscipleship2, 726:tell you. Let me point out to you what I feel and those who know you best feel should be yourDiscipleship2, 726:to you what I feel and those who know you best feel should be your attitude for the remainder ofDiscipleship2, 730:disciple. You have, therefore, every reason to feel encouraged. You are, however, aware ofDiscipleship2, 744:a Word of Power. Then again sound the OM and feel the impact of [745] the tidal wave (if I may so
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